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Black Booty Worship

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 8/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

I learned two things while watching the great "Black Booty Worship." One: I actually do like asses more than I thought since typically I'm a leg and boob man, and two: Roxy Reynolds is probably one of the hotter Africa American porn actresses that I've seen since I started reviewing porn. There's really never been an entrance for me with Reynolds until now where the performer shines among the other beautiful women in this great gathering of black booties. At almost three hours, "Black Booty Worship" is a great feature with ebony beauties showing off their gorgeous behinds and really giving us our money's worth. There's large black booty at every turn, and Reynolds has the largest of them all. I wasn't expecting much from this movie but I was pleasantly surprised.

Roxy Reynolds & Jemeni
Roxy greets the camera introducing "Black Booty Worship" setting the stage for all the other women opening with one of the finest asses I've ever seen. On a scale of 1-10 in Guerra scale, 1 being boney, 10 being Guerra, Roxy is a definite 8 with an amazing rump that she jiggles, wiggle, and bounces for the camera which was quite the spectacular lead in. Roxy herself is a gorgeous woman, but she knows why we're here and she doesn't hesitate in giving us the goods. Sauntering down the stairs teasing the camera, and licking her lips, she's eventually met by Jemeni who doesn't mind paying homage to her butt by kissing and licking every inch of her ass for us. They engage in a 69 of a sorts, twisting to luck each others asses, get to bed where they engage in one on one 69ing eating other out and enjoying the asses they both bear. Roxy is never hesitant to smother her partner with her own rump.

Their mate enters in on the girl on girl sticking his cock in to Roxy's mouth and she obliges with heavy lapping and sucking as he bites and licks Jemeni's ass. Jemeni smothers her mate letting her pussy be chewed out as Roxy sucks him off, and Roxy switches places getting her pussy eaten as Jemeni sucks his cock. Things heat up with Jemeni gets on his cock riding him fast and hard wiggling her ass in the process, and Roxy gets on Jemeni fingering her own hole as Jemeni gets fucked and then switches off getting fucked as Jemeni gets her pussy eaten. They eventually get back down to his cock sucking him off and he gets behind Roxy fucking her ass as Jemeni is eaten out by Roxy. Jemeni is eventually spread and fucked by her mate pounding her deep and hard as Roxy gets her pussy eaten. Jemeni turns to get it up her ass, and then rides him backward cowgirl, was Roxy gets a few sucks in. They eventually switch again with Roxy riding him and taking it at a rapid fire thrusting eventually cumming all over her ass. The girls sign off with another ass show.

Sydnee Capri

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Sydnee Capri's ass is an 7 in the ass scale and she looks pretty good in her black net lingerie wiggling and shaking for the camera. After shaking it for us for a good five minutes, she eventually saunters in to the living room where her mate awaits to eat out her ass before she can even bring down her botton portion of the lingerie. He chews her out and sucks her hole good and then mounts him to smother his face with her butt taking his mouth in her pussy groaning loudly. They eventually tangle in to a 69 position and Sydnee works on his cock deep throating as he eats her pussy. He sits back and she mounts him slowly but surely, riding him hard as the director zooms in on her wonderful butt. She eventually turns to bend over along the couch and takes the pounding up her ass. She spreads wide with her legs behind her head as he hits her deep and slow in her hole while she fingers herself screeching. Taking her from all angles, he fucks her sideways, on her back, and sandwiches his cock between her two large cheeks eventually cumming all over her ass.

Melrose Foxx & Luxury
Melrose Foxx and Luxury are two absolutely beautiful women with gorgeous rumps in the area of 7 while Luxury looks just about at home on camera showing off her great tits and rubbing on Foxx with oil. After more jiggling and wiggling for the camera they go back in to their house where they head to bed awaiting their mate. Unwilling to wait for her partner, Foxx insists that the two start on their own and she gets to work on Luxury's gorgeous breasts sucking on them as Foxx undresses. Luxury giggles as Foxx lays her back, spreads her, and eats out her pussy. Luxury reciprocates by spreading Foxx back on the bed eating out her pussy. Their mate happens to enter eating out Luxury's ass and slides over to Foxx to face fuck her as the pussy eating persists. He stands beside the bed and the two women go for his cock licking and sucking him off side by side, and he titty fucks Luxury who obliges licking his tip. Luxury leans back and spreads it for Foxx to eat her out and her mate rams her from behind fast and furiously. Luxury steps up to the plate to eat out Foxx while he fucks Luxury from behind ramming her hard, and leans over to eat out Foxx while pumping on Luxury. She moves up to smother Foxx while he slides in to fuck Foxx's pussy ramming her so hard she screams out clutching Luxury. They move over with Luxury riding him as Foxx takes a pussy licking. Things heat up where they eventually rub against one another riding him and screaming and switch places again for Foxx to take his cock hard and fast, and he cums on Luxury's tits.

Velvet Rose
Velvet Rose is very sexy but has an adequately large rump that's pleasing if a little disappointing. She's a 6 at best. Almost like she's at a cable access horror show, she poses for the camera with her best imitation of Bela Lugosi introducing "Black Booty Worship." All things considered, she's not the most surprising of the bunch; frankly I'm not even sure why she's in the movie to begin with. Her body is great, but her butt is mediocre. If we're going to worship black booty, it has to be humongous. It doesn't stop her mate as she and him meet on a pool table and make out with him rubbing and clutching her pierced tits and grabbing at her ass. Licking and eating at her hole, he bends her over and gets sucked off by Velvet who is more than happy to oblige. After a heavy suck fest, he gets behind and fucks her hard from behind wasting no time. After eating her ass out some more, he slides over to the couch and she mounts him fucking him raw, and then moves his cock over to her asshole to pound him some more. Mounting her from behind to dominate her, he reaches around to finger her in to cumming all over the floor and rattles her a bit finally dropping her to her knees to cum all over her face and lips.

Penna Piererra
On the Guera Scale, Penna is merely a 6 the same as Velvet. Granted, she's not boney, but she certainly doesn't inspire a woody or a gasp of awe as the other women did. As usual. she performs for the camera, dancing on the balcony, sliding down the banister, wiggling her butt and is met at the stairs by her mate who takes great pleasure in her rump. She allows him the rimming and smothers his face with her ass along the steps girating as he sucks her ass. She crouches down along the steps to take the sucking and turns to give him a blowjob. They end up in the living room where she sucks him off for a while and after some kisses she bends over to take a hard ass fucking. After some pounding from behind, she spreads wide to bend her legs back behind her head and he impales her with his cock as she fingers herself near orgasm. After some more pumping, he sits as she mounts him and fucking him along the couch. He grabs her legs holding her up in his arms and fucks her smacking her ass against his balls while fucking her, and then bends her over again to eat her hole and fuck her ass once again. After spreading her again he eats her out and fucks her with her legs to the side, and dominates her by crouching down over her ass to fuck her from above. Minutes later, he pulls out and cums all over her ass.

Odds & Ends

The picture is great with a clarity that keeps the bright scenery almost leaping off the screen. Most of the movie takes place in a large house with much white furniture and thankfully LT keeps the white furniture as a source of detail that contrasts off of the black performers and provides a unique flow to the movie. The audio is mostly good with some of the dialogue difficult to make out but otherwise fluid. LT focuses in on body motions mostly with the squishing of the cocks in women heard loudly. We can even hear Roxy's jewelry rattle when she's shaking her ass.

We get a seven minute Behind the Scenes where director LT jokingly explains to Velvet how to enter her segment and goofs around a bit. The cameraman also takes time out to appreciate Sydnee's ass while one of the performers shows us her lingerie. We're even allowed some bloopers on the set with one of the male performers coming dangerously close to cumming in Sydnee, pulling back. We also get "Interview" a ten minute compilation of interviews with the female performers of the title. There's also the Pop Shot Gallery, as well as a great photo gallery.

After Thought:
I actually received this DVD early last year, but right when I was entering the review into the database for X-Critic, my computer glitched, and the review went bye bye. So, I put it aside to re-review it, and now after many, many months of pussy footing it, I reviewed it, and yes, it's still a good porno. A perfect companion to  White Booty Worship , "Black Booty Worship" is a really good porno and I speak as someone whose fetish doesn't usually involve big asses or black women. It's Highly Recommended.

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