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Where The Boys Aren't #19

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/28/08

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The title page (click pictures for trailer)

Where The Boys Aren't 19: Arabian Nights

Vivid Entertainment

Lanny Barby, Briana Banks, and the Love Twins

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Tera Patrick and Mercedez

Cast: Lanny Barby, Briana Banks, Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, Tera Patrick, Mercedez, Monique Alexander, Stefani Morgan, Savanna Samson, Tawny Roberts, Lexie Marie

Lexi Marie, Savanna Samson, and Stefani Morgan

Length: 159:42 minutes

Date of Production: 6/29/2005

Monique Alexander and Tawny Roberts

Extras: For most of you, the five bonus scenes from earlier in the long-lived series will be the best extras and I gave a head's up of them below. They lasted a combined 49:15 minutes and while I would have preferred they be remastered (and compressed less), you can hardly argue that additional porn is a bad idea. There was also a 15:04 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by JP showing how in charge of things Chi Chi was as well as how much work went into the shooting of the scenes to make them look as they did, lacking a lot of the humor other BTS features have but still cool to check out once. There were also 4 trailers, a photogallery, and some spam for those keeping track.

The entire cast orgy!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Where The Boys Aren't 19: Arabian Nights was presented in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame color with 480i resolution offering as shot back in 2005 by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment to be released in this MPEG-2 standard definition version. Given the amount of material contained in the movie and wealth of standardized extras, a second disc might have helped elevate the look of the show, the video bitrate hovering around the 3.2 Mbps mark most of the times I checked it. Given the age of the material and methods of shooting back then, the compression needed to jam so much information on the disc was bothersome, the erotic manner in which Chi Chi shot the lesbian oriented fare such that you will either like it or hate it with few of you in the middle. I would have preferred more medium to wide shots to provide a better scan of the scenes, especially the ones where there were multiple partners engaging in sexual depravity at the same time, but the composition of the angles combined with all the support crew's efforts did manage to enhance the look of the gals at every turn. This might be one of the older titles worthy of a high definition upgrade depending on the source material to be used but only if handled with great care. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps audio bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate but it lacked separation or substantial bass, the dynamic range quite limited. Miles Long worked on the score and while the Arabian Night theme was covered modestly well, it was generic to an extent so don't get too excited (Miles has greatly improved since then but the key factor on any audio in porn is the willingness to devote time and resources (money) and few do so (and I don't mean simulated surround tracks added in during post production). Otherwise, it was quite average with some noticed overdubbing of vocals including moans & groans.

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Body of Review: Chi Chi LaRue is one of those principled directors in porn that has long done what he thought was the "right thing" over what would benefit him personally, albeit with the general industry rules applied. I like the guy and while not all of his efforts as a contract director for Vivid Entertainment worked for me as stroke fodder, I got the sense that whatever the end result was, most movies he worked on had a definite look and feel. Way back in 2005, he shot one of the yearly lesbian extravaganzas for the company with Where The Boys Aren't 19: Arabian Nights, headlined by Tera Patrick and the entire Vivid contract squad of the time, all your favorites getting a chance to strut their collective stuff in five scenes. Tera rarely makes movies these days and Lanny is "on hiatus", while others have long since moved on to other places, making this another time capsule for fans to appreciate unless they aren't into gal on gal action. The cover said it like this: "Tera...Briana...Lanny...Stefani...Sanvanna...Monique...Lexie...Tawny...Lyndsey and Lacey. Very simply, this is the harem to end all harems. They're so hot, not even Tera, the girl in the lamp can control them! It's the nastiest WBTA ever...and guess what...you're the Sultan! Find out what happens when belly dancing meets lap dancing, in the girl/girl blockbuster of all time!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lonely Concubines: Lanny Barby, the sultry babe seen on the lower middle of the front cover, Briana Banks, the tall blond cutie looking defiantly back in the middle (between Mercedez and Savanna), and the twins, Lacey Love and Lyndsey Love (both seen on the top of the left hand corner), were up first. The theme of the entire movie was the ladies were all part of a large harem and not getting the kind of loving they needed. Lanny started things off in her broken English by masturbating, soon joined by the others as each twin separated to cover one of the quartet. The moans seemed fake here and the light, fluffy music was generic but Lanny and Briana looked particularly appealing, my personal bias against the Love twins being that I have never found them all that special (outside of the twin angle). The sex was what one would expect too, a lot of pussy munching and titty play, some toys added in toward the end.

Scene Two: The Lady of the Lamp: Tera Patrick, clearly the leading lady of the show by her positioning on the front cover, was up next as she serviced Mercedez; Tera playing a genie granting wishes. While I could think of a million higher priority wishes if Tera arose from a bottle in front of me, getting to play with her certainly would make the list even if the aggressive score was set too high in the balance. The action showed Tera as being best suited for guy on gal work but she did look fine as the curvy duo went through the paces in their exotic harem attire. I would have liked a striptease dance and more foreplay but the mechanical box munching took center stage (enhanced by the face sitting, at least for me). The term lipstick lesbian came to mind and unlike Lanny/Briana showing chemistry in the first scene, these two looked like they were just professionals giving a show for money. I doubt Tera could look bad on her worst day though so your mileage may vary, especially considering how rarely she makes movies these days while working on so many mainstream projects.

Scene Three: The New Slave: Lexi Marie, Stefani Morgan, and Savanna Samson, were up next as Stefani was introduced to the way the established gals entertained themselves given the lack of attention the harem must have received. The short introduction had Savanna telling the newcomer how they didn't get frisky often enough, Lexi joining her as they bathed the sexy strumpet in a basin. Suds and sponges began the erotically charged scene, the tension building in such a way that I wished the previous scenes had half as much energy, moving from slow and seductive to taunting tease before the more generic oral and fingering took place. This was followed by the large glass dildos (funny shaped ones at that) but they were largely used in side by side solo action until Savanna beckoned Lexi to anally play with one on her (Savanna's) perfect pucker.

Scene Four: Beneath the Veil: Monique Alexander, seen in her harem outfit stretched out luxuriously as she masturbated, was soon the focal point of Tawny Roberts giving her some lesbian loving. Monique has become quite good at this kind of thing over the years, better each time I see her, so while her solo part was great, the pairing was merely decent for a bout of hand to gland combat or two. If you like mechanical sex between two lipstick lesbians, you will find this a great scene but in fairness, I'm not going to mislead you and suggest it was better than any of Monique's newer works for PT or B. Skow. The ladies were aggressive enough but either the editing killed much of the heat or the lack of chemistry did it in, the licking and caressing okay but limited in value for me.

Scene Five: Havoc in the Harem: Mercedez, Lanny Barby, Tera Patrick, Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie, Briana Banks, Stefani Morgan, Tawny Roberts, Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, and Savanna Samson, were up last in an orgy including all of them in the pillow infested harem headquarters, kicking out the lame sultan of swing before jumping into all kinds of permutations with one another. I'm not going to give you a laundry list of sex acts or a blow by blow description of each thing they did but suffice it to say that there was a ton of cunnilingus taking place, equal amounts of titty play, and various pairings that switched around a lot. Savanna and Monique were the most active of the bunch with Tera a net receiver and Lanny totally under used, too much camera panning taking place to really get a feel for any of the ladies in depth but still worth watching a time or two. Some toys came into play by the end but the moans were so overdone that they hurt the end result, the fade coming too soon (maybe a future volume will show more of the uncut footage).

Bonus Scene: Where the Boys Aren't 14: Jenna Jameson, the former super star of the industry, was up first in this section with blond Dasha, the pair all glammed up and ready to rumble together. The lack of genetic juice or population pudding aside, I always liked aspects of this relatively short scene considering how appealing both ladies were to me when this originally came out years ago. Say what you will but the luxurious manner in which they tended to one another so seductively while feeling each other up, caressing all the right spots, and eating each other out with some toy play suited me.

Bonus Scene: Where the Boys Aren't 15: Dayton Rain, Chelsea "Ebony" Sinclaire; Dayton, a well rounded gal with curves enough to make your crotch ache, and Ebony, had a scene as they inspected a car. Not bad but it lacked the heat of the first and third scene.

Bonus Scene: Where the Boys Aren't 16: Dasha, Kira Kener, Mercedez; Dasha, the former Russian hotty contract performer, Kira, the one given the boot recently by Vivid, and Mercedes, all had a scene in a stylish setting while wearing elaborate winged outfits. Mercedes wore white, symbolizing innocence, and the other two prepared to corrupt her at Jenna's orders. They licked and sucked one another, using slow motion photography and wind machines along with a ton of makeup to achieve a certain look. Aside from licking one another a whole lot, they used their fingers to get each other off, to the point of squirting.

Bonus Scene: Where the Boys Aren't 17: Briana Banks, Chloe Jones, Dasha; Briana Banks, one of my favorite Vivid contract gals these days, the late, great Houstonian Chloe Jones, and former contract gal Dasha, were up next in the cockpit for some fun. While the term "cockpit" seemed somehow out of place, at least there was more maneuvering room for the ladies to play, though the bright lights coming from the windows washed them out a bit. I wanted Briana to be more active then she was here but Chloe took that spot as she aggressively went down on the lean German performer as though she were on fire. Briana did get better when going down on Dasha but when it came for her turn to do some licking; Dasha seemed a bit too sterile for my tastes. Chloe also seemed far more enthusiastic about giving head than receiving it (maybe she was picking up the same vibe about Dasha that I was?) and Briana gave the best solo work of the scene (slightly overdoing it though, as evidenced by the way she winced after truly slapping her pussy hard). It was an okay scene but had too many ups and downs for my liking.

Bonus Scene: Where the Boys Aren't 18: Monique Alexander, Briana Banks; Briana Banks, the hotty kneeling on the second row in the middle, and lovely Monique Alexander, lying back on the lower left hand corner, were up next in a setting involving large plush pillows on a huge couch. Monique took the early lead as she worked Briana over; rubbing the clitoris and sucking pussy after kissing the gal. This was a decidedly high energy scene with both gals getting into the spirit of the action, elevating the passion and chemistry shared between them more than a little as it continued. Briana did fine when orally working Monique over too, leading to her getting plundered by a large glass dildo ever so slowly. The plastic bracelets and bobbles they wore got in the way but if you like that they kept some clothing on, it was quite an inspirational experience.

Summary: Where The Boys Aren't 19: Arabian Nights by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment will likely be one of the most heavily promoted lesbian flicks of the year and had it been released back in 2005, I'd probably have liked it better in the context of the times. Compared to more recent outings by some of the cast, especially lesbian outings, it just failed to really catch my attention over many more generic but competently shot titles where the ladies were either more into the action or the editing making it look that way. I'm not going to dog out a movie for being what it advertises itself as being but if you've watched as many in the series as I have, you'll note that the style over substance manner in which it was shot, produced, and now released was markedly similar to previous volumes, best suited for those that liked them (generally people that see little porn to compare it to) and meriting a rating of Rent It. In short, Where The Boys Aren't 19: Arabian Nights had powerhouses such as Lanny Barby, Tera Patrick, Savanna Samson, Monique Alexander and more propping it up but even they could not make it better than it was, despite my wanting so much for it to be better. Give it a look and you will likely see what I mean but if you're a fan of the cast and desire to have all their work, by all means go grab a copy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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