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Studio: Vivid » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 8/30/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Benny Profane, the man behind the Psychocandy series that came out through Pirate Booty Productions and who directed the very cool Bullets & Burlesque for Adam & Eve makes his Vivid Alt debut with Hospital. A young woman named Lucy wakes up in a hospital that looks like something out of a Cronenberg film at which point she starts having bizarre flashbacks where we learn about the unorthodox psychosexual behavior that landed her here in the first place.

As Lucy tries to put her mind back together and figure just exactly what's going on here, the staff of the hospital decide to use her as a guinea pig in their strange experiments in hopes of curing her once and for all.

Here's a look:

Scene 1 - Mandy Morbid And A Guy: This scene starts off with a nice long blowjob (Mandy's wearing a dark bob wig and looking very sexy), in which our little lady uses her mouth, tongue and hands to keep her man hard and at attention. She gets down on all fours and gets fucked doggy style, she's wearing a leopard print negligee and some fishnets. After a bit of that he pulls out and shoots across the screen in a surrealist sort of Behind The Green Door sort of way...

Scene 2 - Caroline Pierce And Sochee Mala: Mandy watches as these two nurses start to get horny. Caroline eats Sochee out from behind with some seriously arousing enthusiasm and you just know this scene is gonna be good, especially if you've got a thing for gothish gals in nurse outfits. They take off some, but not all, of their clothes and take turns eating and fingering one another with plenty of nice tongue kissing thrown into the mix. They move into a nice, sloppy sixty-nine and really go at it for a bit, until it's time for strap on play at which point Caroline bends Sochee over the table and fucks her from behind while Mandy watches and masturbates. Goddamn. Hot stuff.

Scene 3 - Mandy Morbid And Zak Sabbath: These two waste not time getting into it and starting off with a nice sixty-nine session. Mandy (now sporting the pink Mohawk she has on the cover) blows him some more and then rides him reverse cowgirl style on the bed before blowing him again and then bending over and taking it from behind. She gets on her back and pulls her legs up so he can get way in there, and then he fucks her doggy style. She lies on her back one last time and he fucks her tits and comes on her neck and breasts.

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Scene 4 - Marie McCray And Daniel: Marie walks in on her man as he's playing video games. She wants his attention and so she sits on his lap, she's wearing a PVC dress and some striped leggings. She takes his cock out and gives him a lovely looking blowjob, before straddling him and riding him cowgirl style. He holds her in the air and she bounces around on his cock and then he bends her over the chair and fucks her from behind. They get on the concrete floor and he spoon fucks her before she gets on top and rides him reverse cowgirl style for a little while before spinning around and doing it the traditional cowgirl way. Yeehaw. She gets on all fours and takes it doggy style for a little while and then he pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits.

Scene 5 - Mandy Morbid, Coco Velvet And Some Guy: Mandy and Coco rub each other up for a minute or so and then Zak wants in on the action and he stands there watching them kiss. They take turns sucking his cock to start with, breaking to kiss one another as all good girls would in an ideal world. Mandy lies back with her legs spread and Coco eats her pussy while Zak fucks her from behind, doggy style. From there, Coco rides Zak reverse cowgirl style while Mandy gets her tongue right into the action zone to put it to good use. Mandy sucks Coco's wetness off of Zak's prick and then rides him cowgirl style herself while Coco masturbates. Mandy bends over and gets fucked from behind for a bit before she and Coco switch places one last time and Coco takes it from behind. Zak pulls out and comes all over Coco's asshole to end the scene and the feature.

Beautifully shot in a macabre and dreary sort of way, you'd better want art porn if you're going to sit down with this one. While the sex scenes are hotter than Hell and completely stroke worthy, Profane's direction is unusual, the cinematography unorthodox and the performances at times almost berserk. Even by alt porn standards, if there are such things, this is a strange one. That said, Profane gets some great performances out of his cast members. The girls all look great and seem into it - none of this feels fake as manufactured as it all may be. It's just odd. If you dig Eon McKai's style, this is similar without ripping it off. You get the whole Art School Sluts aesthetic (lots of pretty pale skinned girls with tattoos, dyed hair and tube socks) of his work skewed through Profane's own fucked up world view. The results are as interesting as they are sexy, but you've been warned...



Hospital is presented in a nice 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that effectively portrays the gritty, dirty look of the world where the movie is supposed to take place. The colors have been intentionally muted in much of the film so don't expect it to pop off the screen at you, it's all rather dreary looking but again, this works in the context of the movie. There aren't any problems with compression artifacts or edge enhancement which is nice and as drab as the picture can be, at least its clean and well authored.


The English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track here is very good. The dialogue is easy enough to follow and the soundtrack is mixed in very nicely. A 5.l track might have added some more atmosphere but the 2.0 track that is here is well balanced and of nice clarity and quality.


The biggest extra on this release is The Making Of Hospital! (32:47) which is a behind the scenes documentary that takes a look at the production while it was being shot. There isn't much context here, it's simply a bunch of behind the scenes footage presented in chronological order and a few interviews or comments would have been very welcome. That said, what makes this worthwhile is that there's a lot of alternate angle sex footage in here and some fairly revealing warm up footage as well. It doesn't get down into the nitty gritty of making the film but it does give us a fly on the wall view at how Profame put this project together.

Also be sure to check out the Mandy's Trepanation (7:57) video which starts off with a warning in which the Vivid Alt guys warn us not to try this at home. Mandy Morbid and her boy Zak debate whether or not she should drill a hole in her head or not and then decide to experiment on a watermelon instead. The results speak for themselves...

Rounding out the extra features are trailers for a few other Vivid Alt productions, a still gallery, animated menus and chapter selection.

Final Thoughts:

Hospital doesn't break any new ground as far as Vivid Alt's output is concerned but it is a well directed, interesting, and most importantly very sexy alt porn gonzo fest. The extras are better than usual and the transfer, as intentionally quirky looking as it may be, delivers the film as the director intended. Highly recommended.

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