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Downward Spiral

Studio: Private » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 9/1/08

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Title: Private Blockbusters # 2 - Downward Spiral
Studio: Private
Category: Anal, Euro, Feature
Director: Frank Major, Andrew Youngman
Starring: Bambi, Zafira, Eve Angel, Sandy, Sophie Moone, Nikki Rider, Simony Diamond, Bridgett, Clara G, Cindy Hope, Leanna Sweet, Kyra Black, Cayenne Klein, Kathia Nobili
Release Date: 06/26/2008
Running time: 1:55
Condoms: None

The beautiful and sexy blond Sandy is a Flight attendant who after a hard day at work just wants to get to her hotel and get some rest. After picking up a taxi in the late night Sandy is driven to a a seedy location where she is robbed by the taxi driver and left stranded. The only way to get help is to head into a rundown old warehouse where only the nastiest girls  inhabit.

The feature opens up with Sandy having some breakfast with her boyfriend and him stating that he really doesn't care for her job working as a flight attendant. She brushes him aside and says she likes her job and that she is running a bit late so she has to go get ready.  Once inside the house Sandy gets dressed and shows off her amazing body in front of a full length mirror. She looks absolutely great here and the only downside was the horrible house / techno music that played while she got dressed up in her sexy uniform.

Scene #1: Kyra Black & Cayenne Klein

While being driven in the taxi the scene cuts from sandy in the backseat of the cab to Kyra Black and  Cayenne Klein in a 3 way action with some guy. The girls start out the scene by sucking on the guys cock with Cayenne looking quite stunning. Kyra is dressed in some sort of red fishnet body suit and Cayenne in some thigh high white fishnet stockings. The sex begins with some cock sucking but quickly goes into a 69 where Kyra gets eaten out while both girls simultaneously suck on the dudes cock. Cayenne Eventually mounts the guy in cowgirl while the dark skinned Kyra gets her pussy eaten. While in this position the girls share some passionate kisses and it was by far my favorite part of the scene. Kyra finally lands up getting anal penetrated in reverse cowgirl with Cayenne doing her best with her mouth and hands to stimulate the action being performed. Cayenne then lays on her side and gets her turn at getting some cock in spooning and once again i found this girl to be quite hot. The action  switches to girl on girl 69 with the guy fucking Kyra from behind. Cayenne occasionally gets her mouth full of cock when the guy pulls out of Kyra's ass and fills up her mouth in some nice a2m action. To wrap up the scene both girls land up on their knees and take a cum shot to their beautiful faces.

After the scene with Kyra and Cayenne we are back with Sandy in the back of the cab where she gets thrown out the back of the cab robbed of her purse and looking for help from a group of  vicious looking girls outside of a warehouse. The girls let Sandy know the only way she will be able to get help is if she enters this place to partake in the erotic activities.

Scene#2: Nikki Rider & Clara G

Once inside we are introduced to a beautiful looking Nikki Rider who is doing some nice erotic dancing before sucking off three cocks shoved through glory holes inside the filthy worn down building to oral cum shots.

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Nikki is followed by the stunning Clara G who enters the room and sucks off two guy's through a glory hole to her own facial pop shot.

Scene #3: Simony Diamond

After leaving the room where the girls were sucking cock through glory holes Sandy finds herself watching as Simony Diamond as she gets gang banged by a group of guys. The scene starts off with Simony teasing the guys before heading to the middle of the group where she sucks and strokes on their  cocks. One of the first things that struck me was the obvious dubbed sound of the action once the action got going and it was a huge distraction. After sucking the guys off Simony lands up on her back where she gets anally fucked while sucking on various dudes cock. The action then moves to reverse cowgirl where the anal pounding continues followed by a double penetration of the brunette beauty. Following her reverse cowgirl DP Simony goes into the cowgirl position where she continues to get dp'd while sucking on cock. To wrap it up Miss Diamond lands up on her knees where numerous guys cum onto her face and into her mouth.

Scene #4: Clara G, Eve Angel, Zafira, Sophie Moone, Bridgett & Sandy

After being startled by what she just witnessed Sandy moves on and finds herself as the base of some stairs which she ever so gingerly walks up. Once at the top she finds a group of 5 girls ( Clara G, Eve Angel, Zafira, Sophie Moone, & Bridgett) showering together. Sandy is pulled in and the 5 girls strip he down and begin to kiss and rub all over her body. The scene gets going with lots of kissing, fingering , and pussy eating action as the girls work over Sandy and each other eventually landing up in a very sexy circle of action where each girl gets her pussy eaten and fingered by the other. The G/G action here is nice and the girls do quite of bit of playing with each other which was nice for girl on girl fans.  All the women here look quite good and if it wasn't for the somewhat poor lighting i would have really enjoyed this scene. 

Scene #5: Lena Sweet

Sandy eventually escaped the girl on girl gang bang and finds herself yet again wondering the grounds of this warehouse before coming upon a crazy man in a wheelchair. She is a frightened as he yells gibberish at her but he finally moves in and we are cut to a room where Leanna Sweet is awaiting him. Once together the two kiss and massage on each others body. Lena Jacks and sucks the guy in the wheelchair off before sitting on his cock to get fucked. After some reverse cowgirl Lena turns around and gets fucked in cowgirl before going down to suck on the guys cock. After some cock sucking we see a camera cut and find Lena bend over on the seat of the chair while the guy stand up and fucks her ass from behind. To end the scene Lena gets on her knees and takes a cum shot to the mouth.

Scene #6: Kathia Nobili

Once again we see Sandy roaming the warehouse grounds where she comes across a pair of dudes in some crazy leopard print pimp clothing. The two guys are tormenting  Kathia Nobili who is hanging from a chain by both of her arms above her head. Once again the sound dubbing and poor lighting is enough to ruin this for me but Kathia is hot so i will focus on that. Kathia gets bend over and sucks on one guys cock with the other buries his face in her ass. The two guys switch off before finally entering her pussy in the standing up doggy position. After a bit they find some pallets which Kathia gets on top of and continues her doggy / cock sucking action. Both guys eventually DP the blond beauty in the doggy position and the girl looks quite beautiful. The action then switches back to one guy fucking her ass in spooning while the other fills her mouth with dick. The guys then change position and continue to fuck and get sucked by Kathia until she gets on her knees and takes both guys cum shots to her mouth.

Scene #7: Sandy, Bambi & Kid Jamaica

After the to guys are finished they spot Sandy and chase her away and she runs into the street. Once in the street a police car with 2 cops ( Bambi and Kid Jamaica) get a hold of the nearly nude Sandy. Once they get their hands on her they waste no time before fondling and caressing on her nude body.  Bambi  lands up eating out Sandy on the hood of the car before both girls get the male officer lay him on his back on the hood and commence to suck on his cock.  After sucking off the guy Sandy gets eaten out and finger fucked by Bambi.  After a bit Kid Jamaica begins to fuck the very beautiful Bambi from behind while Bambi continues to eat out Sandy who is now spread eagle on top of the hood of the police car. This continues for a while until Kid Jamaica lies on the hood of the car where Bambi sucks on his cock while getting finger fucked and ass fucked by a baton by Sandy who on her knees on the pavement. Before long Bambi lands up on her knees and Sandy jerks off Kid Jamaica to a oral cum shot inside of Bambi's mouth. The two girls share a cum kiss and Sandy gets chased away by the male cop.

To end the movie Sandy is back inside the warehouse where she is staring into a mirror where she sees all the things she has witnessed over the past few hours and she breaks into a half laughter / half crying  and the credits roll.

Audio / Video

The sound on this title for the most part is dubbed and really had a negative impact of the whole feature for me. Had it been left in its original form i don't think it could have been this bad. The sound was in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192kbps but this title is better enjoyed with the sound very low or even off.  The video was decent for the most part but i thought certain parts of the title just seemed a tad to dark for my liking and also there were a few too many shadows that could have been done without.

DVD Extras:

Included in this title is a Bare Minimum 3 minute and 55 second Behind The Scenes. While what it has was somewhat interesting in that short time frame all it does it make you wish much more was added. Also included is a cast profiles tab and a tab for Trailers to 5 other Private titles.

Final thoughts:

The girls were definitely hot in this title but the sound dubbing and poor lighting in some areas was just too much for me too look past. I tired my best to get past those things and while the final scene went a far way to improve my thoughts on this movie it just want enough to change my thoughts on it's other shortcomings. For the most part i enjoyed watching this but had to do so with the sound nearly turned off which was a shame. All in all i say this movie is worth a rent. Pick this title up turn down the sound and enjoy a beautiful Sandy, Bambi, and other hot Euro sluts go at it.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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