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Sweet Young Things 3

Studio: Bad Seed » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/2/08

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David Lord: Lady's Man

Sweet Young Things 3

Bad Seed/Adam & Eve

Sarah Vandella

Genre: Gonzo, Newcomers

Director: David "Crawdaddy" Lord

Alexis Texas!

Cast: Sarah Vandella, Lee Stone, Alexis Texas, Alex Gonz, Kylee Reese, Derrick Pierce, Lana Croft, Barrett Blade, Brynn Tyler, Tony DeSergio

Length: 105:25 minutes

Kylee Reese

Date of Production: 5/16/2007 (box cover); 5/9/2008 (opening credits); 2/21/2008 and 2/22/2008 (credits)

Lana Croft

Extras: After the horde of forced phone sex commercials at the beginning of the DVD, the next best extra for most of you will likely be the bonus scene from Bubblegum Cuties #2 between Paige Love and Alan Stafford. She was cute enough and the scene was clearly shot by director Will Ryder so those of you wanting more cutie for the buck will be able to enjoy it even if you already have a copy, the 24:09 minute scene including oral, vaginal, and a facial with little chemistry despite solid technical values. Better by far as it was exclusive footage, was the lengthy bit of tease material lasting 50:09 minutes where the gals would prance about in their skimpy undies as they gyrated. Granted few of them had any real idea as to how to move like a seasoned professional but that was part of their charm in some ways. The 14:51 minute Behind the Scenes feature was a lot of fun too, the gals mugging for the camera as David prepared for the scenes, Devon Cypher and Justin Syder credited for it but the ladies seemingly in charge of how they carried on (Sarah having been in the business for 6 months and into Jesse Jane, Alexis "fluffing" Alex with her pussy, Kylee overacting, Lana blinking out responses during makeup, and Brynn of the belief that she was a "sweet young thing"). This was followed by a set of interviews with the ladies (and David) lasting 14:06 minutes but looking as if edited out of the original BTS footage into the two different features (well done at that!). There were some trailers and a photogallery too as well as a repeated side to the DVD cover.

Brynn Tyler!

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Sweet Young Things 3 was presented in the surprisingly pleasant 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director David "Crawdaddy" Lord for release by Bad Seed in this standard definition release using the MPEG-2 codec with 480i resolution. The anamorphic process alone was likely enough to give me hope but the show looked almost as if it were made for the internet; proving the 2.4 Mbps bitrate was not enough to convey the picture as well as could be expected. There was a little grain but no video noise to speak of, the composition of the shots always seeming to enhance the look of the ladies except for the stark lighting. There were moments that could've used polishing up with the editing but overall, the visuals were okay and did not make the project any less strokable for me, the frame rate looking like it was dropping information more than it should have as a result of the post production processing. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English with a 192 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate, the vocals captured by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were hollow in most cases and struck me as the weak link of the technical chain for the production, much like previous works by the talented director that I have found visually solid.

Body of Review: David "Crawdaddy" Lord has been involved in making porn on several levels for many years now, his efforts directing at Bad Seed notable for how much fuck for the buck his titles provide compared to others that have gone before him. I hardly ever luck out and get many of his movies (competition is fierce for them) to review but he has an artistic eye no matter what he is shooting on a given day. His latest release making it my way though was Sweet Young Things 3, a series formerly helmed by the infamous Will Ryder, best known for his parody works that sell so well, David focused on showing why he was the logical choice to succeed in taking over. The basis of the series is to provide attractive young ladies having heated sex with capable men. In that sense, the movie was already down a few points since some of the women had been around the industry for years, showcased in a great many scenes, and cute but arguably best suited for another program (none of this being the fault of the director so much as the producers). Still, there was some potential here given a cast of major cuties, including Alexis Texas and Brynn Tyler from Texas with an emphasis on blondes that I liked. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Sarah Vandella, the busty blond featured on the left side of the DVD cover, was up first as she slobbed the knob of muscleman Lee Stone on a couch, all the tease footage excised to the extras section. I prefer having some build up and tease inside of the scene itself so I can't say that this was a positive development but Sarah was orally gifted while on her knees, but largely passive during the vaginal screwing. Lee is a big guy and I appreciated her verbal coaxing as she rubbed herself raw but he did all the work outside of her blowjob bit at least until she was on top of him, then she was mechanically pumping as it trying to make up for lost time in an unconvincing manner. She did do some PTM with a flair that told me she had a need for seed but maybe he was just too big for her tight box to accommodate readily. The resulting wad of genetic juice landed on her face as Lee unleashed it into her mouth, Sarah lifelessly receiving it but not swallowing as she looked up at him.

Scene Two: Alexis Texas, the curvy blond featured on the right side of the front cover, was up next, serving as the main reason I picked this one up, her sweet ass always welcome in movies I check out no matter how unrealistically related to the advertised title. She was shown bathing in a bathtub with lots of suds before Alex Gonz stepped in to give her something to suck off. She kept eye contact with him as she inhaled his meat, aggressively working him inside her mouth with ease thanks to his modest member. Her enthusiasm elevated the scene above the last one almost immediately too her ass cheeks shaking as they moved to a doggy without her getting any oral in return. He fingered her asshole a little and she shook her cheeks more when she was on top of him, the active ride satisfying my lust for the twenty-something Texan more than expected after the last scene. Alex held her throat a little in what could be construed as choking but the scene emphasized the vaginal sex between the pair, various angles helping to add some variety to the action more than her limited vocals did. Alexis did not appear to have a tremendous amount of chemistry with Alex here but she took his population pudding into her mouth and rubbed it around while looking at the camera, showing off her freckles more than ever.

Scene Three: Kylee Reese, another bleach blond with some girlish curves, was up next in the living room, her print top lifted to show her fun bags and her skirt elevated to provide a look at her ample sample of an ass. She wanted to be bent over and Derrick Pierce was just the man for the job, the guy entering after the minimal tease footage where she mumbled what else she wanted done before blowing him. Kylee was an active fellatrix and Derrick rewarded her by savoring the taste of her cookie, the active vaginal ride following their oral even if she seemed more into looking at the camera than I prefer the gals do. They lacked any rhythm together but she provided a decent, if generic, porn performer experience, managing to remind me of Sarah above though I have seen her get into her scenes when she wanted to in the past. Her box was bright red from wear as she yelled out and several positions of pounding later, the semen graced her face and shoulder.

Scene Four: Lana Croft, the only Asian of the mix, was up next and the brunette shook herself for a few seconds before she was joined by Barrett Blade to follow the generic formula. I haven't seen much of him lately but I only watch more porn than most people alive so maybe he's starting up another band or otherwise trying new things instead of making scenes. He came into the living room where she set to blowing him, her lips wrapping around the modest member as she looked into his eyes from below. Lana could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose if she were paid enough but Barrett wasn't going to reciprocate this time, preferring to just start banging her as instructed. He mostly allowed her to do the work here too, most of the vaginal sex positions having her on top or at least in spooning as she rubbed her clitoris. I wasn't impressed with his barely hard cock either as it weakened the nature of the scene (when a gal is yelling out in pleasure, a half hard dick sure isn't responsible). His light streams of spew mostly missed her face in favor of flying all over the place, some post coital head provided before she licked up the limited amount on her chest.

Scene Five: Brynn Tyler, a sexy blond with beautiful eyes, was up last as she stripped off her clothing to reveal her firm body in the living room. It was funny that she kept her pink sneakers on after removing everything else, the already stiff Tony DeSergio edited in for her to blow immediately after the minimal tease. I'll give her extra credit for appearing to savor the taste of his cock, the near POV camera angle not hurting the warmth generated by the pair in the slightest until the camera backed away and she continued to track it with her eyes (she couldn't have been too into the cock if she wasn't focused on it). That led to an intermittently active vaginal ride where she did quite well in the cowgirl variations but dropped the ball during the doggy, spooning, and other positions. I'd fuck her if given the chance but she still has a lot to learn about looking good on camera, the framing by David at least making sure that he did his job while the pair went at it. The ending was expected with the facial hitting her mug, some licking taking place before it was edited away (let them finish!).

Summary: Sweet Young Things 3 director David "Crawdaddy" Lord for Bad Seed will likely be best suited for major fans of the ladies and those that aren't too picky about what constitutes a "sweet young thing" in a porno. To me, the title implied a newcomer in her teens and that wasn't the case. I also took exception with the way the majority of solo and tease footage was edited out of the main movie, reducing any connection between the ladies and the viewer (or their sex partner) so I rated this one as a Rent It no matter how much I liked some of the extras. In short, Sweet Young Things 3 was not the upgrade I was hoping for having seen that David took over the series but I admit that the casting, while imperfect, did justify checking it out all the same.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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