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Big One, The

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 9/3/08

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Date of Production: March 1988

Director: Chet Thomas

Cast: Brad Richardson, Brian Adams, Clark Lindsay, Derek Jensen, Jim Moore, Kurt Bauer, Mike Gregory, Nick Cougar, Sparky O'Toole, Troy Ramsey. Note: A Sean Laurance is credited on the DVD case but no actor appears with that name.

Body Types: Muscular, tans, some hairy, twinks and 30 year olds.

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: None

Plot: In San Francisco, The Big One can't stop the big ones in their pants.

The Movie:

Derek, Jim: A couple of guys (Derek and Jim) are moving a sofa into an apartment. Derek finds a couple of pussy magazines over in the corner. They take a quick peek at the magazines and when Derek gets horny, he asks Jim to take care of him. Jim, who is in the closet, will do it only if Derek promises to keep it a secret. Seizing the opportunity, Derek puts some music on so as to not wake the neighbors and lies back on the couch. Derek fondles his crotch and pulls out his thick tool. Jim sucks Derek and he has no qualms about sitting on his dick. Holding onto a nearby ladder, Jim is fucked doggy-style by Derek and they both jerk off. While they are having sex, the light fixture and window blinds move. Jim mistakenly believes Derek's fucking is the cause of the ground shaking. An earthquake sends pieces of the ceiling crashing down in the apartment and throughout the city. Both are good-looking guys and Derek has one good-looking dick. At the beginning of the scene, Derek looks distracted and not very interested.

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Mike, Clark: Mike, a local news reporter, has a live interview with Clark about the quake for a broadcast. After communication with the news station is cut off, Clark stumbles on a brick that landed the floor and he falls at Mike's feet. The proximity is an open invitation to strip, kneel down and give the good-looking Mike a blow job. Mike also deep throats Clark who, I'd like to add, has an embarrassing mullet. Using his fingers, Mike preps Clark's hole and nibbles and kisses his ass cheeks. As I suspected, Mike fucks Clark and cums but surprisingly he also bottoms for Clark. It turns out that Clark has a bigger load onscreen.

Kurt, Brad: A medic (Brad) is shown searching for victims of the quake. Underneath some rubble, he finds someone in need of help (Kurt who wears too much makeup) who is unconscious and lying on the ground. Brad looks him over and gives him mouth to mouth. Inexplicably, he rips off the victim's undershirt. Kurt opens his eyes and notices what is happening but puts his head back down and pretends he is still in need of help. Brad plays with Kurt's hairy chest and Kurt gets up and pushes him off. They stand apart and take off their remaining clothes. With Kurt standing across and teasing, Brad strokes his cock. He sucks Kurt, sits on his cock and is fucked by Kurt. Kurt is good-looking but the sex is rather uneventful.

Brian, Troy, Nick: A newscaster (Brian, on the DVD cover) points a camera at a young guy (Troy who also has too much makeup on) at the news station. The 'kid' smiles at him, pulls his pants down, rubs and exposes his bare ass. Brian carries him over to the news desk and services his cock. Returning the gesture, Troy drops to his knees and sucks away on Brian's thick cock. Troy gets on the desk and Brian gives him a nice butt massage before fucking him. They are unaware a camera has captured all of this and of Nick, who is in another room, watching them on a monitor. He jerks off watching Troy cum. Both Brian and Nick are good-looking. Brian has a hard hairy muscled body and long blond streaks in his hair and also he wears a porn stache.

Kevin, Sparky: A bike messenger (Sparky) has a package to deliver and finds himself stuck on an elevator when the earthquake hits. But he isn't alone. No, he's stuck inside with a horny executive (Kevin). Sparky, a blond kid, is hungry for a hot dog but Kevin has another kind of meat for him. Willingly, Sparky sucks Kevin's 'hot dog' and licks his hairy nuts. The exec gives Sparky head and decides the time is right to put his hot dog in his buns doggy style and then lifts him off the ground and buries his dick in the boy's ass. Sparky rides that cock again and jerks off. Kevin stands, cums all over the boy's face and licks it off when he kisses him.



Video & Sound:

This 80's porno has only adequate sound and lighting. And typical of that decade's porn, the soundtrack has a tendency to drown out the fucking sounds.


PopShot-on-Demand and Wrap-It-Up, a safe sex PSA from Chi Chi Larue.

Final Thoughts:

Some of the actors in this movie are good-looking and have big dicks. Overlooking some of their bad 80's hairdos, Brian, Nick, Kurt, Mike, Derek, and Jim are hot in any decade. But the sex isn't passionate enough. This movie is in need of an earthquake to shake up the action here.

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