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Get Smartass (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/3/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Get Smartass (Blu-Ray)

Hustler Video

Genre: Comedy

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Cast: Kayla Paige, Eric Swiss, Britney Amber, Rod Fontana, Eden Adams, Envi, Veronica Jett, Dino Bravo, Veronica Rayne, Tony DeSergio

Length: 105:42 minutes

Date of Production: 6/24/2008

Extras: The best extra was the 5:18 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by "Coach Eddie" as he got some cute anecdotes as well as additional sex footage (primarily between Envi and Eden in their lesbian scene). I would have liked a lot more of it but it was still a nice touch. There were also trailers, a slide show, some spam, and a true double sided DVD cover here; not a wonderful selection of extras but not a barebones effort either.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Get Smartass (Blu-Ray) was presented in a crisp 1.78:1 ratio, 1080i color widescreen as shot by director Stuart Canterbury for Hustler Video to be released on this high definition version encoded in the AVC codec. The video bitrate seemed to hover around the 21.4 Mbps mark but the feature looked better than many other such titles with twice as high a reading. The colors were perfect, the detail superb thanks to the enhanced resolution, and the lighting gave the show a lot of depth despite some admittedly limited sets. I could see the tiny hairs on the back of the ladies' necks, the glistening juice on their labia minor, and the twinkle in their eyes as they engaged in various carnal activities throughout the show, making this the best looking Hustler title to date. I saw no compression artifacts, moiré, or video noise and the few dark sections yielded no macroblockage that I could see, one of the few productions in adult to merit this status from what I have seen (and I've seen most of it). The composition of the sex scenes gave all of the ladies plenty to be thankful for too, attention paid to making them look their best as they copulated in all the standard positions. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering using the usual 48 kHz sampling rate and an audio bitrate of 224 Kbps, some separation detected though mostly on the score. As far as the vocals were concerned, the cast was easy to hear and the score was similar enough to the original show, a decent balance between the aural elements that I hope Hustler builds upon for future outings (if possible).

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Body of Review: Stuart Canterbury has been making porn flicks for over twenty years now, entering into that realm where he has been doing so for longer than a growing number of his cast has been alive. This level of experience has given him the benefit of seeing generations of different performers and companies come and go, shooting techniques developed, and a better feel for what sells to his target audience than many of his peers raised only in the glory days of porn (which economic times of late have been ending most abruptly). His latest title to come out is a dainty little parody for Hustler Video called Get Smartass (Blu-Ray), poking fun at the classic television series and recent movie remake in much the same sense that other porn comedies do. This time, Dino Bravo stars as Maxwell Smartass, a secret agent empowered to stop the evil plans of Dr. Ho (Tony DeSergio) with the help of Agent 69 (Veronica Rayne) and his peers. Thwarting evil doers is difficult work though, especially when the enemy employs seductresses like Kayla Paige and Veronica Jett, so with a wink & a nod, the movie lightly touches upon several elements that make porn parodies work, with room for future growth is sales permit. Earlier this year, the company released an announcement about the flick: "HUSTLER Video is thrilled to announce the wrap of Get Smartass. This porn parody of the classic comedic television series Get Smart shows off those sexy secret agents getting it on hot and heavy like you always knew they could. KUNTROL learns that the evil organization PENIS has discovered the true identities of its agents and has sent out a team of crack seductresses to neutralize them. You will see how Maxwell Smartass and Agent 69 turn the heat on to regain control of a sexually intense situation. "We always like to work on something comedic, and this show was such an obvious target for parody," says director Stuart Canterbury. "We were able to build sets which matched the look of the original, and the girls could really get into the parts as evil seductresses. It is full of hot sex, but it keeps you laughing; we laughed when we made it." Drew Rosenfeld, Creative Director, HUSTLER Video Group, was on the set of Get Smartass and commented on the success of the filming. "Stuart Canterbury has an incredible eye for detail," says Rosenfeld. "After directing the smash-hit parody Gov Love: The Eliot Splitz-her Story, I knew that Stuart would be able to create another successful spoof filled with comedy and great sex!" Get Smartass features an all-star cast, including Kayla Paige, Britney Amber, Eden Adams, Envi, Veronica Jett and Veronica Rayne." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Kayla Paige, the light haired hotty with pretty eyes seen on the left side of the front cover, was up first as an agent of PENIS, trying to seduce KUNTROL agent Larrybutt (played by Eric Swiss). Her gold dress clung to her body very nicely while it was on but she removed it as Eric stroked himself, her all too willing mouth engulfing him as she followed his instructions on how to best slob his knob. The blowjob was quite seductive in itself but she managed to balance several different techniques to make it the best of both worlds, teasing him and deepthroating him as well as licking his balls to control the spy. The hand assisted hummer looked extremely clear in high definition and led to Kayla climbing onto him for a vaginal ride, her toned body actively impaling itself as she rod the guy in bed. She fingered her own ass and pushed back during doggy too, both of them glistening with sweat before he launched his genetic juice to her neatly trimmed crotch. It was a nice starting point to build on as far as I was concerned, I only wished it lasted longer.

Scene Two: Britney Amber, a very cute blond with perfect blue eyes and a lean figure, was up next as she proved her own seductress skills against KUNTROL's Chief (played by Rod Fontana). Her implants were overly large for her body but she looked like a top flight stripper in a high end club, her move towards his cock showing she wasn't afraid of it at all. She tossed off her outfit to leave her colorful bikini undies on, using hand to gland combat as she slobbed his knob on the couch. Rod was lost in the moment and Britney seemed to be quite in control of the man, maintaining eye contact when she wasn't intensely focusing on the work at hand. Her intense oral led to an active vaginal ride on the office couch, again showing limited chemistry but enough energy to cover for it. She knew how to grind her hips during the penetration and wasn't yelling at the top of her lungs, the cowgirl and doggy positions providing the best look at the lady in action. It seemed as though she appreciated how thick his cock was and not hung up on the shortness, the population pudding coating her stomach by the end.

Scene Three: Eden Adams and Envi, a couple of blonds in corsets and matching accessories, were up next as they "practiced" (I'd say auditioned) for the chance to seduce Maxwell. Dr. Ho set them onto each other and the ensuing lesbian tryst was not bad, just lacking in anything to set it apart since they spent more time posing for the camera and looking away then concentrating on the task at hand. I haven't seen either of them in a lot of fuck flicks so the newbie factor didn't hurt one bit but neither was as heated as the previous (or later) performers in the movie. The mattress pad they played on didn't allow for much variation either, some fingering, titty play, and rug munching before the double headed dildo was tossed into the mix. The solo footage also looked like the gals were deer's looking at headlights but in general, I didn't mind seeing how well they consumed each other (the rimming especially). For me then, there did appear to be some chemistry between them but their newness limited how effectively they could put it to use.

Scene Four: Veronica Jett, a brunette known for doing anything asked of her in her scenes, was up next as she climbed into bed with Dino Bravo. Her bright dress was tight on her body but the way she wrapped her lips tightly on his pecker was a lot more interesting to me, the streamers adding to the visual appeal just as her spitting enhanced the moment. Veronica carefully worked her dress up in sections, allowing her thong to outline her little piece of heaven before her small but natural breasts came heaving out. She then jumped on his bone and actively rode it, Dino spanking her at her request and the pair fusing into one as she rocked the cock in and out of her snatch. The various positions of vaginal sex were well done but I admit to expecting her to do anal given her past, the ending splooge showing Dino hasn't been working much lately.

Scene Five: Veronica Rayne, the curvy brunette on the far right of the front cover, was up next as she was sent in to seduce Dr. Ho (played by Tony DeSergio) and stop him from terrorizing the world. She was KUNTROL's last hope so she answered his advertisement and was soon ripping off his clothing faster than he was tearing off hers, the secret lair the perfect place to appreciate the moment for both of them. Some of you will like her implants best but I found her ass and legs to be awesome, perfectly suited for milking a nut with the black lingerie enhancing her look as well. She attacked his meat orally and while it wasn't quite as aggressive as Jett's in the previous scene, it was better done in terms of passion and rhythm, the couple moving into a 69 so both could devour each other sexually with their oral skills. Veronica then went ballistic by bouncing on his cock, her large titties swaying all over the place as she drove him as deep inside of herself as she could. The look of the action in high definition was especially sweet in the doggy position too as Veronica pushed back to meet his thrusts, her perfect pucker saved for this time but looking so tight that I would love to see how well she uses it in future sequels. The finish had Tony rubbing out his load to her tits, the man barely able to stand he was so red and flustered, playing into the plot quite well.

Summary: Get Smartass (Blu-Ray) by director Stuart Canterbury for Hustler Video may not become the most sought after template for future porn parodies released this year but it had a better balance of comic dialogue and heated sex than most of what I've seen so far. With a little bit of polishing up, a series could be made from the premise thanks in large part to the chemistry between Dino Bravo and Veronica Rayne but also the technical skills employed in making the movie. I've seen the series (and spy shows in general) parodied previously, keeping in mind that the Don Adams/Barbara Feldon show from the 60's was itself an ingenious little spoof created by Buck Henry and Mel Brooks, but Stuart seemed to be the one to "get it right" so I hope more outings will follow, meriting a rating of Recommended. In short, Get Smartass (Blu-Ray) was an entertaining porn parody that a lot of people will enjoy with the high definition version looking exceptionally solid. For a quick look, check out this TRAILER and you may see what I mean when I say it was a ton of fun!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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