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Holla Back Boi

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/6/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: June 2007

Directed By: Jalin Fuentes

The Movie:

"Hungry for big dick! Jaw Breaker! Takin' it all in! Don't tell! I swallow! Won't stop! Thug action!"


Rudy, Vokals, Big Smoke, Colby, Debonair, Mr. Goodbar, Impulse, Thugzilla, and Vivid.

The Dudes:

Holla Back Boi offers the viewer nine sexy guys with short, closely cropped, and almost shaved dark hair; toned bodies; tattoos; lightly hairy and smooth chests; full, trimmed, closely trimmed, and shaved pubes; big cut and uncut cocks.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 57 Minutes

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Vokals (cute with black wave cap, toned/smooth body) and his boyfriend Rudy (good-looking with braided dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) are arguing in an Atlanta hotel room. Rudy is already awake and ready to check out the city and Vokals wants to sleep late. "Look at the View!" "Fuck the view!" "Get out of bed!" "No!"

Vokals wins out in the end by chowing down on Rudy's hard cut cock gobbling that thang down his throat giving excellent head. Dude really knows how to devour that dong! Vokals has a pierced tongue and he swirls it around Rudy's swollen knob with expertise making his man loudly moan with pleasure. There are plenty of hot cock sucking close-ups provided here and the dudes are definitely into the action.

Rudy fucks Vokals' tight shaved bunghole fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style with some nice penetration shots from above and then some excellent camera shots from below of that stiff love wand sliding in 'n out. Vokals' tight chute actually clings to Rudy's lubed pork! Both guys are very turned on filling the room with heavy breathing, moans, and lusty talk. Rudy goads Vokals on to "get nasty" over and over as he pounds that hole.

 This is some serious fucking making Vokals cling to the bed sheets for dear life or be pulled to the floor.  There's some very quick reverse/missionary before the guys settle on the traditional missionary position with Rudy continuing to use long, fast, 'n hard strokes to pleasure his boyfriend with some very hot penetration shots from above. Vokals cuts loose with a wet load on his thigh and big lush bush. Rudy jacks off and shoots a thick load on the bed with a little jizz hitting Vokals' face.

Scene Two:

Big Smoke (good-looking wearing a white wave cap, tall/toned/smooth body) and Colby (nice-looking with almost shaved head, slender/toned body) are shooting hoops when Big Smoke sprains his ankle. Back at one of the dudes' apartment, Colby's "examination" takes a sexual turn when the swollen head of Smoke's plump uncut cock snakes outta the leg of his white shorts. The heavy foreskin slides back revealing a mouth-watering moist knob as Colby slowly strokes the throbbing organ. "

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Sure you ain't got a third leg?" Colby pulls Big's shorts off revealing that big slab of uncut man pork (that is reported to be thirteen inches long), dark pubes, and plump hairy nut before really chowing down on that thang giving excellent head.  After lots of cock sucking, Colby stands up, yanks his white shorts down, and shows off his dark closely trimmed pubes, plump cut cock, and hot hangy balls. Big takes that stiff tube steak into his mouth and works his gob up 'n down giving very groovy head and making loud gulping and sucking sounds. There are plenty of hot dick suckin' close-ups as both dudes give and receive full oral pleasure.

Big screws Colby's tight shaved touchhole in the missionary position using full strokes with a nice tempo while Colby plays with his dick. There are some nice penetration close-ups from above and then from behind. Big really nails his buddy's snug man-chute and there's a hot camera shot from behind of Big's hairy bunghole, gooch, and nuts as he slides in 'n out and Colby's tight tunnel of love. Big Smoke is like a big dicked robot! Colby clearly loves being fucked and loudly moans, "Oh! Deep inside me! Oh Yeah! You like that ass?" To finish their lovin', the dudes lie back in bed and pull pork while watching one another. Colby shoots a thick load of jizz on his stomach near his pubes and Big Smoke busts a thick nut on his stomach and pubes. Hot cum-filled foreskin!

Scene Three:

Debonair (good-looking with black wave cap, toned/smooth body) slouches on the sofa  with his legs spread nice 'n wide while and Mr. Goodbar (cute with black wave cap, toned/smooth body) sucks his plump cut prick sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some very good head. Debonair has shaved pubes and some delicious low-hangers. He definitely digs the head and has a look of pure satisfaction on his face while Mr. Goodbar chows down. Debonair fucks Mr. Goodbar's tight shaved asshole from behind fast 'n hard with some very hot penetration shots from behind.

Mr. Goodbar must really like getting pounded because he fills the room with loud moans and pouts. The viewer gets an extra treat of being able to see Debonair's hairy gooch as he fucks. Switching to the missionary position, Debonair continues using the long, full, 'n smooth strokes to pleasure his pal with some hot penetration shots from behind. Debonair jerks off while kneeling over Mr. Goodbar shooting a thick load his chin and neck. Sadly, Mr. Goodbar does not nut.

Scene Four:

Big Smoke (from scene two) and Impulse (good-looking with almost shaved head, cool beard, toned/lightly hairy body with tattoos) are hanging out when Impulse pops a gay porno into the DVD player. "This is a gay porno!" says a very surprised Big Smoke. Impulse casually waves his buddy's exclamation off stating, "This is something for us to get off on." Impulse then asks the question, "What would you do if I took my pants off?" Big Smokes replies "Leave". Ha!

Impulse ignores the answer and yanks his blue jeans off revealing a dark bush, plump balls, and an uncut cock. "Just go with it. Make yourself comfortable." Impulse yanks his blue shorts down revealing that huge chubby uncut billy club. He works that foreskin and crams that thang down his starved gullet stretching his mouth and gives an excellent blowjob. Dude knows exactly what he's doing, baby! He even licks 'n sucks those hairy low-hanging nuts. Hot!

Big Smoke slides that fat love-slug in Impulse's tight hairy hole doggy-style using quick 'n smooth strokes making his buddy groan, oooh, ahhh, and cry out, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"  (Where's Karen O. when you need her?) There are some nice penetration shots from the side offered here and then some hot ones from behind where the picture is just a little grainy. How Impulse can take that monster cock all the way up his man-cute is amazing!

Frenzied with carnality, Impulse slides his tight little hole up 'n down Big Smoke's throbbing fuck bat and moans so loud that I wonder if the neighbors can hear. Big smoke grabs on and thrusts his hips upward to pound his buddy fast 'n hard with steaming penetration shots.  After some wild missionary position, Big Smoke shoots a thick load on Impulse's hairy stomach as Impulse cries out, "Come on daddy! Oh yes!" Impulse quickly works his foreskin back 'n forth over the sensitive knob and squirts a large thick load on his pubes.

Scene Five:

Thugzilla (nice-looking with short hair, toned/smooth/heavy tattoos) is pissed off that Vivid (good-looking with short hair, toned/smooth body) has used up all the hot water for his bath. He steps into the tub and demands that Vivid suck his cock. Naturally, dude is more than happy to comply and grabs that big fat clipped member and crams it down his gullet giving excellent head as he completely pigs out on that pork. Somehow Vivid gets into what looks like a gymnast pose with one leg hiked up and resting on the wall exposing his tight shaved bunghole. Thugzilla munches down on the pouting pucker in hot close-up as his wet tongue teases and slides back 'n forth over the gasping starfish. Hot!

Thugzilla drills Vivid's bum fast 'n smooth doggy-style with Vivid's leg still stuck in that impossible position. There are plenty of hot penetration close-ups here as that fat cock slides in 'n out. The dudes move over to a nearby bed to continue their intense man-on-man fuck session with more fast pounding doggy-style with excellent close-ups of the penetration from behind. Thugzilla shoots a thick load on Vivid's face and in his mouth. Vivid digs it and begins nursing that cum-slick knob. For reasons unknown, Vivid does not nut.


Holla Back Boi is shot directly on high quality video and presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of all the action plus plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean with simply one short instance of grain.


The stereo sound is clear with a cool funk instrumental score. The viewer will easily be able to hear the dudes as they shoot the breeze and then get down filling their surroundings with heavy breathing, moan, groans, pouts 'n cries.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for: Da Hating Game and Take it Like a Man Volume I: Azz on Fire.


Pitbull Productions and Director J.F. have created some sizzling smut that is guaranteed to turn you on! I have reviewed many of F.'s movies and Holla Back Boi is my favorite. Five scenes of hot streetwise dudes that you know would not take shit off of anyone in real life. These horny guys give lusty performances and look to be into each other and the action. My favorites here are Big Smoke, Rudy, Debonair, and Thugzilla. There are two missing cum shots in the movie and I usually lower my overall score; however, like in my review for Copperhead Canyon, I find the movie to be a huge turn-on. I Highly Recommend.

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