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Naked Aces 5 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 9/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Naked Aces # 5 (Blu-Ray)
Studio: Digital Playground
Category: Shot In High Def, Blu Ray
Director: Robby D
Starring: Shay Jordan, Daisy Marie, Shawna Lenee, Tony De Sergio, Kelly Divine, Riley Steele, Tommy Gunn, James Deen, Erik Everhard, Jerry
Release Date: 08/13/2008
Running time: 2:01
Condoms: None

When an adult website is designed with new technology capable of implementing subliminal messages to men who stumble across it pussy across the world is in trouble of being neglected.  The only group capable of saving the day from such mayhem as men fucking pie and toaster ovens rather than nice warm pussy are the Naked Aces.

Scene #1: Daisy Marie &   Jerry

Jerry is at home surfing the net when he comes across a website that entrances him. Next thing you know the guy can't control himself and finds himself wanting to fuck a rubber doll. Jerry gets very involved with the plastic doll before Naked Ace Daisy Marie pops in and takes her shot at saving this poor soul. The couple begin by kissing and Jerry lays back to receive a blowjob from the Latin star as he plays with her pussy. Daisy then mounts Jerry in cowgirl and seemingly enjoys the action as she moans uncontrollably. Following cowgirl the couple fuck in reverse cowgirl, spooning, and then finally doggy before Jerry pulls out to cum all over the latina's face and chest.

Scene #2: Kelly Divine & Tony De Sergio

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Tony gets caught up in the web brainwashing after playing around on his computer. The next thing you know the guy has about 5 bottles of Vaseline he cant help but want to fuck. Kelly appears and lets him know that the goop he has in front of him isn't a real woman and begins to undress and shake her ass in front of his face for a moment. Tony falls out of his trance and the next thing you know he grabs a handful of the Vaseline jelly and rubs all over Miss Divines chest and plump ass. After rubbing all over the girls body Kelly grabs on Tony's cock with one hand then bends down to suck on his cock. After sucking cock the brunette beauty gets on top of the guy and the couple begin to fuck in reverse cowgirl with Kelly's beautiful bald pussy and nice tits a focal point of the action. After reverse cowgirl the two go into cowgirl and Kelly jiggles  her plump ass on Tony's cock and I really enjoyed watching this as i found it very eye catching. The pair then vaginally and anally fuck in spooning and i cant help but notice what a beautiful body this Kelly Divine has. After  getting her ass plowed in spooning Kelly goes down for some ass to mouth before re mounting Tony in reverse cowgirl where anal sex is the focus this time around. To warp up the scene Tony fucks Kelly's ass in doggy before pulling his cock out of his ass ans cuming all over her pretty face.

Scene #3:  Riley Steele &   Erik Everhard

Erik finds himself in lust over a nice warm apple pie. He sweet talks his sweet dessert and eventually pulls out his cock and begins to finger his pie. In pops in Digital Playground sexy blonde Riley Steele and its not long before she offers up some of her pie to take Erik's mind off his apple delight. Riley who is definitely one of the hottest girls in porn today has whole package to die for. From the top to the bottom this girl is a knockout and its no wonder she has a contract with a company like DP. Anyways the action commences with Erik eating out and finger fucking the bald cunt of this beauty which Riley really enjoys. Eventually Riley returns the favor and sucks on Erik's hard cock before the two begin to fuck in doggy. After doggy the couple continue their sex romp in missionary and Riley's body screams sexiness from every single aspect of her being. Eventually the two land up in reverse cowgirl and Riley's pussy is fucked really great as its the only way Erik knows how to do things. The couple then  fuck a bit in spooning followed by cowgirl where Miss Steele gets fucking soaked on Erik's huge cock. To wrap up the scene Riley gets pounded from behind until she turns around to take a cum shot to her chest and face.

Scene #4:  Shawna Lenee &  James Deen

James Deen finds himself in lust over a couple of bottles of lotion. He begins by kissing on his bottles and rubbing them all over his cock. The threesome is interrupted when blonde sexpot Shawna Lenee comes to break James Horrible hypnotism. Shawna gets on top of the bed and convinces James that his lotion bottles cant do what she can and she begins to rub and suck on his cock. James comes back to reality and begins to rub and kiss Shawna before going down to eat her pretty bald cunt. After getting eaten out Shawna goes ahead and sucks off James and his big dick. The couple then begin to fuck in spooning and Shawna looks absolutely stunning as she rubs her clit while James pumps in and out of her.  The couple fuck in spooning for a good while then go into reverse cowgirl and once again i am just blown away with how cute this girl is. After reverse cowgirl the two continue to fuck in cowgirl followed by a bit of 69 action. The pair then return to fucking as James fills up Shawna from behind as the two fuck in doggy style. The scene comes to an end with James and Shawna fucking in spooning followed by some missionary  before James pulls out of Shawna's cunt to shoot his load all over her ass and pussy.

Scene #5:  Shay Jordan &  Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn aka "the ninja" is the mastermind behind the website that is driving all these men to the comfort of sex dolls, bottles of lotions, apple pies, and so on. Shay appears and the two battle complete with visual effects straight out an old episode of Batman and Robin. Before long the two are on the floor and the sexual escape begins. Tommy starts by eating out Shays hairy pussy before getting his turn at getting his large cock sucked off by the Digital Playground starlet. The couple find themselves in some visually enticing 69 action which transitions to Shay getting her pussy pounded in reverse cowgirl. While getting fucked in reverse cowgirl  it's obvious just how much this girl loves sex as her facial expressions speak volumes. After reverse cowgirl the couple continue fucking in spooning where once again Shay really looks like she loves her job. After a bit Miss Jordan lies on her back and gets fucked in missionary which eventually and seamlessly transitions into getting fucked from behind. Eventually the couple go at it in cowgirl followed by some nice doggy action. To wrap up the scene Shat gets fucked in missionary and pile driver before getting a load of cum squirted on  her beautiful face and Shay proclaims the  ninja as the winner this time around but claims that next time around he better watch out.

Audio / Video

Naked Aces # 5 (Blu-Ray) Hovers around 18mbps and the video looks really great. The video being so good is really a double edged sword though. In this case while stars like Riley Steele and Shawna Lenee look absolutely stunning with top quality HD visuals others like  Daisy Marie and even to an extent Shay Jordan and her hairy pie really probably benefit from being seen in Standard def. The audio on the other hand was amazing from start to finish and I can't complain one bit about it. Being presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 i was really impressed with the sound this disc provided.


Extras on this Blu-Ray disc were a Photo gallery, Trailers, a website contact tab and finally a very entertaining and somewhat comical 15 minute Behind the Scenes feaurette which is a definite change from what I am used to seeing in most BTS footage I have seen. This wasn't something that was slapped on it was obviously something that took sometime to put together and I am glad to say very nice to watch.  

Final Thoughts:

The opening scene of this movie I must admit was a let down. I really feel that Daisy was the weak link in this title and once I was past her intro scene I found myself really enjoying this title. From the very beautiful  newbie Riley Steele to the somewhat seasoned Shawna Lenee this title was pretty darn good to watch. I really have no issues recommending this title at all and really think everyone who loves hot blonde's need to take a peek at Riley as she really can become a huge star in XXX if she plays her cards right.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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