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Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/9/08

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Vivid Entertainment/Club Jenna

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Genre: Feature, BDSM

Director: Paul Thomas

Justine Joli

Cast: Justine Joli, Jenna Jameson, Stephanie Swift, Lauren Phoenix, Mr. Marcus, Taylor Rain, Evan Stone, Julian, Natasha Sweet, Cytherea
Non-sex roles: Darby, Darling, Edanya, Nina Hartley, Claire Adams, Blaze, Arcane

Stephanie Swift eating Jenna Jameson!

Length: 85:51 minutes

Date of Production: 6/28/2004

Jenna Jameson turning the tables on Stephanie Swift

Extras: For many of you, the 71:55 minutes worth of bonus scenes from older titles will be the best extras even though none of them are related to the feature itself. I described them below with links to the original reviews for those wanting more information, some of them quite good for me despite technical issues. That was followed by the text biography for Jenna Jameson, four trailers to titles not released just yet (a nice change from the older practice of hawking titles out for a long time), some spam at the beginning of the show you can skip past, a photogallery, a positions room, and my personal favorite with the Behind the Scenes feature by Victoria Woodhill and Hot Rod Hank. Jenna got a lot of screen time and provided an interview, Paul Thomas gave some insights about her and the movie itself (including how it was inspired by the mainstream movie The Secretary), and all the usual characters were present such as Shylar and Justin in the 19:33 minute slice of life extra. Lastly, the DVD case itself was oddly shaped like a matchbook and while that might have been a cool idea as a press kit release, experience tells me that this kind of endeavor tends to get torn, worn, and otherwise out of shape far faster than standardized packaging.

Lauren Phoenix

Condoms: Yes

The female part of the orgy with Jenna's hot ass on center stage!

Audio/Video Quality: Burn was presented in the same 1.33:1 full frame with 480i resolution as shot by director Paul Thomas at Vivid Entertainment & Club Jenna to be released in this MPEG-2 offering. Shot back in 2004, the movie had all sorts of visual flaws that would not be considered movie worthy if not for the Jenna playing a starring role, some nods to artistic license not pulled off nearly as well as Paul's better titles even from the same period of time, let alone for those of us that scrutinize the elements more closely as some do today (yeah, blame the messenger folks, but at least respect the handful of us that care enough to tell it like it is). That said, there really isn't a lot of processing that can be done to material that starts off looking kind of weak but the good news here was that even the weakest looking of the scenes did not completely turn me off so much as make me wonder why things were not shot a second time once someone looked them over. The fleshtones were accurate at times and the lighting, significantly spotty at best, was covered by some pretty fair editing tricks at times that might not have saved the flick completely, at least helped redeem it. The camera work was the one area that really hurt the visual elements this time, much of the movie trying to go for a specific look but then ending up looking murky and out of focus, far more than usual at that. The bitrate typically hovered in the mid 5 Mbps range but it didn't help all that much since the grain and video noise were not due to the compression rate so much as the original conditions the show was shot at. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with the usual 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps audio rate although there was no separation detected on the audio tracks. The vocals were similar to the video in how varied they were but they sounded fair for the source material even while lacking in dynamic range, at times sounding over dubbed. I liked the sole song used at the end (during the credits) for how it worked for the movie, Miles Long making it sound as best he could under the circumstances.

Jenna Jameson taking it further with Stephanie Swift

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Body of Review: Paul Thomas is the world renowned director best known these days for his work at Vivid Entertainment. Not content to be a mere studio hack, Paul often takes artistic chances to provide something a bit deeper and more meaningful, albeit on porn budgets that certainly take their toll on the effectiveness of his final products often enough. While the sex in his movies has been hit or miss for me, the stories are sometimes substantially good enough that I wouldn't mind seeing what he would do with a true Hollywood sized budget, of course hoping to be invited to the parties and orgies that would likely ensue (kidding) but to see what kind of flick he would make other than a porno churned out within days. Well, 4 years ago, Paul had the pleasure of directing the leading lady of porn, Jenna Jameson, in a porn tribute to the mainstream movie The Secretary called Burn. The movie is a bit like the mainstream movie in concept, pushing the sexual ideas much further with the BDSM tones employed so heavily, with more than a little dialogue but generally focusing on the sex as expected. The back cover said it like this: "Playing With Fire Just Got Hotter Jenna has been a bad girl, and she needs to be punished. In a far different role from any she has portrayed, the superstar plays a shy, introverted, wallflower in love with Stephanie Swift. Jenna's new job, reading and researching manuscripts for publisher Justin Sterling, leads her into the kinky world of sado-masochism and bondage...and she likes it. When Jenna and Justin's relationship goes from boss and secretary to bondage and discipline, the pair - and Stephanie - embark on a sexual journey rarely seen on camera. Ending in a mind-numbing, body-shaking orgiastic finale of pain and pleasure. The team that brought you The Masseuse, one of the most awarded adult films of all time, now brings you Burn, the incendiary new drama that will blaze a trail for years to come." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Justin Sterling looking for his lost life in Jenna's ass!

Scene One: Justine Joli, an attractive redhead with a lean and all natural body, was up first as she masturbated in a tiny little bathroom (after getting a spanking from Justin). She diddled herself and used an impossibly large dildo to impale herself but it was so short of a scene that her fans will be upset at how the grainy solo act was shot.

Scene Two: Jenna Jameson and Stephanie Swift were up next as they masturbated in a car during the day time, leaving their tops on while they rubbed their clits, Stephanie serving as the relative aggressor of the action. The brunette then moved to go down on Jenna and showed her ever skillful method of eating the starlet, no reciprocation displayed as they were broken up by a stranger.

Scene Three: Jenna Jameson, exploring the boundaries of her pain threshold in private, was frantic about her situation and in need of release, getting a sample of BDSM when Justin swatted her ass (for burning her arm with a cigarette), leading to Stephanie Swift lamenting that the two ladies were not spending enough time together. That led them to the bedroom where Stephanie's solo act encouraged Jenna to pick up her own hairbrush and start shoving it inside of herself, the sexual tension enough to propel them into joining together on the bed. Stephanie went with a nice vibrator and Jenna took it over to jam inside her friend, their roles reversing as Jenna sat on her face and the pair ate each other out. Jenna on top was less explicit but satisfying for me all the same, the camerawork looking like someone was shooting for an "R" rating at times.

Scene Four: Lauren Phoenix, was the focal point for the orgy scene, at least first, as studly Mr. Marcus pounded away on her pussy having received some head. The BDSM tendencies of the situation had Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley appearing to control things from the shadows, Taylor Rain, Evan Stone, Julian, Natasha Sweet, Justine Joli, Cytherea, and eventually Jenna Jameson herself getting some loving in a disciplined sort of fashion. Lauren was the main object of the first half of the sex show as Marcus fucked her pussy and ass with a condom on, Taylor getting some cock in all three holes as the mighty Evan porked her and another guy got some head off the lady. Both gals were quite active and the focus issues were pretty bad here, but sexually it was the most complete scene for those of you that enjoy actual penetration of women by men as well as some flogging that doesn't involve your own hand top gland combat. The genetic juice was not overly obvious except when Evan popped on Taylor's chest or Lauren took the facial/mouth pop, but population pudding antics were less interesting than the electricity play and beatings, Jenna's ass bent over a dream come true. Cytherea going down on the recently flogged Jenna toward the end of the scene had some merit too, the other ladies joining in for what could have been a scene of the year offering had the technical aspects been much better. Jenna gave as well as she got too, but it ended far too soon.

Scene Five: Jenna Jameson, now clearly in charge of Stephanie Swift, was up next in bed with her as she fingered the passive cutie anally, dominating Stephanie in her backdoor as the gal cried out. The scene was truncated and had no reciprocation, the changing dynamic evidenced in their home life as well.

Scene Six: Jenna Jameson, finding her advances toward her boss Justin Sterling unrewarded, was up last in a fantasy sequence where he spanked her instead of sending her away. The pair merged with a sense of chemistry that most of the previous scenes simply did not have, the movie shot long before the couple divorced in real life. She sucked his dick and looked good despite the limited lighting, Justin smacking her around as though he could see their future apart from each other. He did manage to go down on her and she was quite active during the vaginal screwing, even when he fingered her sweet ass though the doggy position looked best to me. He launched his wad of population pudding to her mouth at the end, some minor antics at the end finishing up the movie as a whole (Justin spanking her as she had her panties around her thighs, a fantasy sequence while she was at work but heated nonetheless).

Bonus Scene: The Masseuse: Jenna Jameson, wearing a t-shirt as she shaved Justin Sterling's crotch clean, smoked a cigarette and then jerked him off (slowing down to allow him to last longer for a bigger tip). That led to her kissing him on the lips and the scene ending when the genetic juice came forth onto her hand (in mere minutes by the way).

Bonus Scene: Jenna's Gallery Blue: Jenna Jameson, Dee, and Nicole Sheridan, were up last in a lesbian tryst on a bed supported by poles from the ceiling, giving it an Aladdin feel as if they were floating on air (Trading Spaces once had such a bed made in their show in fact). The brightly clothed hippy gals licked and fingered each other for all their garish make up and I hardly recognized the other two as they gave each other some modest amounts of gal pal fun. Face sitting, fingering, and none of the toys I expected ended the scene and the show both. It was far from Jenna's best scene but as an unpolished (and unreleased) gem, I liked it enough to smile a time or two.

Bonus Scene: Blush: Briana Banks, playing a nurse, was up last in a scene with talented Lauren Phoenix and Evan Stone as part of the porno. Briana went down on Lauren while Evan went down on her, both enjoying the taste of clam more than most would. The ladies then took turns slobbing his knob in a hardy manner, with each showing lots of skill and chemistry this time. He then took turns screwing them both, seeing some PTM action in between, before blowing a decent load onto Lauren's face for sharing with Briana. It was a good scene with a lot to enjoy repeatedly even if you aren't a fan of Briana's though it wasn't the most hardcore action you'll find from any of the trio.

Bonus Scene: Coming On Set: Mercedez, the lead gal of the movie (pictured on the front DVD cover on the left hand side with brunette hair), were joined by the lovely duo of Stephanie Swift and Katsumi in the next scene. Initially, she talked them into giving her (Mercedez) a show as they engaged in some heated lesbian action on a couch). They licked, rubbed and massaged one another on the weirdly lit set and while Katsumi was a bit less active than usual, Stephanie was more into it than many of her previous performances as a Wicked Pictures contract star. They used toys too but the highlight for me was easily when they masturbated side by side on the couch in plain view.

Bonus Scene: Pipe Dreams: Justine Joli, the well known lesbian standing in the lower right hand quadrant of the front cover, was up next as she dominated a trussed up Austin Kincaid; spanking and flogging the curvier gal lightly as part of a BDSM scene. The rope bondage and cunnilingus were okay but the toy penetrating Austin seemed to be way too shallow and light. The scene ended without much fanfare, Justine never getting to receive any loving before it was over.

Summary: Burn by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment had one element truly going for it when the movie was shot, the presence of lovely Jenna Jameson when she still possessed her curvy figure and had the attitude that she was going to give fans something for their money, sadly, as talented as the director was, he wasn't able to capture this one nearly as well as most of his previous works and the end result for this Jenna fan was to rate it as a , those of you that are less into the lady probably best leaving it alone altogether. The visual elements and method of trying to obscure some of the sex rather than revel in it were the key sticking points, the concepts and ideas worthy of much better treatment. In short, Burn did not live up to the potential of the cast (including Jenna) or the director so the end result was spotty at best.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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