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Cougar Club, The

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/9/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Francesca Le!

The Cougar Club

Third Degree

Amber Lynn!

Genre: MILF

Director: Miles Long

Kylie Ireland!

Cast: Francesca Le, Alex Gonz, Amber Lynn, James Deen, Kylie Ireland, Mark Wood, Julia Ann, Alan Stafford, Lisa Ann

Length: 129:44 minutes

Julia Ann!

Date of Production: 5/3/2008

Extras: The best extra was the 8:47 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that gave the ladies a chance to provide some career details, a bit of additional nudity, and some clowning around. There was a playful quality to the way the ladies engaged those around them, even allowing some pawing of their assets, and fans of the gals will want to check it out at least once. There were some trailers, a cum shot recap from the scenes, a photogallery, and a true double sided DVD cover as well as a slip cover.

Lisa Ann!

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: The Cougar Club was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Miles Long for Third Degree using the MPEG-2 codec employed by standard definition releases. The lighting was basic but strong, eliminating the shadows and grain associated with some of his movies made for other companies. The grain was minimal as was the video noise and I got the impression that Miles spent more time than usual on the movie given the manner in which the edits and camera angles enhanced the looks of the nicely made up ladies. It was far from perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual. The bitrate tended to hover around the mid 4.4 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it but the numbers alone do not tell the whole story in this regard. The composition of the scenes enhanced the look of the ladies, each of them used to softer lighting in recent scenes but not needing it for the purposes of this release. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, the aural experience fairly limited due to the nature of the gonzo shoot. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was as truncated as ever, standard gonzo audio being okay for most consumers.

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Body of Review: Miles Long is best known in porn for his work at various companies on the audio portions of movies but he also directs at places like Third Degree too. Most of his work seems to be mired in erotica footage, using soft focus and heavily edited montage openers to carve out a different approach from his peers that some people seem to appreciate more than others. His latest title making it my way is The Cougar Club, using an incredibly heated line up of older ladies saddled with the usual mopes, differing from your usual MILF outing by virtue of the age variation between the men. In general, a MILF is an older, curvier gal that men find appealing enough to fuck despite her having given birth while a "cougar" is such a gal focusing her sexual energies on a man substantially younger than herself, my observations being that a few of the men should have been passed over from the cast because of this fact. Otherwise, the five ladies were Kylie Ireland, Julia Ann, Francesca Le, Lisa Ann, and Amber Lynn; each noted for their large body of past works and fanbase well beyond the flavor of the week types that come and go so often. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that only one condom was used for those still interested:

Scene One: Francesca Le, the bundle of dynamite seen on the far right hand side of the front cover, was up first and what a great choice she was too! She portrayed a photographer shooting stills of Alex Gonz, her smoking hot body well worth placement as the first scene of the batch except her relative age to his made the whole "cougar" issue a bit suspect. Still, I like the lady and enjoy her work, the lingerie she wore well worth a look as it enhanced her sweet looking figure. The couple made up during the tease and she was soon slobbing his knob with all her experience behind her, aggressively attacking his meat as he throat fucked her. He ate out her sweet little snatch and asshole in return, smacking her ass and thighs before they began pounding into each other vaginally. Her active ride and love of sex was evident from the very beginning and the scene closed out with her taking his genetic juice orally, swallowing some with the rest gracing her upper torso before the camera faded on her sexy eyes. Yum!

Scene Two: Amber Lynn, the curvy blond seen on the cover in the second from the left position, was up next as she posed by the pool in her one piece bathsuit, stroking herself during the intermittent montage while pool cleaner James Deen skimmed the expansive pool for leaves that were not there. While he is probably better suited for that kind of job, this was the first scene where the cougar phenomenon seemed accurate, Amber at least twice his age by my reckoning. They embraced outside and ended up on the couch indoors, James jerking off while eating her out passively. She must have tasted pretty bad considering how he usually chows down but she was satisfied at his limited progress in making her wet, the fake porn moans striking me as a perfect reminder of how she used to act in her prime too. She was better with her mouth full of cock, inhaling his rod like she needed rent money badly, leading to the only condom clad fuck of the entire show. Amber has had some rough times over the years so it was easier for me to overlook her plastic surgery, but she was a mostly passive rider of cock here too and that weakened the entire effort. The end came when James jerked out his modest load of population pudding to her neck and mouth, the close up of her face not helping matters much.

Scene Three: Kylie Ireland, the beauty on the bottom of the cover lounging around (with the sole hint of color in her hair here), was up next with Mark Wood on a porn shoot. The first and most obvious thing I will say is that he looked older than she was, negating any points for truth in advertising about cougars, but this being a major hotty that I'd go for in a heartbeat, I couldn't resist enjoying her super sexy attitude and performance. Mark is a decent performer these days too, just not of the age where he would fit the premise, the lucky guy eating her sweet box out before she reciprocated even more aggressively in return with a vaginal and anal set of positions. I was surprised she wasn't slobbing his knob here but her riding was exceptionally heated, the basement setting a bit weird but Kylie looking better than ever as she pushed back on his prick. Kylie appeared to be sporting a new tattoo as well but I was more interested in her sweet vocals enhancing her act, Mark holding on for dear life as she used him up. The vocals did appear to be slightly out of synch at times yet it was a definite highlight of the show for me and I have been a fan of 80% of the ladies for years. The scene finished up when she jerked him off into her mouth, draining his balls as dry as mine will be repeatedly in the future when I refer to this one (I just wish the high definition version came instead since it holds more promise of replay value). Sweet!

Scene Four: Julia Ann, the gorgeous blond with the hourglass figure seen on the cover between Amber and Francesca (second from the right), was up next with Alan Stafford in an automotive repair shop. Julia has been really tearing up the industry with gonzo scenes since leaving Wicked Pictures behind, even doing make up on the side as she proves she is not the sheltered princess some claimed in the past, her fit figure hardly qualified for cougar status with him but pretty close from what I understand. He was fixing cars and she fantasized about him addressing her needs instead, the pair kissing before engaging in oral where she gave great head and he tried to keep up when eating her box. She was abetter vaginal rider when on top and that included too few positions but she got better as she warmed up, the lack of chemistry between them not stopping her from turning in a decent scene that ended with a hand assisted hummer (providing some frothy semen to her liking in the mouth). Cool!

Scene Five: Lisa Ann, the beautiful brunette seen on the far left side of the cover, was up last and this shows that Miles did not use up all the best ladies up front, her style definitely worthy of any gonzo outing related to a cougar theme considering she was hooked up with James Deen. She was the seductress on the rose pedal covered day bed in the middle of the living room, James there to serve her as the hired help in his fancy clothing. Her boudoir lingerie served the purpose of getting him excited (it worked for me too) and once she had finished her beverage, he was there to feed her strawberries. She liked the treats but wanted more, James going down on her before she gave yet another award winning blowjob. Lisa has long struck me as a gal worth looking for in porn, her moves and attitude top notch and complimented by her great face. She was into the hummer but wanted to get fucked, providing a good ride (not her best) with her spanking him as he drove his dick deep inside of her biscuit. She was quite moist as the scene progressed and he couldn't hold off so his seed landed in her crotch, finishing up the movie on a high note. Yes!

Summary: The Cougar Club by director Miles Long for Third Degree advertised itself as an offshoot of the MILF dynamic, falling somewhat short at times due to the age of the men participating but still having such a wonderful cast of top rated ladies that I almost rated it even higher than Recommended in spite of the lack of better of extras and some technical matters being askew. The high definition version is almost certain to be enough of an upgrade to enhance the rating a notch but fans of Kylie, Lisa, Julia, Francesca, and Amber could do far worse than this one for the levels of fuck for the buck, replay value, and fun factor it possessed. In short, The Cougar Club was the kind of club you will want to join, the talented pool of ladies and direction enough to merit extra attention from MILF loving fans everywhere.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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