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Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Dates: April-May 2008

Directed By: Brian Brennan

The Movie:

"Caliente: hot; spirited; urgent; horny; sexually aroused."


Alejandro, Junior, Xavier, Jay, Rhythm, El Toro, Chulo, and El Duke.

The Dudes:

Caliente! offers the viewer eight appealing Latino dudes with short dark hair; toned and slender bodies; hairy, lightly hairy, and smooth chests; full and trimmed pubes; uncut and cut cocks.

Run Time:  1 Hour and 19 Minutes

Condoms: Yes.

Scene One:

Xavier (good-looking with closely cropped black hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) gets horny while spilling the dirt on his sexual escapades to a friend over the telephone. Dude yanks his shirt off revealing his sexy chest and tattoos and soon has his baggy blue jeans and boxer shorts down showing off his trimmed pubes, hot plump nuts, and clipped cock. Xavier gets more 'n more heated up as he confides to his pal the lusty shenanigans he's been up to. Slowly jacking his hard cock with his right fist, Xavier begins talking dirty and works himself to a hot climax by shooting a thick load of cum on the floor. Hot dude!

Scene Two:

Rhythm (good-looking with short dark hair, cool thin beard, toned/hairy body) is needin' some male lovin' and has his lusty sights set on the very cute Jay (short black hair, cool facial hair, very hairy/toned body).  Jay isn't quite sure what to think of Rhythm's sexual advances but quickly succumbs to all-out pleasure when Rhythm pulls those blue jeans and boxers down revealing full dark pubes, plump balls, and a mouth-watering uncut cock. Rhythm takes that fucker into his fist and begins jacking the growing organ while working the foreskin back 'n forth.  He chows down on that tasty tube streak slowly sliding his mouth up 'n down and totally savoring the delicious flavor of unclipped man meat.

There are plenty of nice close-ups of the cock sucking and Jay's low-hangers. Jay fucks Rhythm's tight hairy hole from behind and uses fast 'n smooth strokes with some very hot penetration. He quickly changes to doggy-style before the viewer has a chance to enjoy the first position! Anyway, Jay continues to drill his pal's snug chute with some hot penetrations shots from behind and he slides quickly in 'n out. Jay beats his meat shooting a thick load on Rhythm's face. Rhythm jacks odd and dumps thick love milk on his fist.

Scene Three:

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Alejandro (handsome with shaved head, goatee, toned/lightly body) is in his office watching some gal having her pussy eaten on television when Junior (good-looking wearing a black wave cap, tall/slender/smooth body) barges in with a delivery. Overcome with lust, Alejandro practically leaps on Junior, who at first refuses his advances. Junior soon sees the light when Alejandro pulls his blue jeans and boxers down showing Junior his full dark pubes, plump balls, and large cut dick.

Junior quickly sinks to his knees and begins sliding his mouth up 'n down the hard shaft deep throating all the way down to that full bush. Alejandro loves the head and the room is filled with heavy breathing, moans, and loud sucking noises. Alejandro chows down on Junior's uncut cock working his gob up 'n down and cramming his gullet full giving some groovy head.

Alejandro screws Junior's tight hairy hole doggy style for a very quick moment with some hot penetration shots from behind. Again, the first position starts and ends much too quickly barely giving the viewer time to comprehend what's going on. There's a very hot close-up of Junior's pulsing man-pucker provided here. Switching to the missionary position, Alejandro crams his hog up that snug chute using long 'n smooth strokes making his pal moan 'n groan.

There are some very hot penetration shots from below. Junior obviously digs getting fucked and makes all sorts of wild sexy noises. The viewer is also treated to a nice shot of Alejandro's hairy gooch and plump hairy nuts as he porks his buddy. To finish up, Alejandro shoots a large thick load on Junior's bum. Junior wildly jacks off and cuts loose with a large thick load of cock snot on the floor.

Scene Four:

El Duke is a good-looking dude with long dark hair pulled back wearing a baseball cap. He has a nice beard and is wearing blue jeans and a white tee shirt while watching smut on television and relaxing on the sofa. El Duke slowly unbuckles his belt and sticks his hand down the front of his jeans to play with his unseen business. He removes his tee shirt revealing a sexy hairy and average build and then hauls out his large 'n hard uncut cock with foreskin that completely covers the knob even when erect.

Dude is totally into pleasuring himself rubbing his chest and jacking that big dick working the shaft and that tasty foreskin back 'n forth. There are plenty of nice cock close-ups here along with some lusty camera shots from below and between El Duke's legs. Dude goes to town on that thang and shoots a large thick load of spooge on his hairy stomach and shortly trimmed pubes. After that, he gives the viewer a nice foreskin show by pulling and stretching his overhang. Hot!

Scene Five:

Photographer Chulo (good-looking wearing a blue wave cap, goatee, tall/slender/smooth body) gladly takes photographs of hunky butch daddy El Toro (good-looking wearing a black wave cap, mustache, toned/lightly hairy body with tattoos). El Toro is definitely nervous at first but soon gets into the groove as he pulls his blue jeans and boxers down revealing full dark pubes, hot low-hangers, and a large uncut member. This is more than Chulo can handle and he quickly forgets about his camera and chows down on that big unclipped throbber sucking the foreskin-covered knob, jacking the shaft, and lickin' 'n suckin' those beautiful balls. 

Chulo even deep throats that thang all the way down to a full bush. El Toro fucks Chulo's tight hairy hole doggy-style using long 'n full strokes with some very hot penetration shots from behind of that big ol' dick sliding in 'n out while Chulo chokes his stiff cut cock. Both dudes have very hairy gooches which I found to be a huge turn-on! To finish up, El Toro shoots a thick load on Chulo's butt. Dude has such a hot foreskin! Sadly, Chulo does not nut.


Caliente! is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action plus plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration shots. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the natural sound of NYC, the dudes speak to each other, and plenty of moans when they get down to it.


The disc includes an interactive menu with scene selections. There are no bonus materials included.


The Latino Fan Club and Director Brian Brennan have created a nice hot little title with Caliente! The dudes are all very appealing with my favorites being Jay, El Toro, and Junior. For the most part, the dudes seem to be enjoying each other and the action. There are a couple times when some of the guys look a bit distant but that could simply be their macho straight guy pose. My only problem is that a couple of the scenes skimp on the fucking. Now, the scenes in question do have some very hot penetration shots but the guys simply do not fuck long enough. I Recommend for fans of sexy streetwise Latino dudes who would definitely not take shit from anyone.  

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