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Daddy Hunt Vol. 6

Studio: French Connection » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 9/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: January 2008

Director: Walter "Javier" Romero

Cast: Rik Kappus, Josh Kole, Adam Aakre, Clint Taylor, Jay Taylor, Andy Mack, Dallas, John Walters, Adam Burr

Body Types: Bears, cubs, twinks, average builds, boys/daddies

Condoms: Yes

Special Features:  Double cum shot

Plot: "Frat Pack takes you into a frat house with four young studs who make a game out of seeing who can bed the hottest daddy."

The Movie:

Adam, a cute twink, enters the kitchen of a frat house. After he reaches into the fridge, he spots a couple of Polaroid pictures attached to the door. The subject in both photos is a hot daddy. The photos take the viewer to the next scene.

Rik, Dallas: From across the street, a sexy cub (Dallas) spots a hot bearish carpenter (Rik) in a tight uniform and takes a Polaroid shot. Rik notices and follows him back into the frat house. Inside the house, they kiss and strip down. First to suck dick is Rik. On his knees, he slowly savors Dallas' thick cut cock. Then he turns Dallas around to bury his bearded face in his hairy ass getting the hairs all wet. Dallas goes for some bear dick too. With the exception of a few moans, Rik quietly packs his hard dick doggy-style then missionary-style in Dallas' hairy asshole. Dallas rides his cock and jerks off on Rik's hairy chest and Rik jerks off on Dallas' crotch. With his camera, Dallas takes another shot of the proud naked bear. On the positive side, they appeared to be into each other when they kiss and when Dallas looks at Rik. However, Dallas' money shot was disappointing because the load isn't visible.

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Josh, Adam Aakre: Back in the kitchen, Adam finds the camera and heads outside to take a shot of a detective (Josh) in a sports car. Adam chats up Josh and they end up back in a house. Adam unbuttons Josh (in a shirt and tie) exposing his hairy chest. Venturing south, Adam unzips Josh's pants and much to Josh's pleasure, pulls out a thick piece of meat which Adam crams down his lusty throat. Daddy then enthusiastically blows Adam. Cleverly, Adam pulls on Josh's tie to fuck his mouth. Using that same tie, Josh places it around the base of Adams cock to fashion a cock ring with it. With Josh's feet in the air, Adam rims him, plugs a finger or two up his ass and sucks his stiff throbbing dick. Josh gives Adam's hole a thorough tongue bath, fucks the kid good, and shoots his cum on the boy's backside. Adam, however, does not cum. With his handy camera, Adam takes a photo of the daddy he bagged and adds it to the fridge.

Adam Burr, John: Adam Burr enters the kitchen and reads a note informing him that the landlord will be over soon. The landlord (John) rings the doorbell twice and lets himself when no one comes to the door. He walks in on Adam who is lathered up taking a shower. Their eyes connect and Adam walks up to John and they kiss all the way to the bedroom. Once they are naked, the boy heads for his daddy's cock which he gags on as he's sucking it. John is attractive even with extra padding around the gut and has a big package. Adam B. is a twink with a goatee. While Adam is preoccupied with John's dick, John teases and finger fucks the boy. John fucks Adam with great intensity and they lie back on the bed and jerk off simultaneously. Adam reaches for the camera and takes a snapshot of naked John which he adds to the collection already stuck on the fridge.

Adam Aakre, Clint: Next, we find Adam at his desk trying to study. Unable to concentrate, he gets up, peers through a window and sees a gardener (Clint) enter a greenhouse in the backyard. Adam takes a photo of him and when Clint notices, he heads into the house where he meets Adam. Clint looks at the photo and tosses it aside. Kissing leads to bjs to rimming and finally, Clint fucking Adam. Clint is a good-looking bear with a thick cock. Finally, Adam jerks off in this scene. Not only that, he makes up for it by cumming twice. The red sofa is splattered in the frat boy's sperm. Clint jerks off on Adam and Adam takes another shot of the daddy for the collection.

Jay, Andy: The last fraternity brother (Andy) wakes up and pours himself a cup of coffee. On the fridge, he sees a note that reads: "Andy?" which he recognizes as his cue to score a hot daddy. Andy runs out the door with the camera and on the street, he sees an older guy (Jay). Stalking his prey, he shoots his target who happily follows him back home. Andy is a pale, smooth twink. He could pass for a little boy or an elf at Christmas. Jay has grey hair, a clipped chest, and a big brown cock. Jay enjoys licking the boy's rear, hole and balls. By then, Andy begs the daddy to fuck him and Jay obliges. He fucks Andy and jerks off on him. No cum shot from Andy. He brings out the camera and shoots a pic of Jay.




Video & Sound:

Overall, very good. There is some pixilation in the scenes where some of the actors jerk off and fuck.


A behind the scenes, brief one-on-one interviews with a few of the actors (Rik, Adam Aakre, Clint, Josh) and Trailers. In the interviews, they talk about where they're from and how they got involved in porn.

Final Thoughts:

Frat has a clever premise of young boys competing to do it with the hottest daddy in uniform. And there are some hot daddies here: Rik, Josh and maybe Clint. On the boy's side, there is Dallas and Adam Aakre. In my opinion, the first two pairings have the most chemistry. If the Daddy/Son scene interests you then you will be interested in taking a good look at this title.

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