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Pain in Da Azz

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/20/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: October 2006

Directed By: Jalin Fuentes

The Movie:

Rough 'n tumble streetwise guys hang out smoking cigarettes, slinging back beers, playing cards, and getting down to some hot man-sexin'.


Lil Nellie, Darvin, Egypt, KB, Joey, Titan, Casanova Blue, and Kaven Sincer.

Run Time: 1 Hour and 47 Minutes

Condoms: Yes

Scene One:

Darvin (good-looking with shoulder length deadlocks, toned/smooth body) is enjoying a nice hot shower when his buddy Lil Nellie (cute with short dark hair, tall/slender/toned/smooth body) barges into the bathroom to take a leak. Well, Darvin cannot help but peek out and see Lil Nellie's fat cut cock as it grows under his pal's tender loving care. Darvin reaches out of the shower and begins jacking that throbbing meat and eventually takes it down his gullet giving some very good head that leads to a hot face fuck with plenty of groovy extreme close-ups.  Needing a taste too, Lil Nellie sinks to his knees and takes his friend's hard clipped tool into his mouth while wrapping his fist around the base a blowing for all he's worth. Again, there are plenty of neat-o cock sucking close-ups.

The dudes are clearly into the action and each other. Lil Nellie munches down on Darvin's tight hairy bunghole with some tasty close-ups of that busy tongue teasing the very sensitive pucker. Hot! Darvin definitely loves having his ass eaten and has plenty of pre-cum dripping from his piss slit to prove it! Lil Nellie fucks his pal fast, hard, 'n smooth doggy-style and really drills him good with some okay penetration shots from above. Lil Nellie digs the action so much that he shoots a thick load of jizz on Darvin's bum.

After rolling on another rubber, Lil Nellie screws his buddy doggy-style with some excellent penetration shots from behind. The viewer will be able to see both dudes' hairy gooches and nuts and that big dick sliding in 'n out of that hole. Switching to the missionary, Lil Nellie continues to drill Darvin making Darvin squirt a large thick spooge load that flies through the air with some landing on his stomach and dark pubes. Lil Nellie jacks off and shoots a second large load this time on Darvin's chest.

Scene Two:

Egypt (cute with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) and his pal Kaven Sincer (nice-looking with cornrows, toned/smooth body) sit around shooting the breeze about their monthly bills. Kaven desperately needs some quick scratch and Egypt is happy to loan him some....but he has to "earn" it, baby! Egypt is quickly pantless showing off his full dark pubes and long clipped prick and begins pulling his pork. Kaven sinks to his haunches and slides his mouth up 'n down that dick making it grow to full throbbing hardness giving a very hot blow job. There are plenty of steamy cock sucking close-ups provided and Egypt slaps his dong against Kaven's willing tongue.

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Kaven stands back up and strips down revealing his full dark bush, plump balls, and cut cock. He bends over the table and allows Egypt to smack his butt cheeks nice 'n hard. "You ready to become a man?" Egypt crams that hog into Kaven's tight lightly hairy thug-chute doggy-style  using fast 'n smooth strokes as both dudes fill the room with loud moans 'n heavy breathing. There are some very hot penetration close-ups here of that turgid tube steak sliding in 'n out of that hole from behind.

Kraven has some huge mouth-watering nuts that any self-respecting gay dude would love to lick, fondle, and caress. Those babies swing back 'n forth as he's being drilled. Switching to the traditional missionary position, Egypt drills that man-twat fast 'n hard like a piston. Egypt jerks off cutting loose shooting a large thick wad on Karven's neck. Karven sprays a large thick load of spooge all over his body.

Scene Three:

Lil Nellie (scene one) is hanging out with Casanova Blue (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) smoking ciggies and slinging back some beers outdoors. The guys soon move the good times inside where Lil Nellie unzips his blue jeans and pulls his fat clipped tool out. Casanova is soon on his knees giving some very good head while he slides his mouth up 'n down cramming his windpipe full of mouth-watering man meat with some very hot close-ups. Dude really gets down on that baloney pony.

Lil Nellie decides to return the favor and chows down on Casanova's clipped prick wrapping his fist around the hard shaft and giving some very good head. Casanova bends over on the sofa allowing Lil Nellie to munch down on his tight hairy touchhole with some excellent extreme close-ups of the rimming. Hot! He fucks his buddy doggy-style fast 'n hard with excellent close-ups of the penetration from behind. Casanova actually cries out, simpers, and moans with unadulterated lust!

These guys are very into the action and each other and this is some very steamy man-sex! The guys climb into the missionary position with Lil Nellie drilling that hole while Casanova yanks on his boner with more hot close-ups. Lil Nellie jack off and lets go with a thick load on his fist, shaft, and pubes. In return, Casanova shoots a large thick load of man juice on Lil Nellie's thigh. Hot!

Scene Four:

KB (nice-looking with shot dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body) and Joey (cute with short dark hair, toned/ smooth body) sit on a bed playing cars leading to Joey's loosing.  He's soon chowing down on KB's hard clipped prick grasping the stalk and providing some highly erotic oral service. There are some nice cock sucking close-ups provided here while KB fucks his buddy's gullet. He slides his boner into Joey's tight lightly hairy hole doggy-style with plenty of penetration shots from behind. KB pounds that ass and his pals digs it, baby! He cries out, "fuck me!" over 'n over like he's cutting loose for the first time and freely getting his funky freak on! 

Our horny duo cozy up in the side/missionary position with KB continuing to drill as Joey yanks on his hard unclipped pole with some nice penetration shots from above.  Joey pulls his pud working that mouth-watering foreskin back 'n forth over the knob and cuts loose with a wet load of passion on his inside thigh. KB quickly plays with himself and deposits his thick man-seed on Joey's face. Hot!

Scene Five:

Out horny pal Lil Nellie (scenes one and three) is back this time with Titan (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, toned/smooth body).  The dudes are sleeping in separate beds when Lil Nellie wakes up and sneaks over to rub Titan's bulge through the red bedspread eventually pulling the covers back and crams that big fat dong down his windpipe playing an exotic tune on the throbbing skin flute. Loud sucking 'n slurping noises fill the room along with moans 'n heavy breathing. In a surprise switch up from his two previous scenes, Lil Nellie plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce taking Titan's boner for a test drive rocking back 'n forth 'n grinding with a plentiful penetration shots from behind.

 Both guys dig the action and Titan is soon grabbing onto his buddy while quickly humping up to fuck that man-cooze. Lil Nellie's big cut cock flops around on Titan's stomach. Smack! Smack! Switching to some doggy-style, Titan keeps on driving his bone home with close ups of that hairy hole and all the penetration.  To complete their afternoon delight, the dudes beat off with Lil Nellie dumping one of his amazing large thick love offerings and Titan shooting a thick load on Lil Nellie's neck and chest.


Pain in Da Azz is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action plus plenty of close-ups and extreme close-ups of the cock sucking, ass eating, and butt sex penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes as they talk to each other and all the hot sex noises they make when getting down to man-on-man lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for: Tiger's Eifel Tower: Paris is Mine, The Show Part 2, Menace to Str8 Thugz, Spread Dat Butta, and Straight Shooter.


Director Jalin Fuentes has really stepped up to the plate to create a hot smut fest with Pain In Da Azz. The five scenes move along at a nice pace, never become dull, and have plenty of hot close-ups and extreme close-ups of all the action. The dudes are sexy 'n street wise, give energetic performances, and look to be into the action. My favorites here are Darvin, Kaven Sincer, Titan, and Lil Nellie. I Highly Recommend.

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