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Zach and Jake Tyler

Studio: Jake Cruise » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/21/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2007

Length: 107 minutes

Director: Jake Cruise

Cast: Zach and Jake Tyler

Body Types: buff muscular guys with smooth chests and nipple piercings

Condoms: no

Things to see: real life couples, bareback sex

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Have you ever seen a really hot gay couple and imagined how hot their sex must be?  I have been prone to fantasizing about such scenarios, but now Jake Cruise brings one of those fantasies into reality.  The film follows a real life male couple (Zach and Jake) as they fuck bareback on a couch, in bed, and on a massage table.  Through the course of movie, we really get to know the couple in terms of what things turn them on the most.  Zach clearly enjoys lightly dominating Jake since he holds him in arm locks while he fucks him.  Jake, on the other hand, absolutely loves being fucked (he takes it in the ass three times) and can't get enough of passionate and intense kissing.  In fact, it's Zach's rough kissing that consistently gets Jake off the quickest.  These smaller, highly erotic details would have been glossed over had the couple starred in only one scene. 

While the film is quite erotic, I can see some fans getting bored with watching the same couple having sex in every scene.  Despite the couple trying different maneuvers, like the use of massage oil and rough play in the second scene, the fact remains that you are still only watching two guys fuck for close to two hours.  Therefore, your liking this film will depend on your desire to see porn that's slightly different from other adult DVDs.  What distinguishes this porn from the run-of-the-mill stuff is that the film places emphasis on the intimacy and closeness that exists only between couples.

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Scene one:

Jake Cruise introduces the real life lovers.  Zach is a beefy blond guy, blessed with some huge arms, a shaved military cut hairstyle, and a mostly smooth body.  Jake, older by just a few years, is a brunette with a similar military haircut.

The boys start out by kissing each other all over each other's body.  Jake licks Zach's armpits and chests before ripping off Zach's clothes to get to his erect cock.  The guys shift back and forth between erotically kissing each other, rubbing each other, and playing with their dicks.  At one point, frisky Zach lifts Jake into the air, flips him over, and holds him up so that Jake can suck on his dick and he can rim out his tight hole.  Jake then alternates between rimming Zach's hole and sucking on his cock.  Jake even kisses Zach's feet at one point.

Using his saliva for lube, Zach shoves his bare cock into Jake's tight hole.  Jake moans as his man starts to pump away, culminating in some semen dripping out of Jake's cock.  Throughout the fucking, the couple tries their best to form positions where the pair can maintain constant eye contact with each other, heightening their sexual intensity.  The guys screw in a straddle position, but soon return to their favorite maneuver; Jake on his back with his legs slightly raised up in the air.  It doesn't take too long for Zach to bust his nut onto Jake's chest.  He then places his spent cock back into Jake's hole for a few more thrusts.  Finally, Jake shoots off another load onto his own chest. 

Scene two:

In bed, underneath the white sheets, the camera catches movement near Jake's dick.  We can't see the action until the director pulls off the sheets, revealing Zach giving Jake some morning head.  Jake then eats out Zach's hole.  The couple proceeds to probe, suck, lick, and kiss each other in a variety of different positions.  The action then shifts to some rough play.  Zach forcefully holds down Jake and ultimately sits on Jake's face so that he will eat him out some more. 

As soon as Zach's finger has loosened up Jake's hole, he shoves in his cock and starts pumping away.  Zach then locks Jake in an arm lock.  He's unable to move anywhere; a slave to Zach's plunging cock in his ass.  Zach continues to fuck Jake deeply, and eventually loosens his grip, instead only holding onto Jake's hands.  Though Jake is physically restrained, he moans intensely and tries his best to keep his lips in contact with Zach's mouth and tongue.  Eventually the boys shift to a straddle position.  It is here where Jake dominates Zach, grinding his ass on top of Zach's dick.  Jake rides Zach's cock until he sprays his load onto Zach's chest.  Jake then proceeds to passionately kiss Zach until he too shoots off a load onto his own chest. 

Scene three:

The scene begins with the fully nude actors kissing each other.  Zach then climbs onto a massage table.  Jake opens up a bottle of massage oil and squeezes the oil all over Zach's muscled body.  Jake proceeds to erotically massage all over Zach's body.  After spending quality time with Zach's legs and chest, Jake takes Zach's oily cock into his mouth.  Jake also rims him, digging deep with his rosy tongue.  Thanks to Jake's saliva and the massage oil, Zach's penis is hard and ready for fucking.  Jake lowers his ass onto Zach's cock for some sweaty straddle sex.  After that, Zach strokes on his dick while Jake finger fucks him.  Zach shoots off a creamy white load. 

Jake now gets to experience his own massage.  Zach proceeds to give him an erotic frontal massage.  Zach plays close attention to Jake's nipples and cock.  At one point, Zach even sucks on Jake's toes.  Zach then starts to stroke on Jake's cock while he passionately kisses him.  Eventually, Jake releases jizz onto his own chest.  Finally, the couple head to the shower to wash off. 

The DVD:


The fullscreen image is colorful and sharp.  The scenes are very well lit and look great.  Overall this was a great transfer.  



The sound is good, consisting of standard stereo audio.  All of the action can be heard without a hitch.


Extras are slim, consisting of scene selection and one preview for the Jake Cruise web site.

Final thoughts:

Zach and Jake Tyler form one hell of a hot couple.  Both guys do their best to show off their passion for each other, resulting in a sexual intensity that most porn simply can't capture on film.  Despite the erotic sex and a solid transfer, some fans might grow disinterested with the fact that this film features only two models.  Your choice is then to decide if you want to watch porn with lots of models or porn with two sexy models who share intimate sex with each other.  Recommended.

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