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Mike Roberts

Studio: Jake Cruise » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/22/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Date of Production: 2007

Length: 84 minutes

Director: Jake Cruise

Cast: Mike Roberts and Jake Cruise

Body Types: a young, muscular guy with an uncut cock

Condoms: no

Things to see: solo, oral action, erotic massage. straight guy seduction

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Jake Cruise has begun to release DVDs featuring material that was only available from his website.  Like many other amateur strip and stroke web sites, Jake interviews the models, who then proceed to stroke off for the camera.  However, Jake takes a more interactive approach by actually having sex with the models.  He strokes, licks, fucks, or is fucked for the sake of making a scene hot.  While he is much older than the featured models, and his body can't compare to the tight muscled guys, he uses his best asset; his sexual prowess.  Jake is quite good at getting these boys off through his intense oral skills and through the use of his firm grip.

On this DVD Jake interviews and sucks off the model Mike Roberts.  Mike is an incredibly hot brunette.  His hair is naturally spiky and closely cut.  He has minimal body hair, with just enough hair on his chest, pubes and balls to be appealing.  His chest looks perfect, as Jake points out, since he has nicely chiseled pecks, muscular arms, and a beautiful six pack.  His cock, however, is the most beautiful part of his body.  Blessed with a long uncut dick, Mike's dick looks utterly suckable.  His dick's head is a nice pink color, and his shaft is thick and veiny.  His fat balls also give his long cock some balance.  There is no beating around the bush; Mike is an incredibly hot guy.  How did Jake get so lucky?

Scene one:

Fully clothed, Mike stands next to Jake in front of the camera.  Jake has his arm around Mike and quickly starts to touch Mike's body, showing off his perfect chest.  Jake pulls off Mike's shirt and starts to point out some of the nice muscle groupings on Mike's chest and back.  Jake then pulls down Mike's pants, leaving on his boxers.  Teasing the cameraman, Jake peeks into Mike's boxers and gives the camera a look of excitement.  Jake proceeds to play with Mike's cock in the pants until he pulls out the long slab of man mean through this boxer's opening.  Sticking out from his boxers, Mike's cock looks irresistible.  Of course, Jake can't help himself so he starts to give Mike's cock a wet blowjob. 

Next Mike climbs onto the bed for some more oral action.  Jake starts to suck on Mike's toes, cleaning them with his tongue.  Jake then heads back to Mike's cock, as well as licking his arm pits, nipples, and chest.  Mike then turns over so that Jake can explore his hole.  Mike giggles as Jake sticks his tongue into his hole.  Jake then returns to sucking some more on Mike's toes and cock.  After that, Jake tells him to fuck his face.  Mike proceeds to shove his good looking cock in and out of Jake's eager mouth.  Finally, Mike lies down and Jake strokes him off onto his own chest.  Jake licks up all of the spent cum, giving Mike an easy clean up. 

Scene two:

Jake undresses Mike in front of the camera, revealing more of his perfect chest.  He puts his lucky hands into Mike's boxer briefs and readjusts Mike's package so that we can clearly see his large bulge.  Soon enough, the underwear come all the way down, showing off Mike's long penis that quickly turns into a semi.  Jake puts Mike's dick into his mouth, making him instantly hard.  Mike then climbs up onto the massage table.  Jake rubs his back and ass cheeks using massage oil.  Jake gives him a relaxing deep massage, to help Mike relax.  Eventually, Jake sticks his tongue into Mike's hole and then kisses Mike's feet. 

After that, Jake has Mike turn over.  Mike keeps his eyes closed, but his cock is hard and ready for some attention.  Jake starts to play with Mike's cock by stroking the shaft and pulling down his foreskin.  When Jake neglects Mike's cock, his dick starts to throb and pulsate, sending a message to Jake ("suck me!").  Jake takes the hard cock into his mouth and sucks away with passion.  At one point, Jake uses both of his hands to form a pleasureful hole for Mike's dick to go in and out of.  The hottest moment occurs when Jake keeps up a rhythm of stroking Mike's cock with one hand and using his other hand to rub all over his perfect chest.  This stroking method quickly sends Mike into a convulsive cumshot of moans and gyrations, with his cum flying all over his chest.  Jake then licks up every last drop of Mike's massage oil flavored spunk. 

Scene three:

Mike stars in his own solo for this scene.  Jake interviews him for the camera, though he primarily lets Mike make all of the decisions.  This scene demonstrates how much of a tease Mike can be at times.  He slowly removes his shirt and shows off a little of his pubic hair.  Hen then takes off all of his clothes but leaves on his revealing boxer briefs.  He strokes his cock in his pants, occasionally flashing part of his shaft, but never giving us all that we want to see.  When he sits on the couch, he continues this routine until he pops out his uncut dick.  Even then, he teases the camera by hiding his dick behind his legs.  Finally, he stops his erotic cock-blocking and lets us see his hard member in all of its glory.

Mike continues to stroke his cock, stopping occasionally for Jake to zoom in on his dick head and piss slit.  Eventually he opens up a bottle of massage oil to use on his cock.  He strokes off his dick and releases a juicy load onto his chest.  As Mike looks into the camera, smiling, he asks Jake if he wants to lick it up.  Jake, can't say no to cum, so he promptly licks on Mike's cock and savors the spent semen.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is bright and colorful.  Detail is high and lighting is very well done.


The sound works well for this amateur feature.  All of the action can be heard, down to the grunts of joy and the squishy sounds of massage oil being rubbed on Mike's back.


Extras are slim consisting of scene selection and a trailer for Jake Cruise's web site.

Final thoughts:

Mike is way too hot for his own good.  He has a perfect body, a nice face, and a tasty looking uncut dick.  Jake Cruise sucks and pleases Mike in nearly every scene, and he does so expertly.  The film's only (slight) problem is that some people might be wary of picking up a DVD with only one model.  The choice is ultimately yours, but Mike is hotter than most film's entire porn cast.  Recommended

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