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Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

ED Note: This is a preview review of this title only, the full review including all the features will be posted as soon as we receive final product. So be sure to revisit our full review when we have the final product.

Cassandra Cruz

Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare

New Sensations

Marie McCray

Genre: Feature

Director: Andre Madness

Celeste Star and Samantha Ryan

Cast: Cassandra Cruz, Anthony Rosano, Marie McCray, Seth Dickens, Samantha Ryan, Celeste Star, Sadie West, Jack Lawrence, Ashlynn Brooke, Tommy Gunn
Non-sex roles: Tyler Knight, Oscotta Bin Laden, Bobby Blanco, Dr. Philgood, Jon Pirate, Alan-E, Sadie An Dome

Length: 125:26 minutes

Sadie West

Date of Production: 4/5/2008, 4/14/2008, 4/28/2008 (box cover); 7/10/2008, 7/11/2008, 7/13/2008 (credits)

Extra's: My advanced copy had no extras attached to it.

Ashlynn Brooke!

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color presentation as shot by director Andre Madness for New Sensations to be encoded in the MPEG-2 codec for this standard definition release. My copy was an early screener and had a company watermark on the lower right hand corner so suffice it to say that I doubt this was the final product, the levels of pattern noise (moiré) in some scenes the only real distracting point outside of some artistic effects used on a few scenes. The fleshtones were accurate and the composition of the scenes was well handled, producer/writer/cameraman Nic Andrews showing he still had the touch when it came to making quality features. The video bitrate was often in the mid 6.4 Mbps area when I spot checked it but this might change on the formal/commercial release (hopefully losing the company watermark). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but again, this was a burnt copy so your mileage may vary when the finalized release comes out next week. That said, the music was a few notches above what I expected and there was some separation between the channels, the audio effects less pronounced than the visuals but nicely done all the same.

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Body of Review: Andre Madness is a director most recently known for his extensive directed works at Adam & Eve, generally involving youthful ladies having vignette sex or otherwise themed shows rather than features. His biggest movie of the year will undoubtedly be by New Sensations though, an interesting little feature called Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare. The movie is light on plot an heavy on tribute to those serving in the armed forces, showing five scenes of couples related to their military service as lightly tied together by a storyline centering on a squad of Marines on a failed rescue mission in the Middle East. The back cover said it like this: "During the war, a U.S. Marine squad is dispatched into hostile territory to rescue the survivors of a helicopter crash. This is the story of the men and women who bravely fight for our freedom and the loved ones they leave behind. No greater sacrifice can be given than to lay down your life for another. Writer/Producer Nic Andrews and Director Andre Madness bring you an exhilarating action movie jam packed with pulse-pounding action, intense sex scenes and heartfelt drama. To all our Military, Thank you for your courage and your sacrifice. Come home safe. Someone who loves you is waiting." With an all star cast and just enough story to make it interesting, I was curious as to how this one would come out given the quality of production Andrews used to come up with when he was actively making fuck flicks. Here's a quick glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Cassandra Cruz, an attractive brunette stuck on patrol with her squad, was up first as she took a break to piss, finding some handy water to wash with. The music was on the heavy handed side this time but her firm young figure looked tasty, leading to a fantasy flashback of her with Anthony Rosano in bed at night. Her lingerie enhanced her look and he gave her a lot of pleasure orally before she aggressively slobbed his knob, working her mouth on his rod really heatedly (with a lot of ball play to make it better). The visual appeal of the manner in which it was shot mixed a very light bit of style with a straightforward gonzo approach, making it suitable for couples but still strokable enough for a jaded old porn hound like me. Granted, her character was a Marine and my experience with them is limited but I know enough that she could have shown a harder edge in the sexual portion of the fantasy, not to mention how dry she was compared to Anthony (who was literally pouring off tons of sweat while he sucked her toes and pounded her pussy). In all though, it set the sexual tone of the movie fairly well, ending with a tiny nut of genetic juice to her abdomen before the story resumed.

Scene Two: Marie McCray, a cute redhead with shoulder length hair flowing down her back, was up next in an auto repair setting with Seth Dickens (one of the few involved with the movie that actually has some military experience). He towered over her and after a frisky kiss, they went inside where he peeled her clothing off her frame, her skimpy panties tossed aside as he gave her some loving. She was lily white and he had a tan, her perfect pussy responding well to his oral advances. In turn, she gave him a hummer showing a relatively light amount of experience, her mouth concentrating on the head while her hand pumped his shaft a bunch. The modest cock was plenty for her to handle too but she wanted it inside her biscuit, her best riding done as she rode the dick from positions where she was on top of him. As Seth pounded deep inside of her, he released his seed in the form of a vaginal creampie, the editing preventing me from stating it was a true internal pop but it looked that way.

Scene Three: Samantha Ryan, a lean gal associated with a former boyfriend weirdo, was up next as the gal pal of Tyler Knight, sending him a satellite show of her getting off with another women, in this case hotty Celeste Star, since it "wasn't cheating" by their rules. This was perhaps the tenderest of the scenes in the movie, the two ladies kissing and caressing on a small bed while they removed their lingerie. There was a lot of rug munching and titty play but some of you might enjoy the toy play even more though that was where it kind of lost me (it devolved into standard porn style lipstick lesbian action). Still, both ladies were physically attractive and mechanically capable of getting each other off, the haunting glow of the "look" nicely played out (and the humor of the way Tyler looked was classic!).

Scene Four: Sadie West, a foxy brunette that reminded me of a combination of Lucy Lawless (Xena) and a young Lanny Barby, was up next as she walked up on aged Jack Lawrence while he worked on his sport car in his home garage. They were on each other within moments, Jack going down on her with his finger in her snatch while she bucked her hips in a positive manner to show she liked it. The music was not the best this time, too up tempo for the dynamic and better suited for the company compilations, but her moans could still be clearly heard as she pivoted her body to get more from his talented tongue. In return, Sadie proved to be no stranger to having a cock buried deep inside her mouth as she inhaled the rod deeply, toying with his shaft at times to she gave him some mighty messy head and ball licking. They vaginally fucked in a few positions, Sadie actively milking him dry as a result, with a large wad of population pudding ending up on her back.

Scene Five: Ashlynn Brooke, the cute contract gal featured on the top of the cover, was up last as she showed the most chemistry of anyone in the movie during her scene with real life lover Tommy Gunn. Their reunion after the rescue mission turned sour was such that it was designed to pull the heart strings of those with any left, showing more urgency than any of the previous scenes in how they went at one another. The music was again a curious choice, not a bad one but unexpected to say the least (mandolin strings?!?), yet the couple on the bed showed some attentive nods to each other, from the oral to the light kisses on her feet to the manner in which he tasted her breasts. Tommy didn't wait for a blowjob to start hammering away at her cookie, banging her receptive body as she spread herself for greater access. Ashlynn did eventually swallow his sword though, not spending much time doing so before they began kissing again and she began actively rocking on his meat. The scene ended with him pulling out to bust a nut on her lower abdomen, some warm words used between them to go to the credits.

Summary: Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare by director Andre Madness for New Sensations was a lot of fun in how it balanced feature elements with sex scenes, probably better than Andrews used to do when he was at a rival company years ago. While this was merely a check disc screener without any extras, fancy packaging, or other finalized aspects, it struck me as worth being Recommended for all it had to offer any fans of the cast. In short, Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare was several steps ahead of the original release from years ago, each of the cast seemingly in tune with what the producer and director were shooting for. It may not have cost a lot of money to make but unless you're fixated on buccaneers or magical nods to old television shows, you will like this one a whole lot more than most of what is released these days as "features".

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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