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Wrestling Live 25

Studio: Athletic Model Guild » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/24/08

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Year of Production: 1986

Directed By: Bob Mizer

The Movie:

A collection of eighteen naked softcore wrestling matches featuring some rough 'n tumble street hustler type dudes.


Stavlos Aeokomar, Chris Keller, Ernie Banks, Gregory Piesse, Marc Preston, Sean Nelson, Bill Jason, Max Irish, Tommy Meyer, Jim Pierson, Rubin Gallego, Blaine Sheffield, Rick Vascot, Brian Diaz, Cowboy Roy Ward, Steven LeRoy, Brad Hanes, Sinbad O'Conner, Marc James, Dennis Zubek, Jonathan Murray, and Darrin Turner.

The Dudes:

Wrestling Live #25 offers the viewer 22 cool dudes with a large mix of short and medium length haircuts; dark, light brown, and blond hair colors; muscular, toned, and slender body types; full dark and brown pubes; cut and uncut cocks.

Run Time: 2 Hours


By the mid 1980s, the notorious Bob Mizer was still directing beefcake movies and had switched from 16MM to Betamax video. Each of the eighteen separate wrestling matches is basically the same with two naked dudes introducing themselves and then flinging each other around on a gym mat. When the match is over, the guys pose 'n flex for the camera. These are very low budget productions with a stationary camera operated by Mr. Mizer containing few rough camera moves and absolutely no close-ups.

In fact, Mr. Mizer actually reaches in front of the camera numerous times for one reason or another. The cheap backdrop changes from time to time from a cheesy desert scene complete with broken down wagon wheel prop to city scenes with an old wooden bench and snowcapped mountains.  Each scene contains full nudity and the viewer will be able to see plenty of hairy balls, butt cracks, and gooches...just no close-ups of 'em.

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While the sight of two naked guys rolling around on each other is erotic, I find the interaction between the dudes along with their various macho stances much more interesting. While watching the movie, I was wondering, who are these rough 'n tumble dudes? What are their stories? Are they male hustlers that needed some extra cash? Since the movie is soft core, there is no actual sex. However, a number of the dudes do sport boners and can be seen stroking them just a little.


Stavlos Aeokomar:  the very boisterous but friendly twenty-one year old from Albuquerque New Mexico who takes one look at his opponent and states, "I'm here to wrestle this fool but I don't even know who he is....but he's still a meathead!"  He also threatens, "I'll just cut one!" to which Bob Mizer laughs and exclaims, "Don't you dare!" Stavlos has short dark hair, a toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, and a cut cock.

Gregory Piesse: a good-looking twenty-three year guy with dark curly shoulder length hair, toned/smooth body, full dark bush, tattoos, and large cut cock. When the other dude claims "I'm gonna show this poor boy what it's all about", Gregory replies with a quick 'n playful, "I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Sean Nelson: this cute dude has blond hair, toned/smooth body, tattoos, dark pubes, and a clipped dick. Sean looks the wrong way at the camera and tells the viewer, "Hi folks! Sean Austin here today. I'm still from Southern California, twenty years old, and I'm here to wrestle this gentleman."

Ernie Banks: a cute twenty-year old dude who lives in California by way of Illinois, Florida, Michigan, and St. Louis Missouri. He has curly dark hair, a toned/smooth body, full dark bush, cut dick, and an odd sounding loud laugh. At one point, Ernie does an idiotic impersonation of an Asian person while saying goodbye: "Ah so. Ah so. As so." Obviously, Ernie ain't the brightest bulb around.

Cowboy Roy Ward: this good-looking twenty-two year old has short dark hair, a toned/smooth body, full bush, and a hard cut prick that he strokes once in a while during the wrestling match. "You've seen me wrassle one dude and now I'm going to wrassle him!"

Sinbad O'Conner: a good-looking guy who has short black hair, toned/hairy body, dark pubes, and a stiff clipped tool. "I'm your favorite champion!" Actually, Sinbad is my overall favorite dude in the movie.

Darrin Turner: this very appealing guy is from Detroit with short dark hair, muscular/smooth body, full bush, and weighs a hunky 230 pounds. Dude is hot and throws his opponent around like a rag doll.


As mentioned, the movie was shot in 1986 with a Betamax video recorder. The picture quality is grainy, the lighting is harsh, and the camera is strictly stationary. The entire look reminds me of a cheap local access television show with cheesy graphics.


The audio is sounds like a tin can and at times it's hard to understand what the guys are saying as they introduce themselves.


This is where the disc really piqued my interest. Besides the standard interactive menu and scene selections, there are a number of excellent still galleries of high quality color photographs from each wrestling match of each dude and some nice close-ups of their cocks and hairy bungholes that runs ten minutes. Also included are a model list that has one photograph of each dude and a list of all the wrestling videos they have appeared in, a bonus slideshow of Stavlos Aekomas, Brian Diaz, and Sinbad O'Connor that run two minutes and eight seconds each. Overall, a very nice collection of photographs that enticed me to up the overall score of the movie.


Bob Mizer's collection of eighteen nude wrestling matches is marred by lazy stationary camera work, no close-ups, harsh lighting, grainy picture quality, and an overall cheap production. On the plus side, the dudes are all very interesting to listen to and watch with a variety of accents (many of them Southern) and appealing bodies with full dark pubes. The real winner here are the bonus galleries of clean 'n crisp color photographs of each dude.  Rent It.

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