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Rags To Riches

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 9/27/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: June 1993

Director: Chi Chi Larue

Cast: Hank Hightower, Josh Ryder, Scott Baldwin, Scott Hardman, Trent Reed, Tyler Scott, York Powers, Zak Spears

Body Types: Muscular, toned, hairy, ages 20-30

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: Mouthful of cum

Plot: A homeless man's true 'talents' are revealed in this story of his rise to fame.

The Movie:

At home in the burbs, Tom (Tyler) disposes a box of pizza in the trash can outside. When he goes inside, a homeless guy (Trent, pictured on DVD cover) covered in dirt and wearing jeans and a tattered robe goes through the trash. Tom comes out and sees him rummaging through the trash. Angered at first, Tom invites him back inside for a decent meal after hearing he hasn't eaten in days. Tom's housemate, Felix (Scott Hardman), barges in and when he sees the homeless guy, he takes Tom into the other room to talk to him. Felix is worried that the homeless guy could be dangerous or a robber so he convinces Tom to do something about it. From the living room, they hear the sound of a piano being played and they follow it and watch as Trent plays a soothing melody.

Scott Hardman, Trent: The music from the piano sends Felix (Scott) into a daydream. In the dream, he and Trent are in the yard and Trent is cleaned up and his muscles all oiled up. Scott is sucking his big fat weiner. The music continues to play and Trent sucks on Scott's equally thick cock. Towering above Scott, Trent uses his big dick to smack Scott in the face. Then he bends him over and fucks Scott in the ass. He pulls his hair back and pounds him hard in the ass. Trent crouches on some steps and Scott tastes his delicious asshole. I love the look on Trent's face when he cums. It looks like he really needed to cum badly. Both guys have very hot bodies and good chemistry. When Philip finally comes back to earth, he tells Tom that the homeless man can stay.

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Tyler, Josh: In the bedroom, Tom (Tyler) tells his younger friend, Josh, about his gifted pianist.  Later, Tom offers to give Josh a sneak peak at Trent who is taking a shower. Josh stares at Trent washing his ass and big dick. Tyler, who is standing next to Josh, grabs and feels Josh's ass. Horned up from watching Trent naked in the shower, Josh gives Tyler's thick veiny dick a thorough blow job that sends him over the edge. The thick cum shoots down Josh's chest and mouth. He gets some cum in his mouth and dripping off his chin as well. Very hot load! They lie on the floor and Josh jerks off.

Scott Baldwin, Josh: Josh is sitting on the couch with a buddy Jason (Scott) and talking about the talented Trent Reed and his big cock. Jason offers his own cock to Josh. Josh's lips travel from Scott's mouth down to his smooth chest and eventually to the boy's dick. Next, Scott sucks Josh's throbbing dick which looks twice the size it looked in the previous scene. His nuts are huge and mouth-watering too. Standing on the couch, Scott gives up his ass to Josh who eagerly rims it. Then bending over, Josh is boned in the ass. Finally they both cum by jacking off with Josh getting a facial.

In hopes of obtaining a finder's fee, Jason (Scott) calls a buddy (York) about Trent. York and his colleague Scott are interested in signing Trent and know they have to do it before Tom can sign him.

York, Hank:  York hangs up the phone and attends to one rough fuck (Hank) who is napping by the pool in just his dirty jock strap. They get down to some dirty business. York is extremely ripped and carries a super-sized dick. Hank is a beefy fuck with a mustache, nasty mind and even nastier mouth. Hank feels Yorks asshole through his underwear and then tears a hole in them with his finger. Hank frenches York and fucks him with his middle finger while York is jerking himself. Lifting York off his back, Hank shoves his finger in further and sucks his cock. The time comes for Hank to add an extra finger into York's hot hole. York continues to jerk off his extra large dick and suck on Hank's dick. The fucking scene is a scorcher with Hank topping York, getting very verbal, and kissing passionately. They cum, dive into the pool and kiss.

Trent, Zak: Scott (Zak) surprises Trent who is playing the piano. Claiming to work for Tom, Scott wants Trent to sign a contract he's brought over. Since Trent is hesitant to sign in Tom's absence, Scott uses a little persuasion on him. A kiss at the piano takes them to the couch where they continue to kiss. Zak blows Trent and licks his pit. Next, they're seen outside. In the yard, Trent pulls on Zak's big nuts and sucks his thick dick down to the base. When they kiss, Trent rolls his eyes toward the back of his head. Trent spreads his legs apart and Zak eats his ass. Zak wants it doggy-style when he orders Trent to " Fuck me, baby! Fuck me..." As he's getting fucked, Zak cums all over the screen. Zak needs cum on his face so Trent shoots a big load on him.

Tom and Felix return to the house and catch Trent and Scott kissing in the living room. Scott brags about beating Tom to the punch in signing him and leaves. Tom feels betrayed. Reading the contract on the way out, Scott is shocked when Trent signed the contract "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!"




Video & Sound:

Audio is average.  Video is soft, a little dark, and grainy.


Only 2: Pop shot on demand and Chi Chi's Wrap It Up short that stresses condom use.

Final Thoughts:

Trent Reed was a star -- he's big, muscular, good-looking and has a really big dick. His scenes alone are worth the price of this DVD. Zak Spears is another big porn star for many of the same reasons and as an added plus, he's hairy. And to have them in a scene together is just icing on the cake. Also, Hightower was a proven sex pig. All three men plus York Powers and Scott Hardman add up to 70 minutes of very hard-on inducing eye candy.

Had the picture been sharper, we'd have a better view of the cum scenes. The ones with Trent in particular are often shot too far which doesn't help matters. I'd also prefer more natural sex sounds to the louder soundtrack.

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