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Hello Nurse

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 10/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

It's easy to call "Hello Nurse" a fantasy, but if you've spent your life in and out of hospitals as I have, you'll know that it's just not true. "Hello Nurse" may not be the most realistic porno I've ever seen in regards to hot nurses, but them there hot nurses are out there and they are mainly single women or Milf's. Trust me, fifteen years of experience has taught me that. Okay, so they don't all want to fuck you, and they're professional working independent women, but I'd rather be treated by the nurses here than the ones at my local hospital who are competent and trained. Screw good health.

Hello Nurse Ava Rose
Marco Banderas is moaning and groaning in bed clutching his stomach when Nurse Ava (I wish I had a nurse like her!) is so kind that she begins to check his pulse and feel his heat. He's groaning complaining about heat and she promises he'll be better wiping his forehead and checking his heart rate until she volunteers to feel where it hurts and he groans when she grabs ahold of his cock. She finds the source of his problem and is more than happy to oblige his pain rubbing where it hurts as he gazes in surprise, donning a shit eating grin the whole time. Taking his pulse on his cock through her stethoscope, she jerks him off for a while, and bends down to suck him off, lapping at his shaft and sucking him deep. Next, she spreads wide crawling over his body and sucks him off as he's given a view of her cooch and eats out her asshole. Turning after sucking him off a bit, she rides him backward cowgirl, pounding him fast and hard and after some more slamming, leands down to suck him off. Luckily he's naked, and he stands to pound her ass fast and rough, and she sucks his cock pinning him down on the bed to ride him cowgirl working her ass down on his dick.  After spreading her wide to fuck her some more, she leans down to suck him off and takes his shots to her face finishing him off.

Hello Nurse Annette Schwarz

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Presumably the only segment that involves a hospital is Ava Roses because Schwarz's take on the nurse is a lot more fantastical as we see Derrick Pierce down on his luck and lying in a gutter next to pictures of a hot nurse. Entitled "Angel of Mercy," this segment ponders on the notion that angels of mercy may not help out the homeless with food, water, or shelter, but with an all around good fucking! That's an angel, alright. Granting him some visions, Annette appears in LSD camera cuts and a set of wings and the two make out as soon as Derrick realizes what she is. This is when the director decides to be artsy fartsy and apply some mysticism that's wholly unneeded. I'm still not sure what the point of this one is nor can I really figure out why he uses a fast forward motion in some scenes, and the blinding white set piece, but just the same, the two go at it making out and Annette takes kisses to the tits as she bends down to suck on Derrick, who doesn't smell and isn't stained, considering he's homeless and probably drunk. Handjobs and cock sucks later, Annette continues her godly gift of mercy with her gorgeous wings on (I'm getting turned on by wings?), and Derrick takes the chance to bend her over on a heavenly bean bag to fuck the heavenly shit out of her ass as she screams out. After some more drilling, he smacks his cock against her pussy and fucks her raw as she cries out and takes it deep. She sits up again to take his cock in her mouth and jerk him off, and he provides two pearl necklaces for the gorgeous angel. I guess all the homeless need is a good fucking to get by.

Hello Nurse Lexi Belle
Entitled "House Call" Lexi Belle goes over to Alex Gonz's house for a medical call that requires she carry a toy medical kit and pokadot high heels, but I don't ask questions, just observations. Lexi is good looking, but sadly she can't deliver a line to save her life, often giggling and mumbling through the set up and destroying any sex appeal she has. This is quickly forgotten as she strips down to a red bra and undresses for Alex who fondles her a bit before he clutches her tits from behind bringing down her lingerie. After fingering her a bit, he bends her down to suck on her ass as she groans and giggles taking a tongue lashing in her hole, and she reciprocates sucking his cock as he stands over her presenting some pre-cum. She fingers herself while sucking him off and getting face fucked, and he bends her over to fuck her hard dominating her from behind. He fucked her with one leg up and then lies back to take her cowgirl along the patio furniture as she squeals and squeaks through the pounding. They inevitably get caught up in a 69 with Lex sucking him deep  as he eats her pussy out, and she sucks him off before he mounts her with both legs spread out and pounds her with all his might as she squeals "Oh Freak!" crying at how deep he's going. After things intensify, he finally cums in her mouth.

Hello Nurse Alexis
Entitled "Extracting a Sample," the lovely Alexis Love is about to take a sample from Chris Cannon who is most worried about the giant needling Alexis is holding and hording around with assorted giggles. Alexis Love is absolutely lovely (pun not intended) and she approaches the inept patient by using his cock as a hostage holding the needling near his piece while jerking him off. Would you argue with a hot nurse holding a needle against your cock? Love is probably my favorite of the grouping because she looks like someone from where I live. Oddly enough she puts down the needle and decides she'll take the sample herself, jerking him off as he sits there groaning and moaning. After helping him to get adjusted to taking a sperm sample, she fondles herself to get him in the mood. There's a woman who loves her job. She shows off her tits, puckers her lips and even sucks his cock, playing with it and twiddling her tongue around the base shoving it deep in to her mouth. She finally undresses to reveal her absolutely incredible ass, and Cannon bends down to eat out her hole as she watches with gasps. He then wastes no time and begins fucking her from behind taking his sweet time pumping it in and out slowly and then hitting her hard. After some more fucking, she straddles him and rides him backward cowgirl taking the pounding from below, groaning and screaming as she gazes in to the camera. You have to love the cock farts when a woman slowly descends on a shaft. After some more pounding and riding, Alexis spits out the sample she took from Chris's cock and leaves him to get dressed. Uh... I think I need to donate a sample too...

Hello Nurse Ava Rose & Kelly Kline
Ava's back, yay! And she's bringing along a friend for the ride, Ms. Kelly Kline, hooray! Entitled "Nurse Aid" I like to add my story to this segment. You see after treating Marco Banderas Nurse Ava was fired for sexual harassment and lewd conduct and because of her looks had no trouble settling and eventually took to being a private dancer. Here she and Kelly Kline dance for Chris Cannon who sits watching as they straddle the pole and undress one another feeling on each other's asses and enticing some light petting. Soon the dancing intensifies as they rub on each other's naked bodies, and Kelly eventually drifts over to Chris rubbing his cock and bulge. He is not amused. She straddles him and rubs on his lap. He is not amused. He must be gay. Eventually he completely ignores Kelly and slides over to Ava to engage in some make out session while Kelly sits with a slump rubbing her clit the whole time at the display. After feasting on her tits for a while, Ava kneels down to suck on his cock, and gets a right face fucking and is soon fucked raw on the stage as Chris spreads her wide and guides his cock with her leg along his shoulder. The session heats up as they take to the fucking passionately, and Ava raises her long leg along the stage to take the pounding while Kelly intensely fingers herself. Eventually things die down as she sucks him off and they get in to a make out session as Chris grabs ahold of her pussy and intensely fingers her in to a complete orgasm while Kelly pulses and cums simultaneously. She's not done as Kelly fingers her own butt hole and Ava rides Chris backward cowgirl taking a deep thrusting from below, groaning and straddling the pole finally taking shots to her chest and face as Kelly reaches a second climax.

The audio is very good with even the most incoherent words coming in loud and clear. Lexi Belle mumbled her way through her segment and I understood everything she said. Even the "Oh Freak!" she kept muttering was filled with great clarity. The picture is great with often the colors feeling much too bright, but that caveat is quickly adaptable if you're willing to ignore it.

We're given a seventeen minute bonus sex scene to a nurse scenario in Headmaster Vol. 1 that's a little too artsy fartsy for my taste, but has some great girl on girl. We also have a thirty minute "Behind the Scenes" special with the director strolling around the set and presumably bothering the performers (?). There is Alexis Love who seems pretty annoyed by the camera at times, and Chris Canon is also pretty put out but gets in to the interviews after a while. Ava Rose is too beautiful to be smoking; she looks like she stepped out of the thirties. And finally we get an eight minute photo gallery with some damn good stills of the performers.

After Thought:
The extras are very good with a great seventeen minute bonus scene that's a little too art house for me, but fun nonetheless while there's also a thirty minute glimpse on the set on what the director insists is one of the hottest days of the year; it tops off a pretty damn good porno that takes that classic nurse fetish and makes it pop. Ava Rose is absolutely beautiful in it, and she's a plus in any porno. And yes, there are nurses as hot as she is.

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