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Bella Loves Jenna

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/30/08

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The Title Menu (all pictures from the SD version)

Bella Loves Jenna Blu-ray

Vivid/Club Jenna

Jenna Jameson and Belladonna

Genre: Vignette

Director: Justin Sterling (with "help" from Jenna Jameson)

Monica Sweetheart and Anthony Hardwood

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Belladonna, Monica Sweetheart, Anthony Hardwood, Justin Sterling, Dirty Harry, Nacho Vidal, Natalia Wood, Mya, TT Boy
Non-sex roles by: Randy Spears, Veronica Hart, Julie Taylor, Frank Buckwyrd, Burke Morgan, Lee Garland, Jason Crown, Jim Enright, Chris Powles

Jenna Jameson and Justin Sterling

Length: 89:14 minutes

Date of Production: 4/23/2003 (box), 4/1/2003 (credits)

Belladonna and Nacho Vidal

Extra's: The best extra for me would have been the the director's commentary from the standard version of the movie but it was gone. Both Jenna and Justin goofed around and helped explain what they were shooting for in the movie, along with plenty of anecdotes from when they were still together and happy. There was still five minutes of bloopers and deleted scenes, a fetish menu, a 5:42 minute long featurette "Meet Harry" (one of the wacko non-sex characters of the show), a photogallery, and 10:39 minutes of newer trailers.
Note: A behind the scenes extra is available only by joining Jenna's website, not on the DVD itself.

Jenna Jameson

Condoms: None

Natalia Wood, Mya, and TT Boy

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Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio widescreen, not the usual full frame most porn was made with when this was shot so many years ago. Before I get too far with my description of the picture, it should be noted that the director used a lot of visual effects, something a lot of people like me don't care for in their porn. Okay, now that's out of the way, there was a lot of grain in the darker scenes as well as video noise. Some of it was intentional, just as some of the reddish tint to the screen was intentional but that doesn't mean it looked good. Other than that, it looked pretty interesting with no noticed compression artifacts though the 1080i and likelihood that it was merely converted from full frame as shot to a modified widescreen lingers in my mind as much as the wealth of cuts.  In terms of the video bitrate, the VC-1 encoded movie in Blu-ray wasn't the worst I have seen, the bitrate bouncing all over the place between the realm of standard definition to as high as 37 Mbps+ with much of it hovering around the 21.1 Mbps mark. The audio was presented with a 2.0 Dolby Digital English, the audio bitrate at 192 Kbps and the sampling rate at 48 kHz, with no separation and limited dynamic range to speak of. There really wasn't a lot of separation between the channels in either track, most of the sound coming squarely from the center speaker on each track. The audio effects were not as overused as the visual ones were so that was a small blessing.Keep in mind that the abundance of special audio effects weakened the show a lot for me.  In general then, this version showed a lot of the effects removed or cut away, the levels of grain increased at times to make it a substantially different movie (why couldn't both versions be included though?).

Body of Review: In the wonderful world of porn, there are few true forces of nature like the famous Jenna Jameson and the infamous Belladonna. Jenna has been the top performer in terms of sales and crossover potential for years and Bella has captured the crotches, if not hearts, of porn watchers for years because of her willingness to discard limits in favor of what feels good to her. It should come as no surprise then that these two Titans of porn should make a movie together, and that's just what Bella Loves Jenna Blu-ray is all about. The movie is a twisted piece of art from the inner mind of director Justin Sterling, Jenna's current husband. In the movie, the specifics are subject to interpretation but revolve around a gal, played by Jenna, who seems to be on death row. In a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards, we see her sexual depravity expanded like never before, silencing some of her lowly critics that fuss about how mainstream she has become. Without giving away any of the plot points, suffice it to say that this is Jenna like you've never seen her before. If that interests you, read the following breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Jenna Jameson, once the hottest thing this side of the sun, and Belladonna, the nastiest female performer in porn today, finally meet up for a scene. They were in a dark room on a table, doing one another orally and fingering one another, with Belladonna going totally crazy. For all the artistic effects Justin used here, the two seemed to have a "balls to the wall" time with one another. The gals got down and dirty, something most fans, myself included, don't expect of Jenna. Aside from the rimming action, Jenna had four fingers inside Bella at one point, making me wonder if there was a European cut floating around.

Scene Two: Monica, "one of the most beautiful girls in adult" (per Jenna Jameson herself), had a scene with Anthony in another wacky scene where Jenna was more of an onlooker (masturbating a bit but nothing more), wearing a fetish nurse outfit. There was a lot of oral and he fingered her a bit before she blew him with a lot of energy. Jenna did finger her ass while Monica inhaled Anthony's penis but she didn't seem to mind. Monica and Anthony screwed in several positions, even anal, before the facial.

Scene Three: Jenna, looking refreshed, masturbated over the supposedly dead body of a man played by Justin. After she did this for a while, she actually revived him (which would probably happen in real life) and he eats her out while she blows him. Mind you, he didn't do much in that sense, but she did give him a swell blowjob with lots of heat. The couple boned in a few positions and he rubbed out a load onto her lovely face.

Scene Four: Belladonna, ready for some meat this time, took on her on again, off again, boyfriend of the time, Nacho. One of the things long-time fans of Belladonna will note is that she always gave her absolute best performances with this guy, and even if he treated her like crap in real life, she kept going back for a reason. You know he's going to gag her with his penis, and he did so roughly, and you know he's going to hammer her ass like he'll win a prize for tearing her up, which he did, but even knowing exactly what he'll do, you can't look away. It was very edgy and from the initial ass grabbing and spanking to the final drop of splooge, this was a hot scene.

Scene Five: Jenna had another solo scene, this time in a large room with Harry jerking off by a piano as he watched her. This was short and while I could spend the whole movie watching her diddle herself, I'd rather the guy wasn't so obviously in the scene (ewww).

Scene Six: Natalia, a cute gal with nice breasts, and Mya, a light skinned Black gal, were both dressed up like French maids and took on TT. He wasn't as abusive as usual, seemingly happy to slap the gals a bit and tear into their pussies with abandon, and the sex included a number of wacky positions that must've been tough to handle for all involved. It had oral and straight only, ending with a large pop shot to their faces.

Summary: Bella Loves Jenna was a porno I relaly liked years ago when it came out but this high definition version excised so much of the original material, including the audio commentary I liked so much (and about 25 minutes of footage) that I felt hard pressed to appreciate it as I did the original so I rated it as a Rent It.  This was still the curvy Jenna that I appreciated for so many years and I'm sure the footage removed was mainly the twisted non-sex stuff from what I saw when I watched it, but even the upgraded widescreen (which looked like it merely expanded the full frame footage shot for the movie and artifically made it widescreen) image seemed off to me.  

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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