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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Belladonna's Evil Pink Ass Tickler - Bumpy

Belladonna's Evil Pink Ass Tickler - Bumpy

Studio: Doc Johnson » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 10/13/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

At the still young age of 27, Mississippi-born Michelle Anne Sinclair, aka Belladonna, is nothing short of a supersized sex mogul. She's a certified porn legend with a huge fanbase - male and female - supporting her massive catalog of hardcore histrionics. Specializing in anal, and anything that can be crammed up or manipulated into her sexy poop chute, she has turned the once taboo act into a commercial cash cow calling card. Naturally, years in the industry can take a toll on the talent, and as with many high profile adult stars, the spunky little actress has moved behind the camera. She now owns and operates Belladonna Entertainment with her partner and husband, Aiden Kelly, yet as with all self-imposed retirements (she walked away last year, concerned over the spreading of STDs and herpes) however, she is currently back before the lens, letting is all hang out.

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Of course, this doesn't keep the attractive superstar from continuing to branch out. In collaboration with industry toy giant Doc Johnson, Belladonna is releasing her own Evil Pink Ass Tickler (read: graduated butt plug). It actually comes in three varieties - smooth, bumpy (discussed here), and 'blaster'. The waterproof 'Sil-A-Gel" product, advertised as containing a latex/cadmuium free, anti-bacterial non toxic formula, is a little under 4&1/2" in length. It's four tiered design, resembling a featureless snowman on a oval pink stand, offers two nodules of over 1" in width, a third at nearly 1&1/2"with the final base element measuring closer to 3". There is no place for a vibrator attachment or pocket rocket. There is a gel insert which is not removable (this critic wasn't sure if it was even engineered to be taken out) and the overall feel of the item is soft yet stiff.

The first thing you notice about the Evil Pink Ass Tickler is the smell - a middle school lip gloss like aroma of highly fragrant fake strawberry. It permeates every facet of the vibrator, and even after multiple uses (and washes) remains odoriferously intact. Now, if you enjoy the slightly oversweet scent of chemically created fruit, you'll adore Belladonna's Evil Pink. If you don't then you'll be smelling this item until the Rapture. Secondly, the shape is a little awkward, especially for solo use. While the base is wide enough for easy gripping, the lack of a supplemental aspect means there is very little you can do with the Ass Tickler except penetration. As far as insertion goes, the larger than usual size of the first node means that you better be practiced in the art of anal stimulation before you go shoving this toy in your tushy (or worse, letting your partner pop you one).

As butt plugs/toys go, Belladonna's Evil Pink Ass Tickler is somewhat of a disappointment. The material used becomes super-slick when lubed and because of its unusual design, partners may have a hard time finding a mutually enjoyable way of playing. Also, the lack of any outer occlusions means there is little internal stimulation. Still, if you're looking for something that doesn't scream "ass violator" and appeals to a more feminine, sensual ideal, Belladonna's Evil Pink is an above average accessory and is Recommended. The more experienced members of the readership may wonder why a woman so notorious for her over the top antics would offer up such a quasi-conservative pleasure appliance. This is the ASS we're talking about - the lady's sexual specialty. The answer is simple, of course. Just like Belladonna herself, the Evil Pink Ass Tickler series is multifaceted. She's wild when she needs to be, and tender when (and where) it counts. Naturally her toys follow suit.

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