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Last Rose, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 10/19/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Director: David Stanley

Writer: David Stanley

Camera: Michael Raven

BTS: Jax

Length: 1 hrs. 46 mins.

Release Date: 9/5/2008

Production Year: 03/18/2008

Category: Feature

Genre:  Erotic Drama

Condoms: Yes


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Note: There is choking involved in the final scene with Sasha Grey and Randy  Spears for the  squeamish and the easily offended.

Performers:  Barrett Blade, Dana De Armond, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Jandi Lin, Kelly Skyline, Kimberly Kane, Randy Spears, Ryder Skye, Sasha Grey, Stephanie Swift.

Non- Sex Role: Nina Hartley, Freddie Lincoln

Randy Spears & Nina  Hartley

Freddie Lincoln

Wicked Teaser: Two strangers meet. Their eyes lock, tension builds, passion erupts. The two embark on a silent journey overflowing with obsession, sex, lies, and secrets. Award winning director David Stanley reveals the separate lives of two people forever changed by a chance meeting. Their torrid affair brings them face to face with conflict and pain as they navigate through past and present events. Can they return to their lives or will they continue to share the Last Rose of lust...

The Note

The Movie: Director David Stanley takes you down a long and twisted plot that has you wondering who the main character is and the demons they are facing. What brought them to this stage in life where all they see is deceit, personal conflict and the inability to trust or love again? The Last Rose is a story of survival and true love. This tale quickly becomes a stunning story of how true love prevails--beyond tragedy, beyond death; beyond everything you ever thought you knew about life.

Stephanie Swift

The DVD:

Audio/Video:The Last Rose is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen colors, shot and mastered in HD, directed by David Stanley, and distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture was very clear and crisp with very little distortion with the flesh tones being almost near to perfect. The audio was presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English and in Spanish 2.0 which  didn't  test my  speakers nor did it  come off as  too loud making it easy to listen  too. The ominous dark background music helped set the mood and tone throughout the entire movie.

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Behind the Scenes, Bonus Scene, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel,Int. Tel. Sex,DVD-ROM Compatible, Spanish  Audio, Wicked Web, Motion Menus, Company  Profile, Wicked Awards Winners  &  Nominations.

The Extras:

Previews:Seven Deadly Sins, Two - reviewed by Disco Dirge

TrailersPublic Service, Double Exposure, Once Upon A Crime, Rise, and Carmen Goes South, Candelabra.

Bonus Scene: One Wild and Crazy Night w/ Sasha Grey, Lindsey Meadows, and Hershel Savage:

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The scene opens with Hershel and the ladies taking turns sucking his cock. Sasha straddles his chest in the 69 position while Lindsey tongues her ass. The ladies trade off a few times in sucking him off adding some kissing to the mix. Hershel does Sasha doggie while   goes muff diving on Lindsey. The switch up with Lindsey riding him CG and getting her ass spanked nice and red from Sasha. Sasha then pushes off Lindsey rides him a bit before he gives both the ladies a facial.

BTS: Based on an erotic film from the late 70's, David Stanley explains the pretext and the mood behind "The Last Rose". He goes on to say that it was his first time working with Sasha Grey.There are some antics on the set  for instance  Michael Raven  giving David a hard  time about all the  coffee  he  drinks. Sasha Grey adds her voice to the mix about the wig she had to wear and how itchy it was. She goes on to say that she enjoyed all the dialogue she had.

Scene 1: Sasha Grey & Randy Spears:

Sasha going to check out a loft for rent and has a few words with Randy who she thinks is the realtor. She walks around at first inspecting the place. Randy and Sasha embrace and he reaches down her pants bringing her to an orgasm and then walks away... Note that no penetration was shown. Back at her place, she comes in with a handful of groceries and shares an intimate kiss with a very pregnant Ryder Skye.

Scene 2: Sasha Grey & Randy Spears:

While at work, Sasha thought's stray back to her run in with Randy. She has gotten so aroused that she forgets that she is at work and begins to play with her clit. Next we see Randy back at the loft and rushes out after   the flashbacks he has. He runs into Sasha who is somewhat happy to see him. She grabs him up against the door demanding to be kiss then end up back upstairs in the loft. She kneels down crawling over to him undoing his pants. She gives him a hand job first then he pulls off her pants fingering her and eating her out. Randy then gives her his fingers for her to suck drenched in her juices.

Scene 3: Sasha Grey & Randy Spears:

Randy and Sasha are already fucking on the floor in front of the huge window. He hesitates to kiss her at first. He then brings her to another orgasm with his fingers. After all is said and done he walks out on Sasha. Fast forwards to Christmas Morning where Sasha and Ryder are in bed exchanging gifts. Randy thoughts have him back at the loft watching Stephanie dancing.

Flashbacks to the Past

Scene 4: Barrett Blade & Kelly Skyline:

Another flashback in time, this time going back two years on New Year's Eve celebrating  n their home with   others swingers. As the midnight hour gets closer, a tray of   different color vibrators are passed around. Randy and Stephanie break away from the party and stumble upon Blade Kelly who are in their own world. Kelly is on her knees giving Blade a blowjob, then right into reverse cowgirl, doggie ending with her getting a facial.

Scene 5: Eric Masterson & Jandi Lin & Kimberly Kane:

In another part of the house, Randy and Stephanie watching as the ladies are kissing and sharing Eric's cock between them as they take turns sucking him off. Randy and Stephanie begin to make out and feels up his wife. Kimberly seems to have a problem taking all of his cock into her mouth as she gags a few times. Jandi takes all of him into her mouth with ease as Kimberly eats her out from behind. The ladies go back and forth between Eric as he pounds into them doggie style before blowing his load onto their faces and indulgencing in cum swapping.

Scene 6: Dana DeArmond & Evan Stone & Ryder Skye & Stephanie Swift:

Here you have another scene with Randy and Stephanie watching at first. They venture off into yet another room and find Evan holding up the strings of his live marionettes Dana and Ryder. The ladies first engage in eating the other out while Evan watches. Evan grabs one of the gals for some doggie action. Ryder then sucks off Evan before he pounds into Dana from behind. Ryder and Dana share in sucking his cock with one sucking on his balls. Dana rides him reverse cowgirl for a bit while kissing Ryder. Evan dismisses them both as Stephanie joins in. Evan grabs her arms behind her as he does her doggie. After some hard pounding Evan unloads on the trio of ladies face.

Scene 7: Ryder Skye & Sasha Grey:

Back in present time, Ryder and Sasha are doing some celebrating of their own back at their place. Ryder and Sasha are in their bed making out at first doing a lot of heavy petting. Sasha removes all of her clothes and positions herself above Ryder. She then plays with her clit sucking on her pussy. Sasha straddled her face for a bit then Ryder break out a vibe to use it on Sasha.

Note: Ryder is shown pregnant here.

Scene 8: Randy Spears & Sasha Grey:

Randy and Sasha are back at the loft and are screwing. She then demands him to slow down and he stops all together. She nails him up against the wall demanding that he kiss her and he refuses at first. They lay back down on the tarp and Randy spreads her legs to go down on her then gets a hand job before putting on the condom. They start in mish over to spooning back over to mish more spooning. Randy chokes Sasha a bit and there is some PTM action with her getting deep throated taking his load into her mouth.

Final Thoughts: Living with regrets is something we all live with at one time or another. In  The  Last Rose we watch as  Teresa (Sasha Grey) and Michael( Randy Spears) cope with the  fact  of the  things that  went  wrong in their lives. I do like the way the putting on of the condom is written into the scene making it look very natural.  With the flash backs and fast forwards in time, and the short sex scenes, this  was a mix of  real life issues combined together with very  nice coupling. The  girl/ girl scene with Sasha and Ryder at first was kind of awkward being that it showed Ryder pregnant. However, if you think about it, even women who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester are sexually active. The use of classical music through out several key points gave it the right touch. The majority of the feature   adult titles deal with the women being the focus.  The  Last Rose isn't so much  about  Teresa ( Sasha Grey) but  more about Michael ( Randy Spears  coping with his  own demons and   his fear  of letting anyone  get  close to him again.While doing the review, I emailed back and forth with director David Stanley with a few questions and this is what he had to say about his film:


I find myself totally stumped here. Here I thought I understood the hidden messages and plot twists in your movies and this time I am actually stuck. Can you please unconfused me..  I'm sitting here watching "The Last Rose" and how did Michael come to meet Nina Hartley? I saw that he is her care giver but you really don't go into too much detail on how that came about. Also what is the deal with Sasha and Ryder? How did Sasha end up living with her or is it vice versa.


David's reply:

The meaning behind the film in general was to just show a world without commenting on it. These things happen. People in otherwise good relationships cheat. Sasha's not really the focus of the movie. Randy is. She has her own reasons for cheating, namely, she's reacting the way a lot of men do when they are on the verge of parenthood; they run the other way, sometimes even into someone else's arms.

Sasha and Ryder are just together as any couples are just together in a movie when you meet them. I never felt the need to explain why they were what they were, only to show them as they were.

Nina and Fred met somewhere in the past. I liked the idea of giving the bedridden woman an erotic history, if even posthumously. It felt like it gave her character more dimension.

I love TLR. In many ways, I think it's my best. It's the most quiet, the subtlest, and the most experimental. Nothing is explained. Everything is as is.

"Life goes on, until it doesn't." - Eyes Wide Shut


In closing, if you are into erotic dramas then you won't pass up this one up. Wicked and David Stanley have always kept me and others watching as they release more features with a very realistic and moving story line. The one thing that does stand out is the ringing in of the New Year with a sex party and the scene with Evan Stone with the ladies painted up as marionettes.  On a personal note.. I am going to miss David Stanley works since he is no longer with Wicked Pictures.. Good Luck David.. I'm sure you are enjoying life and relaxing!


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