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Strap Attack 9

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/21/08

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Lexi Belle and Jaelyn Fox with Vin Deacon (click for trailer)

Strap Attack 9: The Rules Have Changed

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Chayse Evans beating Christian

Genre: Female Domination (Femdom)

Director: Joey Silvera


Cast: Lexi Belle, Jaelyn Fox, Vin Deacon, Chayse Evans, Christian, Sabrina, Tony Lee, Kristine Madison, Jayden Holloway, Sindee Jennings, Aline, Savannah Gold

Length: 184:19 minutes

Kristine Madison and Jayden Holloway

Date of Production: 10/1/2008

Extras: The only extras were three trailers, a cast list, filmographies, a photogallery, a list of websites, and a cumshot recap from the scenes.

Savannah Gold, Aline, and Sindee Jennings with Christian

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Strap Attack 9 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Joey Silvera for distribution by Evil Angel in the usual standard definition MPEG-2 codec with 480i resolution. Thanks in large part to decent lighting and a relatively limited amount of moving around with the camera, there was little grain or video noise in the movie, few compression artifacts to be seen (the bitrate hovering around 2 Mbps but going even lower; explaining some of the picture problems) and even some of the fleshtones looked slightly off here. The composition of the shots was usually flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were moderately solid. Like many of the director's at Evil Angel, Joey seems to prefer concentrating on capturing the raw energy over giving the viewer Wal-Mart lighting (harsh, flat, and plentiful) most of the time but he apparently made an exception this time to give some of us what we prefer. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio (at 192 Kbps) was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.

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Body of Review: Joey Silvera makes some of the least mainstream movies these days at Evil Angel and that designation is no small matter in a day and age where so much porn looks alike. Given his quirky tastes, it comes as no small surprise that Joey delivers squirting, tranny, and interracial titles but one of his biggest hits according to those that know are his femdom releases, the latest of which is Strap Attack 9: The Rules Have Changed. The last volume in the series, Strap Attack 8, merited a fair rating and considering how weak the competition in the field has been for many years, it doesn't surprise me when I hear the series bandied about for awards in the fetish arena each year. It's not exactly my biggest series to look for when it comes out but it does serve as an interesting diversion from the gonzo craze and many of the women used are hot (even if it's always the same lame guys being used, Christian excepted). The company website said it like this: "The rules have changed... again! Joey Silvera shows us what a bunch of sexy, strap-on wearing females will do when they wield the power of the cock. A man's got no choice but bend over and take it! Kristine Madison is a powerful bodybuilder who gives effeminate boytoy Jayden Holloway the workout of his young punk life; afterward, Kristine reams his sphincter with her gloved fingers while he jacks his cock. Pretty, natural brunette Chayse Evans fucks Christian's poor ass with gusto, and Brazilian beauty Sabrina fucks Tony Lee with a dildo, fingers his asshole and sucks his rod. The two South American horndogs trade off as top and bottom in an all-fours switch-hitting session. And sweet young nymphs Lexi Belle and Jaelyn Fox kiss each other while sporting big strap-ons, then are joined by muscled stud Vin Deacon. A party ensues with lots of sucking of dicks (fake and actual) and some fierce assplay with probing fingers and strap-on dildos. Prepare yourself!". Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lexi Belle and Jaelyn Fox, a couple of attractive blonds (seen on the upper right hand corner and middle of the far left side), were up first as they spoke with the director while using industrial strength vibrators on the couch in the living room. Lexi was particularly frisky as she brandished a whip and Jaelyn loved it, both wearing strap on dildos to use on meek moper Vin Deacon. Their initial lesbian play was cute but they had more fun employing their respective mean streaks on Vin, the guy sucking cock as though extremely well versed in the action, some verbal abuse by the ladies encouraging him to deepthroat them as they called him names like "bitch boy". His hard cock proved he liked being dominated, the gals giving him some limited head and stroking his shaft a little, the gals giving him "120 seconds" worth of blowjobs until it was time for him to become their receiving end. The ladies took it easy on the fragile lad, tweaking his nipples and whipping him a little, choking him and sitting on his face before they played games where he had to guess how many fingers they were inserting. The fingers led to the strap on dildos, and they were planking his ass in no time to his delight. They even deployed a large black toy on him but always seemed happiest when pumping him personally, allowing him to suck them off in turns as the other gal would slowly penetrate his taint. Vin liked doing ATM and they offered him another 120 seconds, this time giving them his meager offering in their pussies, Jaelyn being generous in that sense (and Vin choking her as a result). The ladies finished him off after that, plunging a vibrator inside of him while he stroked out a small wad of genetic juice, tasting it for their approval.

Scene Two: Chayse Evans, the redhead featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next and with little tease, she showed how exhilarating it was to be able to push around subservient Christian on the small set. She prepared her pink flogger to leave some welts (like nobody else), taking a break to give Joey an interview where she claimed to be a former Marine. She had a stern look to her and a nice ass, her pucker a bit worn but this was her first time as a "man fucker" so she relished her role. Her domination act was a bit underwhelming but she went through the motions fairly well, choking him with her whip before slapping him around and using verbal abuse to weaken his resolve. Chayse spanked him and forced her strap on dildo deep inside his mouth, her anger growing at the fact that his skin showed marks from her beating. While Christian could have broken her into a bunch of little pieces were he not into the action, it was still amusing to see her try and use her hands to choke him unaided (she couldn't get them all the way around his neck, even breaking out laughing after it was time to "reward" him with a toy in the ass). She put on a plastic glove to finger his ass as a means of stretching him out, jerking him off with the other hand and licking him a bit on the head of his cock to spice things up. He almost came too soon so she slowed down, his rug burns showing on his thighs and his ass readily accepting the dildo as she increased the tempo. She took his ass in several positions before letting him fuck her pussy, more choking (his face turned beet red!) and even a blowjob given to him before she polished him off with another toy in his ass while he beat off to unload a small load of population pudding on his leg. They kidded around at the end with her attempts to choke him out, a dangerous practice but encouraged by Christian (and they showed some BTS material after that).

Scene Three: Sabrina, a hard looking brunette with pretty eyes and a lean but sexy body (seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover), was up next as she put on some white lingerie including a camisole, garter, and stockings to go with her stripper shoes and dominating attitude. She spoke in a foreign tongue (French?) while teasing the camera in what appeared to be a motel room setting, Joey making sure to capture a lot of ass tease before moper Tony Lee joined her. Tony supplied her with a large black cock in a harness to put on, his own erection far smaller and a ball gag in his mouth (she removed it so he could service her ass). She liked the attention and he seemed well versed in blowing her dildo while stroking his pecker, Sabrina blowing him to reciprocate before opening his ass up with a gloved finger or three. She then got into a rhythm of pumping her strap on dildo inside of him, the guy getting a chance to slowly insert his rod into her pussy too. He popped almost immediately after that into her mouth, ending a weaker scene in the series.

Scene Four: Kristine Madison, an older gal with a lot of muscles and implants far too large for her frame, was up next as she trained effeminate Jayden Holloway by the upstairs railing while the two lifted dumbbells. It was warm in the house so they removed their clothing, Kristine making it clear that she had another form of workout in mind for him as she encouraged him to service her orally. He spent plenty of time working up the nerve to go to the dildo with an attentive touch to her stomach, ass, and legs, but he was drawn to her toy as if doing "straight for pay", the scenario being that his mother was her friend so they'd keep it their little secret. He did such a fine job of blowing her that they were screwing within minutes, Jayden pushing back to meet her thrusts more readily than most in the show, certainly faster at accommodating the cock in his ass as he "took it all". His cock was the smallest of the show too and he launched his wad of spew quickly when she fingered his butt, no build up allowed this time in what came across as a quickie.

Scene Five: Sindee Jennings, Aline, Savanah Gold, and Christian, were up last as the gals showed him who was boss. While Sindee and Aline had some lesbian fun in the living room, Savanah crept up behind Christian to applaud his obedience in the kitchen while he cooked dinner. She had him pay special attention to cleaning a moderate sized cucumber and after a seductive kiss, bent him over to receive it in his well lubed ass. She used some verbal abuse and spanked him first, proving to him that his tight ass was hers for the taking as she then manipulated his prostate digitally before having him crawl into the other room to meet his other bosses for the day. He sucked their toys and took them in his ass like a seasoned champion, the slapping and verbal abuse a few notches down from his earlier scene in the show. The gals knew he enjoyed all they did too him and gave some head to the guy as well as sat on his face, the prime driver of the action being Savanah as she pushed them all on further into decadence. Sindee did some pissing (squirting...lol) and they finished him off with a hummer and short vaginal fuck as he took yet another dildo inside his worn ass. A multi-hand handjob proved to push him over the edge here, the ladies licking at his semen while Savanah praised him for being a "good boy".

Summary: Strap Attack 9 by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel had enough female domination to work for dedicated aficionados on the genre well enough but as a guy that likes all sorts of things in porn, it fell a bit short for my tastes so I rated it as a Rent It this time. I suppose seeing the same guys (especially the third and fourth tier guys supplementing scenes Christian wasn't in) try to front as part of the scenarios weakens the overall effort for me, the list of top female performers mighty short this time too. In short, Strap Attack 9: The Rules Have Changed wasn't a bad little bit of Femdom action but I've seen better from Joey and company, including better extras, so the replay value hurt the score too much to elevate the rating. Give it a look if you're into this kind of thing and you might find it to be okay, just nothing particularly special.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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