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Shay Jordan: Scream (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Guy Incognito » Review Date: 11/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Digital Playground
Director: Celeste
Length: 110

Date Of Production: 12/19/07

Cast:Audrey Bitoni, Cayton Caley, Hillary Scott and Shay Jordan

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Behind the Scenes
Slide Show
Shay Jordan's Biography
and more!

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in an anamorphic widescreen format with strong video quality. The transfer was really crisp and showed off a range that I haven't seen in awhile. The Dolby track was solid and it showed off a nice mix across the soundstage. The 1080 upgrade worked for the film's constant stock changes. Most of this is digital manipulation to play into the horror theme, but it played well. I want to say that this was shot on an AVC encode. But, I couldn't get the disc output to read quite right on my Blu-Ray player.

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The special features all appeared to be in 1080, which made me happy. The fleshtones during the Grindhouse style shots seem to be muddy. I'm not sure if that's an aesthetic choice or a tech mistake. But, that's the problem with things like this. Too many excuses can be made for poor High-Def transfers. I just wish there was more clarity.

So, it plays warm but muddy. It sounds great, but not too great. I just wish that this disc could make up its mind.

Scene 1 - Shay Jordan and Hillary Scott. Shay and Hilly start the screams off right by getting to know each other. It's a close sweet fuck that plays upon the various lesbian fantasies. That's when Marco the male performer shows up and gets his dick out. The fucking is standard, but it doesn't live up to the promise of the scene that Shay and Hillary laid out.

What works for me here is the extra detail brought on by the 1080 transfer. The film looks cleaner than digital transfer, so I want to assume it was shot on some sort of film stock. Maybe, I'm nuts. But, it looks crisper than any recent porno I've seen.

Scene 2 - Cayton Caley.

Cayton Caley tries to scare her man with a story. He doesn't give a shit, he wants pussy. Cayton runs off screen and summons an evil woman. But, that's all filler. Eventually, all the parties get together to fuck. Cayton's got a pretty pussy. That's very important when watching High-Def fucking. I've seen too many 1080 snatches that look like Jabba the Hutt's bloody nose. Let's clean it up, girls. 

Scene 3 - Audrey Bitoni.

Audrey Bitoni has tits that were made to cradle a civilization. I want to spend an entire scene watching her tits getting covered in cum. But, she does more supernatural shit here and gets her fuck on. The real standout here is Audrey's cocksuckery. She could almost pull the skin off the dick with how in detail she goes. It's pretty epic and very fun to watch.

Scene 4 - Shay Jordan.

Shay doesn't want to babysit. The Grindhouse style appears to show off that the scene is supposed to be scary. I didn't pay any attention, as Hillary Scott began to ate Shay's box. It's nice fucking, but it seems repetitive. I could watch these two girls fuck all day, but it destroys the flow of the story. We need variety.

Scene 5 - Hillary Scott

Hillary is a scared girl. She's also a dead bride. She does anal. She rides the cock like a champ. What the hell can't this girl do? Well, I found it. The anal is awesome. So is her decision to keep the bridal veil on during the fucking. What hurts the scene is how the scene kind of abruptly ends. What the fuck is wrong with that?

Scene 6 - Shay Jordan

Shay Jordan closes the film out with her sweet tits. The horror motif is a fucking joke by this point. But, that doesn't stop the two dudes from fucking ramming here. I'm starting to get a little bored by normal porn. There's no new spin on the standard pink torpedo thrust. Where are the true talents of deep dickin'? We need them.

Final Thoughts:

Digital Playground does a good job of bringing the goods to HD. It's just that I want more material than what the DVD has to offer. There's got to be an extra pull to get me to take the next-gen porn plunge.

First, Skinemax.
Then, The Internet.
Eventually, I'll fuck the chick from Tron.

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