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Return of Johnny Wadd, The

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/28/08

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The Movie:

The final Johnny Wadd film to star the late, legendary John Holmes, The Return Of Johnny Wadd is the weakest of the bunch but it's not a film without some entertainment value or historical interest. When this film was made in 1985, Holmes had been through the whole 'Wonderland Murders' ordeal and there were many who figured he'd never make a comeback. This picture, among others made around the same time, proved that his box office draw was still strong and he remains the only male porno star to ever regularly 'top bill' over his female co-stars.

The plot for this film isn't as interesting as the older Johnny Wadd pictures. Essentially, Wadd's old partner, Warren North, is murdered and so Wadd gets on the case to try and figure out who killed him and why. Along the way he stops to sample from the buffet of beauties he encounters on his investigation.

Here's a look a the bump 'n' grind quotient of the film:

Scene 1 - Lisa Melendez And Billy Dee: When this scene begins, Billy is going down on Lisa but after a few minutes they trade spaces and she gives him head. She gets on her back and he fucks her from a few different angles before pulling out and shooting his load onto her pelvis.

Scene 2 - Bunny Blue And Melissa Melendez: Bunny goes down on Melissa to get things started. Once she's warmed up she fingers her until Melissa decides to return the favor by eating Bunny's pussy and finger banging her until she climaxes.

Scene 3 - Mai Lin And John Holmes: Mai starts the scene off right by sucking as much of John's cock as she can. Once he's aroused he fingers her pussy and then he eats her out. He fucks her missionary style and doggy style and she rides him for a bit. He finishes by pulling out and blowing his load onto her stomach.

Scene 4 - Sheri St. Clair And John Holmes: This scene starts off like the last one, with Sheri sucking on John's dick. John goes down on her and then fucks her pussy from all the requisite angles before pulling out and shooting his load onto her stomach as well.

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Scene 5 - Lisa Melendez And Buck Adams: Buck's got his tongue up Lisa's twat by the time this scene starts off. Once he's done with his muff diving she sucks his dick. He turns her around and fucks her pussy missionary, doggy and cowgirl style. To finish the scene he pulls out and shoots onto her stomach.

Scene 6 - Sheri St. Clair And Nick Random: Nick warms Sheri up by fingering her for a couple of minutes. Sufficiently turned on, Sheri lets Nick eat her out before returning the oral favors. With the foreplay out of the way, it's time for Nick to fuck her doggy style. He slips a finger up her ass while he bangs her and finishes the scene by shooting on the top of her ass cheeks.

Scene 7 - Kimberly Carson And John Holmes: Last but not least, John starts off the last scene by licking Kimberly's snatch. She goes down on him for a while and then he fucks her from a few different angles. He pulls out and unloads onto her stomach to finish the scene and the movie.

The fun crime noir plots and bad martial arts/fisticuffs scenes that made Bob Chinn's original Johnny Wadd movies have been pushed aside for more sex scenes. While that's not a bad thing in a porno movie, generally speaking, it does wind up making The Return Of Johnny Wadd less enjoyable than the series' entries that precede it. Adding to the 'cash in' feeling that you get from the picture is the fact that almost the entire film takes place inside, so you can forget the nice locations that made Chinn's films look as nice as they did, they've been replaced by standard, generic looking California apartments. There are only two fight scenes here, and one of them ends prematurely and the production values are slipshod at best. This one was made fast and cheap to give Holmes' career a shot in the arm and it shows.

How does Holmes fair here? He was 41 when this movie was made (he got Bob Chinn's blessing before Penguin Productions started on it) and he looks tired. His face looks aged and his body is not in the best of shape. Comparing the Holmes in this film to the Holmes in the earlier entries, it's hard not to wonder where John was at both physically and mentally when this picture was made. That said, his narration adds some class to the film and he's still got some of that 'Holmes charm' going on that makes the movie watchable enough even if he's obviously coked out of his mind in a couple of scenes. Those looking to get into the Johnny Wadd series for the first time would do better to start with the first and work their way through, but this one does have its moments, even if it isn't really essential.

The Video:

The Return Of Johnny Wadd is presented 1.33.1 fullframe in a transfer that certainly could have looked a whole lot better than it does here. This movie was shot on video in 1985 so it looks like an old VHS tape because it basically is. Colors are soft and faded and detail is smudgy at best. Skin tones look a little pinkish in spots and there are tape rolls periodically evident in the presentation. The transfer is also interlaced. It's watchable enough for a mid-eighties show on video production but it certainly doesn't look great.

The Audio:

The English language Dolby Digital Mono sound mix is on par with the video presentation. It's soft sounding and at times a little garbled. There's hiss in the background and the levels fluctuate a bit. That said, it's listenable enough and you don't have to really strain to understand anything - it just doesn't sound good.

The Extras:

There's not a whole lot here to write home about, sadly. Aside from a crappy looking still gallery made up entirely of screen grabs from the DVD and some animated menus, we get a bonus scene. Taken from an unnamed source, this looks like it was shot in the mid to late eighties and it features a dude eating out a blonde on top of a scraggy looking couch. She gives him head and they have sex from a few different angles before he pulls out and cums on her belly.


The Return Of Johnny Wadd doesn't have the same sense of cool that the earlier entries in the series did and Bob Chinn's directorial efforts are sorely missed. That said, the film is interesting enough from a historical perspective because of where John Holmes' life was at during this time and for who he worked with on this picture. Adam & Eve's presentation is mediocre at best but until a better edition comes along, this one will have to do. Recommended for Holmes fans and vintage smut connoisseurs, a fun rental for everyone else.

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