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Sunsex Blvd.

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 11/1/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: November 1993

Director: Brad Austin

Cast: Brandon Wells, Chuck McCoy, Dave Logan, Mark West, Max Stone, Michael Ashley, Scott Randsome, Steve Maverick, Zak Spears

Body Types: Muscular, toned, smooth, and hairy 20-30 year olds.

Condoms: Yes

Special Features: None. Very vanilla.

Plot: The classic Sunset Blvd gets a 'retooling', gay porn style.

The Movie:

It's L.A. on Sexsex Blvd. The narrator, Brandon Wells, takes us to the scene of a crime at the pool of a mansion. Wells is lying dead face down floating in the pool. Police remove his body and a photographer takes a few shots.

In order to explain his death, Wells narrates the past events that triggered his downfall. Prior to his demise, Wells was a struggling porn script writer. Desperate to solve his financial crunch, he receives a tip from a friend about a job and decides to look into it.

Chuck, Dave: Over in the living room of a mansion, Zak Spears, sitting in a robe, yawns at the sight of two young hot guys auditioning for him. Spears shouts at them for their lack of enthusiasm and insists on more energy (and more tongue). Chuck is young, has long blond bangs and a skinny hairy chest. Dave is older, tanned, hard-bodied and good-looking. Following Spears' orders, they start off by sucking each other. Then Dave attempts to fuck Chuck in the ass but because Chuck is taller, Spears commands that Chuck lie down to get fucked. Spears is pleased and lets out a sinister laugh. Dave buries his bone deep inside Chuck. First Chuck cums and then Dave cums leaving a layer of white icing on Chuck's thick bush.

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Moments after the boys have left the mansion, Wells walks up to the front door when Spears yells at him from an upstairs window for being late. Spears' butler, Max, lets him inside and shows him the stairs leading to the room where Spears is waiting for him. Spears mistakes him for a hustler so Wells explains he's there for a job. It's at this point that Wells recognizes Spears as Norman Desmond who was once big. Spears insists "I still am big. It's the pictures that got smaller." He needs a writer for an epic in which he will star in for all of his fans. Because of his mounting bills, Wells reluctantly lives in the mansion and spends his days behind a typewriter churning out pages of script. A romance between Spears and Wells blossoms though Wells is mainly interested in making enough money to leave. They toast the New Year with some champagne, kiss and head to the bedroom.

Zak, Brandon: In the bedroom, Wells is on his stomach sucking Spear's cock. They get in the 69 position and Spears begs him to finger his asshole. With one of Well's legs on his shoulder, Spears fucks him and they both cum. Both men have fantastic bodies. Wells is smooth and muscular with a long Fu Manchu stache. Spears wears a nipple ring and he's hairy-chested, muscular, tan, and strikingly good-looking.

After sex, Wells and Spears get into an argument. Wells' character, Joel, feels he's being kept and taken for granted. Wells leaves the bedroom in a huff and returns to find Spears still in bed the next morning. Spears wants him to take the script to the director, DeVille, for him. Max drives Wells to the studio where DeVille (Steve) chats with an extra (Michael), who when hearing Norman Desmond's name when the script arrives, informs him he would do anything to be like him, his favorite porn star.

Steve, Michael: At the sound of those words, Steve undresses Michael out of his costume and smacks his ass. Steve gives Michael, a hot smooth muscular Latino, a BJ. Michael follows with a slow BJ on Steve's thick dick. Below that dick are a set of beautiful big nuts. Unlike most sex scenes, this one doesn't include a fuck scene. The boys simply jerk off.

After delivering the script to the director, Wells manages to escape for a few minutes to meet his lover Mark who is editing some footage. The footage contains a muscular, smooth blond with a big dick played by Scott Randsome.

Scott: Standing alone outdoors in the sun, Scott (on the front of the DVD box) is shown beating his meat and playing with his tight ass. The camera is focused on his nipples and every inch of his bodybuilder body. The money shot is fine but nothing to write home about.

Mark, Brandon: Horny from watching the clip, Wells and West kiss. Wells pulls West's shirt up and goes after his delicious nipples. West services Wells' dick and then stands with his legs apart for a feeding frenzy from Wells who is lucky to lick West's big mushroom dick head, thick shaft and asshole. Finally, Wells gives him an excellent ass pounding and the guys jerk off.

Steve tells Max the script is the "biggest piece of shit" he's ever seen. However, he's interested in a couple of the models that were offered. Max is willing to have that arranged granted he gets something in return.

Steve, Max: Falling to his knees, the butler gives excellent deep throat to the director. Next, they are in the back seat of the car where Steve bobs on Max's dick. In satisfaction, Max thumps on his pecs with his fist similar to a gorilla. Steve fucks Max and they jerk off. Steve releases a big load that shoots all over Max.

***Warning--Spoiler Alert***



Max drives Wells back to the mansion where an upset Spears is waiting for him. In his explanation, Wells tells him he went to see his friend and that they plan to move in together. Spears is enraged in jealousy. Wells runs upstairs to get his belongings and leaves walking toward the pool. Standing on the balcony, Spears aims and fires his gun a few times until one reaches Wells' back. Wells turns around shouting "Norman" and falls into the pool. Spears descends the staircase where photographers and Max are waiting for him. He goes into a maniacal tirade directly in front of the camera before hitting us with a skewed version of that famous line "Alright Mr. DeVille, I'm ready for my Cumshot!" Boy, is he ready and what a nice one it is!




Video & Sound:

Video is slightly dark and not very sharp like most films shot in the 90's. Overall sound is good.


Only 2. PopShot-on-Demand (Cum scenes) and Wrap It Up, a short PSA featuring Chi Chi LaRue advocating safe sex.

Final Thoughts:

Director Brad Austin has done a very good parody of Sunset Blvd. Zak Spears as the male Norma Desmond character is brilliantly over-the-top and there is a clear story that ties all the sex scenes together.

Putting the focus back on the sex scenes...all of the performers are gorgeous. Spears is at the height of his hotness (with a full head of hair to boot) and Wells and West are the ones to beat with their passionate scene together. The only downside to this film is the sex scenes are too short. Perhaps if less time was spent on the dialogue, there would have been more time for sucking and fucking but then it would have been at the sacrifice of storyline. Altogether, this was a very good effort.

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