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Jet Set Big Dicks

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Brady Jansen » Review Date: 11/2/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Director: Various

Cast: Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini, Ricky, Helmet Muller, Evan Rochelle, Tag Eriksson, Paolo Cortez, Chad Driver, Adam Lee, Peter Stevens, Jason Ridge, G. Thierry, Verdo Colt, Hun Attila, Strong One, Bob, Ken Ryker, Cody Cash

Length: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Production Date: April 2006, various

Condoms: yes

The Skinny:
These seven scenes all come from previously released Jet Set titles (three of them from the international line), and all of them come from the studio's earlier works--before it redefined its brand in 2007 with a stronger focus and stronger sex. The focus is on big dicks; while the cocks here are hot, don't expect an assembly of mind-blowingly big meat.

Scene 1
Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini and Ricky all appear in this scene from Jet Set Direct Take 3. Gabriel poses nude for a photoshoot, then hits the shower as Justin Gemini gets his turn, while Ricky waits on the sidelines. Justin--whose huge cock is one of the most beautiful you'll ever see--wants some fluffing help, so Gabriel heads in to start sucking while Ricky watches. Justin (who has a few semi-soft moments) and Gabriel engage in a back-and-forth slurp session, and some of the shots of Justin's meat getting serviced are gorgeous (especially a low shot that looks up at his manhood). Justin then fucks Gabriel from behind as Ricky jacks off, with all three soon squirting. Justin's cock is amazing, as is Gabriel's muscular body. But the scene has an odd construction and rhythm that makes it feel rushed or incomplete, like it never really settles in to itself.

Scene 2
Helmet Muller and Evan Rochelle appear in a scene from international title Young Men Tooling Up. The two are factory workers who soon take a break, with handsome Helmet soon sucking on thin, toned Evan's huge cock, one of the hottest around (the shots of it bursting out of his briefs in the beginning will really work you up). Unfortunately, Helmet isn't the best sucker, and comes no where close to taking a lot of it in his mouth. Evan then fucks Helmet doggie style, and the fuck shots--while not super deep--are still hot. Evan squirts on his bud's back, and Helmet than jacks to come (sadly, no service on his nice meat, which is a beauty).

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Scene 3
Tag Eriksson and Paolo Cortez appear in a scene from Jet Set Direct Take 1. These two guys are hot--Eriksson, a tall and smooth European, had a brief run as a headliner for the studio, and Cortez is a hung hunk of smooth muscular man. But this scene just doesn't have much going for it. Cortez sucks Tag's uncut meat in the beginning (a nice piece, but not super hung). Tag then returns the favor, and Paolo's meat is a juicy uncut slab. They suck back and forth before Tag offers up his smooth hole for licking and fucking. The odd setting--which looks like a semi-outdoors, covered flower/greenhouse room--is full of distracting visuals and makes for some cramped shots; the lighting and angles make it hard to enjoy the fuck, and the scene altogether. The best shot has Tag sitting down on Paolo, staying stiff as he rides the hot top. After another fuck position, the two jack to come.

Scene 4
Chad Driver, Adam Lee and Peter Stevens appear in a scene from international title Yung Men in Shameless Pleasure (huh?! Was something lost in translation?). Three muscular auto mechanics soon strip down for some sucking. While the suck triangle looks nice from a distance, these guys don't suck very deep. The video quality here is rougher and the shots aren't very good, making this one of the more disappointing additions. Two of the guy suck their tall bud, and two of the guys soon bend over for a pounding.

Scene 5
Paolo Cortex returns, this time with Jason Ridge in a scene from Jet Set Direct Take 2. The strongest scene here starts with the shirtless Cortez and Ridge bumping jean bulges on a rooftop as they kiss. They soon head into a room in an apparently empty building, with a large window overlooking the city as they strip down for fun. This is a very quiet, sultry, romantic scene than has more chemistry than any other entry here. Jason sucks Paolo's big uncut cock, action captured in some great side shots that show it off beautifully. Paolo is stunning, a smooth, muscular and masculine hunk. He soon sucks Jason back, then turns the tan stud over to grind on his smooth ass before fucking him. A great doggie-style shot captures Jason up against the window as he gets pounded, with Paolo's amazing back muscles in action--it's an artistic shot that's unforgettable. The passionate fuck has many great shots, and Ridge soon sits down on Paolo before rolling onto his back. Another doggie-style fuck has Paolo holding on to Ridge's waist (hot!). This sultry, quiet scene is the highlight of this otherwise disappointing collection.

Scene 6
One of the more frustrating scenes here has G. Thierry, Verdo Colt, Hun Attila, Strong One and Bob in a scene from international release Young Men Perfect Tens. Once again, the video quality is poor here, and the cramped bunk bed/barrack setting makes it hard for the camera to find any comfortable, good shots. Five hot Eastern Europeans get naked, with three tops taking turns on a bottom (in a low bunk) as another guy jacks off. It's such a shame, because there are some really hot guys here with great bods and cocks, but it's just too crowded, and the sex is weak, fast and mechanical--a true wasted opportunity.

Scene 7
The finale has legend Ken Ryker and Cody Cash in a scene from Jet Set Direct Take 1. Cody is jacking off and rubbing his hole, getting turned on by tall, hairy muscle hunk Ken (who suggestively uses a hose as he washes a car outside, getting nice and wet). Cody's tease works and Ken finally decides to come inside, where he sits down on a toilet to get his huge cock sucked (and his toes). Ryker usually has trouble staying stiff, which I guess comes with the territory with a cock that huge. At first, he has a little more success here than usual, but begins to get semi-soft--he has to hold the base at one point, and his cock droops out when released from Cody's mouth. After licking ken's hole, Cody gets fucked from behind, but there are virtually no close-ups. Cody gets a semi-facial as Ken jacks off, then lets out his own load. This is another disappointing scene, with no real chemistry or connection between them.

The quality here varies with the source; the international scenes are all darker with more grain, which is how they initially appeared. The American scenes are a lot crisper and stronger, and the audio is also better (although many of these scenes are quiet, so it doesn't really matter).

Just a cumshot review and trailers.

The Naked Truth:
This collection of previously released scenes is a real disappointment. Jet Set is a stronger since 2007, when it refocused its brand. All of these scenes come before that, but the studio didn't even pick the strongest efforts from its earlier years. The three international scenes are a huge disappointment, save for Evan Rochelle's cock. The other scenes are also mostly a letdown. It's hot to see Justin Gemini's cock and Gabriel Sinclair's body in scene 1, but the only truly solid scene is the passionate Jason Ridge/Paolo Cortex pairing. You might as well just get Jet Set Direct Take 2. As for this collection, Skip It.

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