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Girls With Desire

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 11/10/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Girls With Desire

An Abby Winters Release Directed by Patience
Starring:  Chloe B., Angie, & Shaminee
With Marigold (Bonus Scene only)
Total Runtime:  2hr 22min
Condoms?:  n/a
Genre:  All-Girl, Girl-On-Girl, Natural

Brief Synopsis:  Abby Winters turns in another set of girl-on-girl scenes featuring the natural all-stars of their very popular online site, bringing their joyful noise to the widescreen set.  Angie gains the highest amount of screen time here, in which she shares a big-boobed roll in the hay with the fiery Chloe B., as well as providing Shaminee a very excitable introduction to the Abby Winters world.  She also ushers in a more anal-centric flavor to the proceedings, which is, well, a beautiful thing!

[Scene One]   Chloe B. & Angie  (40:06)

Surrounded by a lush green skyline, Angie and Chloe kiss and pull each other's lips between their teeth, dressed in cutoff shorts and the farm fresh patterns of a dude ranch.  Tossing Angie's hat to the ground, Chloe leads her into an open stable past an onlooking filly, planting themselves on a bed of blanket-covered hay.  Pushed to the ground, the two mash their marshmallow puffs together, with Angie darting her fingers into Chloe's underbrush after a steamy amount of tease.  Chloe sucks her honey off her dipped digits, pushing her own hands down Angie's torn shorts while bounding kisses down her neck.  The hand spinning pushes Angie to fall back in a haze of squeals, prompting a cavalcade of even more kissing and dough-plying between the two.  Chloe leans her ass back as she stands above her partner, and Angie greases her rump's offering with a wide mouth full of tongue.  Chloe seems a bit nervous at first, but the intense sensation of having her ass eaten out, as well as being flicked and plugged with Angie's favorite finger, bodes quite well for both.

Back on the ground, Angie tosses off her what remains of her clothes, prompting a spreading Chloe to carry her partner's foot across the landscape of her ginger-soaked field, rubbing the ball-to-heel against her clit and precious fur.  Her own bare foot does the same to Angie, and Chloe leans in for a dipping of tongue massage in thanks, all while rubbing her own jewel.  Angie lifts herself up and nibbles away at Chloe as she masturbates simultaneously, crying aloud until she cracks, spooning together and kissing back on the ground.  Sniffing away at Angie's thin sheer of pink covering up her crotch, Chloe digs into her bush and shoves her face with a rubbery force, dotting her thighs with lip smacks.  She takes hold of Chloe's ankle and glides her foot against her pussy, licking the sole as her fierce rubbing runs downward.  A few more fingers and tongue-wrappings shift Angie's legs and ass into a half-moon stance, with Chloe closely wetting her partner's rear socket and indexing her rear, all while Angie attends to her own clit with her right hand.

All this plugging and fingerprint punching drafts our girls into a close embrace, cuddling a touch before they exchange places, with Angie feasting on Chloe's oracles from below, smacking and diddling her orangina while dialing herself along splendidly.  Chloe quakes and shivers once the swift handling takes her through the highest elevations of pleasure, culminating in a tight ride of scissoring, eventually gliding across each other's leg (Angie's) and knee (Chloe's!).  They draw themselves into a lasting embrace, still groping and frenching heavily as the scene chills and winds down.

As per the introduction, both Chloe and Angie are both fiendish in their desire for one another, never lending a dull moment to the proceedings whatsoever.  Their explorations are wonderous, especially as Angie introduces Chloe to the world of anal-derived delights.  Their beouteous frames and preference for both the hard and fast as well as the benefits of a slow taffy-style push and pull is great fun to take in, and you wonder why they weren't matched up sooner.  However, due to the location (I suppose), the framing is a little distant from time to time, though close-ups do a good portion of the subsequent take-up.  As Chloe admits at the end of the scene, "I didn't actually notice the hay."

[Scene Two]   Angie & Shaminee  (42:08)

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Among the upper reaches of a wood-planked warehouse space we find Angie, this time joined atop a bruised and dusty ottoman by Shaminee, a well-heeled brunette with a smattering of piercings (an eyebrow hook, twin nipple and tongue studs, three sternum punctures, and one through her clitoris, even another down between the lining of her taint, somewhat miraculously!), who falls into her touch and allows Angie to lead the dance from step one.  The illumination covering their clothed and kissed bodies emanates from only a single flood hanging from the ceiling, with only a few squares of light burning in the corners of the frame for a quiet bit of ambiance.  A perfect setting, enough for Angie to almost  immediately slip her fingers between the jowls of Shaminee's unbuttoned shorts, licking the side of her cheeks and whispering out of our common earshot that causes her partner to crack a wide grin as her breasts are fondled and worshiped.  Crotch to clothed crotch, the girls begin their first of many grind-outs, Angie's hands still clamped inside the thin layer of garment, worn closer and gauzier with each new flick. 

"Turn around and gimme your ass," Angie commands her, Shaminee flipping around and presenting her set of bowls for the cupping.  Rolling the sheen of her underwear into a thin line, Angie frees Shaminee's rump and goes in for the fortune, tongue-first, and laps deep in between Shaminee's thighs, front to back and back again.  She focuses on her kitty, one finger firmly corking and unpopping Shaminee's ass, soon using one digit per hole to dial a goodly sum of ringing out of her partner's rumbling throat.  Quite rightly, Angie does commit a few self rubs down in the duration, but not before she flips Shaminee around and rubs one of her bubbly boobs against her snatch.  Shaminee's turn on Angie begins similarly, with a few hand-held strokes to set the quivering in motion, with her lusciously meaty legs wrapping around her trim partner's back like a blooming pretzel.  She breaks away, leaving Shaminee to slather her muscles and fingers into her moist pit, those piercings loping around and streaming a hot trail around Angie's quim that causes her to burst out with a gunfire of plural "fuck!" as she holds Shaminee's head in her hands.

Closing in again, the two scuttle their lightly frocked triangles together, quaking their bodies together, leading to Shaminee cresting atop of Angie's face, riding as she's sucked from below.  Spooning afterward, the girls kiss and Shaminee shucks her fingers in between Angie's legs, guiding her into an ass-out bend for a good tongue forking.  Shaminee digs deep into her partner's backhole, switching between her index slugs and shriek-inducing mouth snappings, enough for Angie to erupt in another series of "fuck!"s  as she parts her cheeks farther and farther apart, while Shaminee's twin tongue piercings click with each moist, passing stroke.  With a mouthful of fresh filthiness, the girls kiss somewhat skittishly after Shaminee's spelunking, opening their mouths wider into a full-on make-out a few moments later.  In gratitude, Angie teases her partner by hand, whispering into her ear as she nibbles and swarms her tongue around Shaminee's face.  Angie leans down and does right by her girl, feasting on her special goodness as the air surrounding them is hot with huffing and puffing.  A final swift fingering pushes Shaminee past the point of orgasmic finish line, thereby holding the two together in a final sprint of spherical 69 loving, spending themselves and winding down with more closely-held kisses and gentle, grizzled cuddles.  In a post-game wrap-up, Shaminee points out her numerous piercings and body adornments, all of which tickle Angie enough that she licks one of the running cameras in joyfulness.

Though she seemed a bit intimidated at first, Shaminee reveled in noshing on Angie's every supple bit, keeping her southern focus mainly on Angie's ass, delivered here with that delicious cricking sound that probably only her many piercings could supplant.  Her oral and hand-to-hand skills bloom as the scene evolves, especially with such a willing participant as the vocally pointed Angie, who seems to be even more advantageous in her desire to flex her sapphic muscles right from the get-go, and her appetite only lets up for intimate coziness that heightens every single minute.  That any of this happens is enough of an achievement, lest I remind you that it all happens atop a creaky old ottoman, which conforms to the girls' balance without being smashed completely to bits (as it seems it should have been!).  If I were a duck, I would be quacking!


Bonus Features

A slew of Previews for six of  Abby Winters' Girl-Girl releases (Girls in the Mood, Girls Who Like Girls, Girls Get Hot,  Girls Loving Girls, Girls Turned On and Next Door Girls) as well as six from their Intimate Moods series (Girls In Need, Erotic Moods, Sensual Intimacies, Getting Off, More Real Orgasms & Intimate Orgasms) begin the section (and all of which are one minute or so apiece, with the latter section presented in standard definition), breaking off to another Bonus Section preceded by a thirty-second introduction by Chloe.  Backstage (10 min) includes on-set footage of Angie and Shaminee's scene, which is mostly a bit of goofing around and still photograph snapping between and during their fucking.  The Slideshow feature runs eight minutes worth of high-quality stills from the two main scenes,  all of which (nearly 100 photos!) are handily included as a folder on the end of the disc, accessible by opening the disc's folder via computer. 

Two additional Solo Videos are also included, starring Marigold (24 min, pictured above) and Chloe B. (13 min), respectively, who are both quite friendly and talkative with the camerawomen.  Marigold spends the first half of her scene reenacting a steering wheel strip-off before taking out a purple vibrator, which she lovingly calls "Christine" and praises its "ladylike" design.  A drop of lube later, she begins her battery-operated garden party, which switches from a full leg spread to side spooning to all-fours style masturbation stances.  In her purple skull-printed stockings and a fine pelt of fur covering gracing her mound, Marigold has a grand time as the birds outside her tent chirp, soon bupping out a few bleats of satisfactory trills herself. 

Chloe does likewise in her section, though her partner of choice is a clit-tickling, motorized purple rabbit dildo ("It's gonna chew my bloody clit off!", she squeaks in her cutest plea), which drifts around her "ginger mint!" bush before a goodly amount of self-plugging coats the wand's wind-up with her personal drizzle.  Blurry-eyed, Chloe gains a few extra breaths before deciding on a second round, this time anchoring her beautiful white ass on the edge of her bed's headboard, titties bouncing as her wrist shucking drives the wiggly device in between her almond joy, and as the gnarled sounds disappear with each swift push.  Breaking herself off once again, Chloe collapses into the pillows and bids us goodbyes, a little flustered but a truly fine mess!  As a whole, the section truly shines to the brim, and is possibly the best set of offerings on an Abby Winters disc yet!

Audio/Visual Quality
The disc is presented in 16x9 enhanced 1.85:1, with a 2.0 stereo channel carrying the audio track.  Both of the main scenes do suffer a bit of audio gaffes, mostly by way of a bit of muffling distressing the intricacies of the action (as in the close-eared mutterings  between Shaminee and Angie, and likewise the open-air space of Chloe and Angie's outdoor romp.  While we do catch a few snatches of detail in the audio coloration during a few key close-ups (Shaminee's clicking tongue comes to mind), the audio is serviceable but still lacking for any listening past the mid-range level or so.  Surprisingly, the bonus solo scenes are more closely tuned, but this may be due, in part, to their brevity.  The capture overall involves two running cameras, switching from girl to girl with a minimum amount of repetition and a maximum amount of enjoyability: never plodding, always quite visceral.  Picture-wise, the color falls a bit on the lighter, bright-white side during Scene One, with the main balance adjusted by natural daylight without disappearing into dark shadows.  Skin tones are constant, though the main sections of each primary scenes differ slightly with the bookended pre- and post-scene introductions and wrap-ups, but nothing too detrimental.

End Flight
As with most Abby Winters girl-on-girl releases, the sense of intimacy is truly key in their play for natural girls doing natural things to one another.  The enjoyment on their part is honest, forthright and all-too-human ("Is that good for you?", a quizzical Chloe asks Angie during their foot-happy scene - when was the last time you heard that in a porno movie?).  As well, the anal feasting happening in both of the central scenes is a definite draw, even with the skittishness that welcomes the act upon Chloe, as with Shaminee's initial on-camera greeness, both ending in a tousle of the utmost love-worn and finger-sucked richness.  Likewise, the additional material is generous as it's ever been, though the audio track overall may not be up to par for most set-ups (one hang up that I'm willing to sift through, really!).  But to see the firm branch out slowly in both sexual quality and breadth is the biggest cause for celebration here, which for both the value and the bang comes Highly Recommended.

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