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Porcelain (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The artistic title (click for trailer)

Porcelain Blu-ray (Jana Cova)

Jana Looking Sweet and Innocent at the AEE

Digital Playground

Jana Cova and MacKenzie Mack

Genre: Erotica

Faith Leon

Director: Celeste

Jana Cova and Celeste Star

Cast: Jana Cova, Mackenzie Mack, Faith, Jerry, Celeste Star, Lacie Heart, Scott Nails, Nikki Hilton, Carli Banks, Karlie Montana

Lacie Heart

Length: 98:32 minutes

Jana Cova!

Date of Production: 9/24/2005

Jerry and Nikki Hilton

Extras: The extras were the standard photogallery and trailers to movies like Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge, Pirates I, Cheerleaders, Babysitters, Island Fever 3, Jack's Teen America, and Island Fever 4.

Jana Cova and Carli Banks

Condoms: None

Scott Nails and Karlie Montana

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Audio/Video Quality: Porcelain Blu-ray was presented in the same 1.78:1 widescreen color it was shot in by Director of Photography; Robby Dallas) for director Celeste for release by Digital Playgroundusing the AVC codec for this high definition version (with a full 1080 resolution if you care about the numbers). In terms of lighting and sheer quality of picture, the movie was looking as solid as anything shot for the company in HD several years back, with the scenes all being distinctively captured in slightly different variations as Celeste likes to have Robby do for her. The lighting varied too much to nail it down to a particular style but suffice it to say that the female eroticism Celeste sought to achieve was in full bloom in all the scenes (as always). There was no grain or video noise observed, I saw no compression artifacts, and the composition of the scenes was such that all the gals were made to look fantastic even if I generally consider slow motion to be as worthless as tits on a bull. Some scenes showed the sepia look while others lowered the light to the point where the shadows spoke as much about the mindset as the actual light did and other scenes used location to vary the kind of lighting from artificial to natural. Celeste's slow motion, heavily edited visuals (with excellent editing by Joey Pulgadas), and other special effects were also used a lot so make no mistake about it; this was another "love it or hate it" style of photography; the video bitrate hovering in the mid 19.3 Mbps when I paid any attention to it. It was a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track at 448 Kbps and a standard 48 kHz sampling rate but the lack of a vocal track really impacted the quality of the show for me now that I'm used to better company offerings by the director. The down side was, as always, the lack of a vocal track to enhance the scenes via aural communication. The music may have been excellent (handled by the talented Joey Pulgadas again) but like the visuals, a bit of variety in the use of vocals might've been a nice change of pace too.

Jana Cova and Karlie Montana

Body of Review: Jana Cova is one of those attractive Czech Republic gals that I never got to see much of until she signed a contract with Digital Playground. In person, she comes across as one of the nicest people you could hope to meet but still exudes a raw sexuality that is unmistakably appealing, even to a jaded old porn hound like me. Well, for better or for worse it was only a matter of time before she became the focus of a Celeste movie and the title of it is Porcelain Blu-ray. If you like slow motion, special effects, and scenes that are designed less with a raincoater in mind than a couple trying to find common ground to warm up to (rather than finish off with), this will be a winner for you. Here's a breakdown of the vignettes the movie had to offer, noting that the variety of action included some scenes were the implication of sex was stronger than the actual acts themselves:

Scene One: Jana Cova, the incredibly sexy gal on the front DVD cover, was up first as she paraded over to the staircase in her stripper shoes and black undies, to play with the attractive Mackenzie Mackin a lesbian scene. Jana dominated her new toy, err...friend, by taping her mouth up and giving her some mouth to breast action before the attitude of the scene changed and had Jana wearing a clip on toy by her clitoris. Mackenzie rubbed the pussy while the James Bond-ish music played, as the camera displayed how wet the hot little starlet could get. Jana seemed to like playing "snack on the crack" too, fingering Mackenzie and licking her tender ass as the gal licked her lips. There was also kissing and pussy diving, both of which gave me a huge erection.

Scene Two: Faith, a brunette that I haven't seen much of, started off the second scene by slowly gyrating on the bed as she laid down on her stomach but wore red shoes as Jerry gave her the "we're gonna fuck" look. He massaged her sweet cheeks a bit and she began rubbing herself which led to him getting breast play as well as her sucking him off. As this was all in slow motion, the BJ was necessarily in the erotic, seductive style with her showing lots of care to warm him up properly. He gave as well as he received, sucking her ass and pussy from behind as he held her stomach. He then took her doggy style with the priceless expression on her face telling me "Damn, you're almost as big as Don Houston", though it was too slow and he only put in about half his shaft. He drove it deeper in the spoon position and finished off by jerking off to her ass cheeks before kissing her tenderly.

Scene Three: Jana Cova, dressed in a fancy disco-ball mirror dress, and glamorous Celeste Star, were up next in a lesbian lick-a-thon in what appeared to be a studio. Celeste's see through, spangled top was eye catching too but Jana was rightfully the center of attention, especially where her ass crack was on display after Celeste unzipped her. I liked the butt massage as much as Jana probably did with all the loving kneading going on, though the fingering was pretty good too. Jana's reciprocation on Celeste's ass, be it with the slight tongue action or the vaginal fingering (complete with PTM), was too short and sadly closed out the scene before the thing got to the point I wanted it to go but both looked hot to me.

Scene Four: Lacie Heart, a very lean gal with red streaks in her bleach blond locks, was up next with Scott Nails in what appeared to be a dark parking garage (most likely, it was a porn set); complete with flickering lights. He played the too cool type of guy and she was the wanton hussy looking to get some satisfaction from him. The oral on his rod was short and the screwing was even shorter before he popped a nut in her mouth, leaving me again wanting more.

Scene Five: Jana Cova, looking a bit like an ice queen in her large sunglasses, fluffy white top, and matching stripper shoes, provided the sole solo scene of the movie as she slowly teased the camera with her firm ass cheeks and other body parts. The lighting was different this time, much more like some of Celeste's earlier works for the company, with an almost surreal edge to them as she stripped under the glare of the modified spotlight. She looked great, though that's pretty much a given for me, but distant in terms of accessibility in the scene. If it had lasted longer, I would've appreciated it more but then I'd have to take a clean up break to finish the review.

Scene Six: Nikki Hilton, an appealing enough gal, was dressed in a fishnet outfit in the next staircase scene, this time with Jerry going down on her to some moody music. She seemed to lack much talent sucking cock when it was her turn to do oral, though several licks of the lollipop later, her was throatfucking her slowly. At that point in time, the tempo of the music and action seemed to change a little, leading to the thrusting vaginal reverse cowgirl position she took up. They did a few more positions with the inevitable facial closing it out.

Scene Seven: Jana Cova, fresh from the large swimming pool in the perfectly framed daylight outdoors, was again made to look like an ice queen with her hair slicked back as she climbed up the stairs to greet an appealing Carli Banks in her web outfit (much like a black version of the orange Laylu outfit from the mainstream science fiction hit The Fifth Element). The gals spent time licking and rubbing each other, concentrating on the breasts as much as anything else; slowly eating some pussy by the pool. (Note to Jana: my pool is available for all your needs) The scene ended as a teaser but they did look good together.

Scene Eight: Karlie Montana, completely naked and in a spotlight by a concrete wall, was up next with Scott Nails. He was sending out his Mack Daddy vibe and it was working on her as she dropped to her knees before him, touching herself before feeling his tight, slightly scarred, abdomen. It was clear that she wanted his penis in her mouth, as she slowly coaxed it out of his pants before teasing him like crazy instead of sucking it right away. Her pretty eyes looked good with the unique photography though the scene surprised me since aside from a lick or two; it ended without anything other than him jerking off to her hands. (Note to Karlie: my pool isn't open for you to use, unless you open your mouth or bring Jana with you.)

Scene Nine: Jana Cova, in another fancy dress, was up last with Karlie Montana, in a scene that had Jana washing Karlie's ample ass after pouring lotion on it. They ate each other out and there was more use of the lotion, looking rather hot on Jana's chest, but the limitations of the action were known going into the movie so it served as another scene for warming up rather than finishing yourselves off. There was a sort of solo scene during the ending credits too with Jana stylishly masturbating but it served as little more than a final tease and proof that Joey is a great editor.

Summary: Porcelain Blu-ray was not the ultimate Jana Cova movie for me since I want to see her in regular motion, full vocals, action; be it alone, with another lady, or with a man (preferably me of course). I know I'm biased in her favor after having hung out with her earlier this year before the 2006 AEE Show but one look at the front DVD cover alone should be enough to convince most of you as to her incredible looks (those eyes alone should be enough for that). I'm not a universal fan of the "Celeste style" of movie, tearing into it fairly often for the limitations it imposes on some of my favorite starlets, but as a supplement to some of the gonzo fare and features that Digital Playground releases; I find them appealing when taken in smaller doses. I'm going to split the difference here and suggest this one as Recommended, though it was clearly a fine example of the aforementioned style and Jana has never looked so inviting on a DVD (and those who hate the style can simply join me in wishing for more scenes of the hotty done up in the typical Robby D. style we favor so much). Better extras and longer scenes would've helped to provide more fuck for the buck, but as a niche product for couples intimidated by more mainstream porn, this will serve as a nice starting place. In short, Porcelain is a tribute to the lovely Jana Cova made for couples that will set your crotch on fire, though I want to see a lot more of her in future outings. The up side of the production being provided in the high definition Blu-ray format was that it looked stunning in most cases, a clear visual upgrade even if the aural qualities were not as solid.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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