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Roller Dollz

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/5/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The main menu for disc 1

Roller Dollz

Camryn Kiss and Ava Rose with Tommy Gunn

Zero Tolerance/Adam & Eve

Kayden Kross and Bree Olson

Genre: Feature

Alektra Blue and James Deen

Director: James Avalon

Courtney Cummz, Mia Presley, and Alektra Blue

Cast: Ava Rose, Camryn Kiss, Tommy Gunn, Bree Olson, Kayden Kross, Alektra Blue, James Deen, Courtney Cummz, Mia Presley, Erik Everhard, Teagan Presley, Penny Flame, Mr. Pete, Mikey Butders, Sunny Lane, Mick Blue, Eva Angelina, Eric Swiss
Non-sex roles: Veronica Hart, Nick Orleans, Chocolate Squirrel, Kacy, Mary, Rob Steel, Monique, Phe Phe Pheasco, Car-Vix-A Lot, Angel Mari, Hellbound, Tawdry Tempest, Ruby Bruise Day, Mila Minute, Leia Longtime, Cindy Sticky, Kitanna Killamity, Shooter Blanks, Rebecca Ashley, Laura Davis, Lucky Larue, Tonya Loveall, Blak Velvette, Helen Wills, Mary Pearl, Jenny Snide, Varla Vex, Andrea Von Hearse, Casey O'Connell, WW, El Diablo, Daniel Noteworthy, Buck Savage, Nurse Heather, Miss Yummi Ting, Amy Vixxxen, Cassa Agnes, Harry Balls, Doug Cantrell, Mary Corona, Fefe Godfrey, Z-Man Gomez, Chance Hall, Hwolf-D, Kerry Ann, Sandra R. Kisling, DP Lewis, Michie Madison, Thomas McDonnell, Carnail Michaels, Danny Mountain, Jay Nagtalon, Laura Najera, Le Chat Noir, Chris Olson, Presley AJ, Robee, Robin Renrollins, EE, Cocoa Shanelle, Sid, Jesse Tennessee, Jeffrey Thunder, Trevor Wayne, Jared Welch, Token West, F. Jason Whitaker, Duke Wonder

Kayden Kross and Erik Everhard

Length: 246:53 minutes

Teagan Presley

Date of Production: 3/3/2008, 3/4/2008, 3/5/2008, 3/6/2008, 3/26/2008

Penny Flame

Extras: The extras were all on the second disc, the double disc set in a single DVD case contained in a large box with interesting packaging. The first extra was a 31:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed the various crew members (from the director James Avalon to the cameraman Mike Quasar to line producer Veronica Hart to Melisa "Mindy" Money as the art director to the performers and others involved in the show). There was very little sex in this one but Mike's comedic observations (even digs into the way the production was being handled) added some value, as did some of the performers and crew (Cezare disclosing Mike's real name during his anecdotal recount in between lighting the show). Then came a Bloopers & Other Cool Stuff short lasting 9:14 minutes, most of the footage dedicated to flubbed lines or moments where the cast was not at their best. Then came a short Practice session in public between Courtney Cummz and Alektra Blue in extremely low definition lasting 3:30 minutes as they prepared for their roles by skating on the boardwalk on Valentine's Day (2/14/2008). There was then a 20:03 minute long series of interviews by the ladies with Sunny Lane, Bree Olson, Kayden Kross, Alektra Blue, and Penny Flame; some getting more air time than others but all of it worth watching for fans of the gals. Then came two bonus scenes from Girlvana 3 and Lady Scarface, both described below but neither having anything to do with the movie itself. Then came three music videos; an untitled bit by the Flying Luchadors, "Dynamite" and "Let's All Go To Bed" by the Mother Truckers (each piece was actually pretty solid too). Then came a photogallery and some trailers to other shows. While not the most comprehensive set of extras I have seen this year, it was a decided improvement over what the two companies have offered up all year around in most ways.

Ava Rose, Bree Olson, and Mr. Pete

Condoms: None

Courtney Cummz

Audio/Video Quality: Roller Dollz was presented in anamorphic widescreen with a 1.78:1 ratio as shot by director James Avalon for a dual venture by Zero Tolerance and Adam & Eve. This standard definition version was presented in 480 resolution using the MPEG-2 codec though it was shot using Sony handheld cameras in 1080/24p by the skilled Mike Quasar, the high definition version likely much better (though still limited to the kind of equipment used). There was some pattern noise and compression artifacts, the lighting sub-optimal to the eye (even pointed out by Mike himself in the BTS feature), but the framing generally attempting to get the best shot possible under the conditions existing at the moment. Some of the action footage suffered from heavy handed editing needed to compensate for the manner in which it was hot, but Mike as the lead editor did a solid job considering what he had to work with. The sex scenes were mostly short but straightforward too, a few of them designed to look artistic and lowering the stroke value for this gonzo fan considerably, the number of positions and camera angles limited by the way it was shot. The ladies did manage to look pretty hot in most cases though, the feature elements not quite on par with Avalon's best work but easy on the eyes most of the time. The video bitrate tended to hover around the 3.1 Mbps mark when I spot checked it, dropping much lower as well as going a bit higher at times, perhaps putting too much footage on the discs impacting the final product too.

Sunny Lane with Mick Blue

-- sponsored by --

The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround using a 384 Kbps audio bitrate and a 48 kHz sampling rate in English, a weaker secondary Spanish track added on for those that care. The separation of the aural components was like most porn in that I did not hear any outside of the musical numbers, the soundstage truncated to the point where it struck me that the surround encoding was strictly a post production exercise (missing an opportunity to trump other blockbusters this year as they did the same thing). The handful of musical numbers handled by Daniel Noteworthy (with two bands; the Flying Luchadors and the Mother Truckers) added to the value of the audio track though and the audio mix was at least as good as the visual components of the flick. One of these days, a company is going to hire an audio engineer and crew to do true surround tracks on their releases, taking advantage of the millions of home theaters owned by consumers and sweep their competitors at awards time.

The Orgy featuring Eva Angelina

Body of Review: James Avalon has long been a talented director and editor that I wished gained more attention by the porn industry but even his excellent features at Red Light District a few years ago were not met with much appreciation. His latest work is a dual venture by Zero Tolerance and Adam & Eve called Roller Dollz, a feature about rivalries in the female contact sport of roller derbies, the sexual trysts involved including some of the hottest names in porn at this writing such as Sunny Lane, Penny Flame, Eva Angelina, Bree Olson, Teagan Presley, Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Kayden Kross, and others. As always, I will not spoil the plotted elements for readers but the main story here was how Florence Fightingale (Sunny Lane) and Pyra Klastic (Bree Olson) fought on and off the rink, ending up in a small orgy where things worked out for all involved. The idea of two production companies working in tandem to provide contract performers, crew, and financial backing is nothing new (one of the most successful flicks of all time was a joint venture with Adam & Eve in the form of Pirates I, similar to Conquest, Perfect Match, and InTERActive, in showing how rivals can work together for the mutual benefit of all concerned). The back cover said it like this: "For the first time ever, adult industry rivals Adam & Eve Pictures and Zero Tolerance join forces and invite you to go head-to-head with Roller Dollz! Go on the track and behind the bleachers as two competitive roller derby teams (the Bitch N Moaners and the Pin-Ups) bend all the rules... And each other... in this full contact sport! This high-end feature is big-budget quality and hot gonzo style sex all rolled into one!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

The Director!

Scene One: Ava Rose, the hotty brunette on the top row of the front cover (second from the right), and curvy Camryn Kiss, were up first in the large shower, playing aggressively with each other until referee Tommy Gunn acted like a pervert and joined in. The ladies seemed to appreciate him more than each other, sitting on his face and slobbing his knob before they took turns climbing on top of his dick to ride. They fucked vaginally in several positions before he jerked off his genetic juice to Ava's crotch, Camryn kissing his rod before the scene faded away. There was some chemistry here and the heat served nicely to open up the sexual parts of the show.

The cameraman/editor!


Scene Two: Bree Olson, the major cutie featured on the lower left corner of the cover, and lean Kayden Kross, the gal standing above her, were up next in a lesbian tryst that resulted in them pawing each other in bed. Their clothing was tossed aside and their fine physique's looked good getting sweaty with each other, the vocal portions of the scene whispered softly more than loudly and a lot of kissing used between titty and crotch play. Bree seemed to be on a mission this time, Kayden trying to reclaim the dominant spot but not making it here, the combination of playfulness and enthusiasm serving both of them well enough as they proved a lesbian scene could be strokable. They ate each other out and used a few toys too, one of the better lipstick lesbian shows I've seen that applied tamer methods to arrive at a conclusion.

Scene Three: Alektra Blue, the brunette on the far left side with pretty eyes (now a contract performer for another company), was up next as she showed James Deen one of the two things she was good at (not beating up other girls either!). They were on the couch and a cute musical ditty played as they kissed, stripped, and gave each other oral pleasure. The vocals were secondary here but I liked the song so I forgave it this time, Alektra enjoying James' attentions before she blew him with near equal enthusiasm, resulting in her pounding herself on his cock vaginally. She seemed to be into the moment and spanked her own ass to a reddened state, ordering him to fuck her as she rubbed her asshole. It was one of the best pairings of the entire movie in terms of letting loose and giving a passionate ride, Alektra taking his wad of population pudding into her mouth to swallow as she thanked him and the scene faded out. Whew!

Scene Four: Courtney Cummz, Mia Presley, and Alektra Blue, were up next in yet another lesbian tryst, the three celebrating in the locker-room as the rest of the team disappeared wordlessly. They poured champagne on each other as they sucked titties and removed attire, the pornified music suitable for the stereotypical scene. Courtney is the gal on the far right hand side of the cover and Mia was one of the bit players not given a spot there, the trio spanking each other as they kissed, tweaking nipples, and kissing a lot more than they went down on each other, the toys pulled out to stimulate each other with Courtney the most aggressive partner of the moment. There was taste testing and things heated up when the music stopped to allow the vocals dominate the aural experience, slightly rough stuff going on as they worked it hardcore style.

Scene Five: Kayden Kross, again looking lovely but this time wearing a flowing white nighty in a dream sequence with studly Erik Everhard, proved to be a nightmare for Bree as she tried to stop them. The artistic merit of the scene aside, this kind of sequence does little for me most of the time so I would have rather seen the duo go at it without the special effects. Kayden's ass looked exceptional when covered by the sheer white fabric and Erik managed to satiate her orally before she took his pounding pecker vaginally in a standing doggy. He looked so red hot and sweaty that I was almost surprised he didn't spontaneously combust but it was clear that he was the driving force of the scene (Kayden looked great but was too passive most of the time). She did do some taste testing well after the scene started but it seemed like she was more into him hammering away at her pussy than anything else. The scene then ended when she blew him to completion while positioned at his knees.

Scene Six: Teagan Presley, the skinny hotty seen on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she prepared for practice on the locker bench. Erik Everhard was insistent on getting some from her, the pair agreeing to a quickie since she was already late. Erik ate her on the bench and she laughed with pleasure the entire time, her satin coat covering her breasts initially but her skates remaining on as with many of the other ladies in the movie. She did not reciprocate initially, relying on Erik to tear into her pussy from multiple angles instead, Teagan pushing back in a few of them so as to not be labeled as a passive rider. There were red marks on her ass from the action and she claimed he was turning her on, her minimal blowjob resulting in her bra tossed off and the gal finally getting into the action, even if slightly mechanically. Teagan got nearly as sweaty as Erik did and eventually warmed up to giving her best though, making this another scene in a big name movie for fans to enjoy during her hiatus from doing men on camera. While most of Teagan's oral came between the middle and end of the movie, her need for seed did her justice as she engulfed his cock in such a welcoming manner, milking him dry before he jerked off to her mouth. Teagan did not swallow but at least she provided some post coital sucking before rushing off to practice, none of which was shown in the flick.

Scene Seven: Penny Flame, the very popular hotty not featured on the front cover (whose lame idea was that?!?), was up next as she worked her magic on referee Mikey Butders in the game room while Courtney took pictures. Penny was wearing a neon pink top and blue jean skirt, the gal dropping to her knees to inhale his manhood as the pictures were taken. Penny was frisky and then bent over the pool table to grant Mikey better access at her ass crack, the man taking full advantage to rim her perfect pucker before drilling her biscuit. Like the other scenes, the vaginal dominance of the sex here might put off some long time fans of Zero Tolerance but it fit in well with the couples dynamic from Adam & Eve so your mileage may vary. The music ended and one abrupt edit later the couple was on the bed, the action suitable for repeated stroke value and spank bank material as the oral and vaginal work led to her draining him easily. Penny did not swallow either but provided more of the needed chemistry to elevate the rating of the show even if her role should have been larger.

Scene Eight: Ava Rose, Bree Olson, and Mr. Pete, were the last sex scene of the first disc, another dream sequence in bed where the ladies wore roller skates and provided a mouth and pussy to play with. Ava and Pete were up first here, Bree joining in after suitable warming up time, the couple going down on each other at a paced rhythm. Ava was an active rider and the weird lighting effects and music might not be my preferred manner of shooting this kind of thing but Ava's ass rippling looks good in any circumstances, her getting lost in the moment adding to the fun despite said limitations. When the ladies went into a 69 as Pete drilled Bree was perhaps my favorite part of the scene other than Ava on top as she impaled herself. There was some vocal dirty talk but like the rest of the show, not all that much as they all continued to work on each other. The pop shot went to Bree's mouth for swallowing, Ava looking on as if she wanted some of it for herself.

Scene Nine: Courtney Cummz, the sexy contract performer seen on the upper right side of the DVD cover, was the first scene on the second disc, her sneaky ways meriting some loving from Mikey Butders. He was the referee she was trying to bribe sexually, the gal dropping to her knees to slob his knob to some thumping music as her top flew off and mouth opened wide. It did not take long for her hand to gland action to get him erect, her aggressive oral skills always a treat to enjoy watching. Courtney then jumped onto his pecker to actively ride it, bouncing as she faked her moans and looked into the camera as she loves to do. There was no chemistry between them but it was a pretty warm effort otherwise, several positions of vaginal sex leading to her taking his nut of genetic juice into her mouth as the deal was sealed with a swallow.

Scene Ten: Sunny Lane, playing the "bad girl" Florence Fightingale, was up next in a flashback sequence with Mick Blue, as Bree watched them from the screened window. Bree had been living with him prior to this event and it set in motion the rivalry for the plotted points of the show, the lack of tease disappointing me as the scene was already well under way with Sunny passively accepting his cock in her pussy while she provided some repetitive moans. They did do some taste testing at times and Sunny's great ass looked sweet as it rippled while Mick was fucking her biscuit, the mouth pop not slowing them down until Bree interrupted the bedroom frolic.

Scene Eleven: Eva Angelina, Sunny Lane, Bree Olson, Ava Rose, Eric Swiss, and Mikey Butders, were up last in an orgy taking place in the nearly empty roller rink (despite shots of a small crowd all grouped together). The stakes were high and a fight led to clothing being torn off, gals from both teams jumping the referees to suck cock, lick pussy, and otherwise engage in naughty behavior. Yeah, it was about as believable as the acting and the music was not as good as earlier but the face sitting, ass slapping, and rimming added to the fun, the sex harder than most Adam & Eve features if softer than most of the gonzo titles coming from Zero Tolerance. There was some enthusiasm and energy here, a few of the cast wisely focusing on having fun while others went through the paces (and kept looking at the fucking camera!!!). Sunny seemed to be more interested this time too, Bree charming as she sucked off Eric, and Eva sharing Mikey with Ava. The vaginal and oral sex of the day was all there was but at least there was enough of it this time to help keep the rating intact. Fans of lesbian action should also appreciate that some gal on gal action took place too; Ava shining as the best of the lot (even my favorites!) in terms of how well she took to the cock. It ended when the facials were cumswapped amongst the ladies, a lot of messy semen flavored kissing closing the sex out for the resulting plot points to end the show.

Bonus Scene: Lady Scarface: Carmen Luvana, having taken care of her enemies and betraying friends alike, was up last as the sexual circle was now complete since she was thoroughly searching Jerry; much like she had been searched in the opening scene. He was definitely sporting a small caliper weapon, his cock, but she did everything in her power to make it grow as big as possible. She orally worked his cock to his bursting point of excitement; Jerry reciprocating on her cookie with a combination of tongue and finger. As expected, he wore a condom as they bumped uglies; the vaginal screwing actually fairly decent again, though not quite as heated a pairing as previously in the movie. She panted and moaned like she was performing but the titty pop eventually closed it before the big gunfight finale.

Bonus Scene: Girlvana 3: Francesca Le, Stephanie Swift: The "no toy zone" restriction was not only lifted here but they were actively encouraged; giving a substantially wider range to the variety of what the ladies could do. In years past, this section was also considered the "rough sex" part of the series since the gals were given explicit instructions to let loose with their fantasies and what they wanted to do. There appeared to be a slight nod to getting performers that wanted to interact together their due here as well which livened things up and if it were a competition for replay and strokability; the brunettes would have won hands down just as fans of more sensual lesbian antics will prefer the blonde disc of the show. Francesca Le was the focal point this time and while a few years older than most of the others, she was also the most sexually aggressive. It was interesting to note that the oral was still plentiful (this is a lesbian outing after all) but heavy on anal toy use too. Also of note was lovely Stephanie Swift, back from retirement to give some appreciated experience to the action in the final scene; Francesca clearly grateful at getting to work with her.

Summary: Roller Dollz by director James Avalon for both Zero Tolerance and Adam & Eve had a lot of sex, a cute plot that you can easily skip without missing too much, and some fine extras enhanced by a very appealing cast so I rated it as Highly Recommended. The sex was not as hardcore gonzo as most projects associated with Zero Tolerance nor was it as couples oriented as most projects coming out of Adam & Eve but I wish they had offered up extended versions of the sex scenes as other top companies have done of late with their blockbuster efforts to appease the raincoaters out here in consumer land. In all though, the double disc set should provide some stroke value for fans of the cast as well as a broader audience wanting something a bit more entertaining than generic porn so pick up a copy of Roller Dollz and see what people are talking about. Also, if you happen to see the high definition version of the movie, feel free to let me know if it improves some of the visual elements as much as I think it should, the BTS showing it was caught in full 1080p and probably the best way to view it.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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