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Real Girls, Real Orgasms

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Essin' Em » Review Date: 11/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Queer/Lesbian
Director: Abby Winters
Running Time: 2:10:35
Extras: None
Condoms: None (no male-bodied people)
Produced: 2007
Sound: Information not provided

This movie was slightly different than expected.  With two hot Australian babes on the cover, most would think this a DVD of women fucking. However, it provides many clips of masturbation, both mutual and solo.  All "real" girls (no silicone to be found, and many choose not to style their pubic hair, going all natural), and real orgasms, this certainly isn't your average porn, and it isn't really even the traditional "girl on girl."  It's queer porn, a genre that has really exploded in the past few years, and AbbyWinters.com is right on top of that wave.

This isn't some fancy-schmancy film with lots of extras, the ability to be interactive, multiple camera angles, etc. It's hot girls, masturbating (themselves and each other), and it really doesn't need to be (or try to be) anything else.  The piano music between scenes is nice - it would be nicer if it continued during some of them.

To be perfectly honest, some of the scenes were a little boring to watch.  While watching a partner get herself off is always hot, sometimes it can get a bit old when it's someone you don't know, and it can seem kind of repetitive. However, the entire DVD becomes worth it during the scene between Angie and Fotina - this is one of the best sex scenes featuring two women that AbbyWinters has ever produced.  It's fun, playful, and of course, incredibly sexy and hot. It really makes the movie.

If you're someone that likes to watch women get themselves off with REAL orgasms (and no fake nails!), this is a great film for your collection.  With 9 scenes and 12 different women, there is definitely something for everyone.

Scene 1: Dominica
Dominica is a cute girl in a jean skirt, who decides to get off lying on her couch. It's a 11 minute scene with her rubbing herself until she comes, moan and groaning along the way.  This is one of those scenes (mentioned above) that gets a bit repetitive. 

Scene 2: Leah
Leah starts the scene lying on her couch (in pink and white polka dot panties, no less!), giving the viewer a little look into her views on masturbation, and why she thinks it's important.  She lets us know that everyone should masturbate everyday, for centering and to feel whole, or at night for a beautiful night's sleep.  Listening to her talk makes me want to masturbate right along side her! She's a cute, curvy girl with kind of an earth goddess feel to her, and she's quite fun to watch as she strokes herself, playing with her clit and breasts, moving her fingers in and out of her.

Scene 3: Tash
Tash's scene starts with her playing with her breasts under her Zoo York shirt (so you know she has good taste.  As she lifts her shirt up, you can see that her naturally big breasts are gorgeous, making it lots of fun as she continues to play with her nipples, even once she begins to rub herself through her underwear. She doesn't even bother to take her panties off, just pulls them to the side to rub her clit, until she comes really hard.

Scene 4: Sienna
Sienna gently climbs into her bed before centering herself.  She runs her hands through her hair, up and down her neck, etc, before slowly reaching between her legs and under her shirt, to play with her breasts and vulva at the same time.  Even once she unsnaps the top of her outfit, and pulls her breasts out from her shirt, she leaves the rest on, which is really hot.  Then, she uses the strap from her jean jumper to rub herself through her underwear - again - hot. Finally, she removes the rest of her clothing in order to fuck herself good and properly.

Scene 5: Beck
Beck is lying on the floor in a pile of pillows as she gently rubs herself through her pink and white striped underwear (pink and white is a bit of a theme here), before reaching down her panties to begin to touch herself.  She slowly removes her shirt, and leaves her bra on, just pulling her breasts out of the cups for easier access.  Slowly, she beings to finger herself with one hand while continuing to rub her clit with the other. Eventually, the bra comes off, and she rubs herself harder and harder until she gets to orgasm.

Scene 6: Juliette K and Larissa M
These two are adorable, and it isn't just their accents. They're super playful, and they talk to the viewer, which is always nice. As they remove their clothing, they show off their cute bras and panties, and point out that they almost match, modeling for each other. Having decided to go "no toys, al naturel," they finally strip down completely until they too are al naturel, chatting all the while. It's like watching two friends.  Juliette than takes out a glass toy (guess she changed her mind), and Larissa is a little a little jealous, especially as she continues to demonstrate what she can do with the toy!  The put their legs over each other, and continue to chat each other up as the work on getting themselves off.   

Scene 7: Angie and Fotina
This is, without a doubt, the best scene in the movie.  These two have incredible chemistry, and for those of us out there that like to watch real people, having real sex, and really having fun with it...well, these two wrote the book on it.  They start with a nice picnic, fully clothed, but as the food gets eaten, some of the clothes come off, and then a few more, and before you know it, these two are going at it.  In fact, this is more of a fucking scene than mutual masturbation, at least in my book. Plus, with lines like "I couldn't have done it without you," "'You're awesome!' 'No, YOU'RE awesome'" and a giant fist pump in the air, this scene is more than arousing - it's really enjoyable to watch.

Scene 8: Sue
Sue touches her body all over, rubbing her legs, her stomach, and of course, rubbing herself through her panties, before she decides to take her top off in order to gain better access to her breasts.  As she hugs herself, she really brings a new meaning to "loving yourself." Then she takes her bra off, sighing as she continues to touch herself through her underwear, finally pulling them down, and then completely off as she positions herself for the best angle.  Finally, she rubs herself hard until she reaches climax.

Scene 9: Corelle and Dotty
Unlike the other two scenes with two women, these two don't really seem to interact much with one another, as they lay head-to-head on a red couch. They rub themselves, occasionally stealing a glance over to see what the other one is up to. Not too much noises until they start getting close, and then you can really tell how much they are enjoying it.  They wind up with one of their heads lying on the other's neck as they both climax.

-Essin' Em
Sexuality Happens: www.Essin-Em.com

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