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Real Wife Stories

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Frankenlola » Review Date: 11/7/08

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Wife, Big Boobs

Director: Brett Brando

Cast: Hanna Hilton, Amy Reid, Shyla Stylez, Shy Love, Rhyse Richards, Rhylee Richards, Jordan Jagger, Hailey Star.

Length: 2h55m

Condoms: None

Special Features:

Bonus Scene with Jordan Jagger: See below.
Behind the Scenes: Standard fare of cast interviews, video of photo shoot and scenes. [56m24s]
Photo Gallery: Free running stills of the girls. [6m02s]
Cumshot Recap: Finale shots from every scene. [7m34s]
Trailers: Previews for 6 other Brazzers titles.
Web Access: Addys for several Brazzers sites.

Audio was good.  There was some variation between scenes, but levels were consistent within a scene.  Scene 5 had some in car footage, and the must have had a window down, because there was some wind interference.  The video was 4:3, with one scene (#2) in letterboxed 16:9.  The picture was crisp, and again had no issues.

Body of Review:
The busty housewives aren't getting what the need at home, so they go out and find that special something to fill the void.  Each situation gets plenty of story building before the action.  The 6 girls get the affection the need.  The intro plays like a trailer, so watching this gives you all the info you need to know why the girls need to be fucked, so you can cut straight to the action. 

Scene 1: Amy Reid

Amy's husband comes home to find her surfing an online dating site.  Once Amy explains the situation, her husband gives her the go ahead to invite the guy over.  Once introductions are made, the online guy gives her a pounding while hubby watches.  The action takes place in the living room with some making out, diddling, and then Amy gets down on her knees for a wet BJ.  They switch to a 69, and Amy gets a finger in her ass before inserting two fingers of her own into her brown box.  She climbs on top for some cowgirl, grinding on his cock, her big titties bouncing along.  They spoon for a bit, the she rewets his cock before switching to doggy.  He continues his reaming until he shoots his load in her mouth.  After cleaning herself up while the guys make small talk. 
    The scene was decently hot, although the husband was off camera for much of it.  I think a better solution would have been having him come in and give Amy a second helping of what she needed.

    His: 3.0
    Hers: 3.0

Scene 2: Shy Love, Shyla Stylez

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Perky brunette Shy and her husband inviter her college friend Shyla over to their house.  The girls catch up on old times while the guys sit awkwardly in silence.  After a few drinks, the girls notice Shy's husband checking Shyla's huge rack, and decide to relive their old sorority days.  The girls initiate the swap, and the husbands are happy to go along.  The girls start by showing them what's in store, first by making out, then Shyla licks her old friend's ass while telling her husband how tight it is.  The girls separate and start pleasing the other's husband.  Standard sucking and fucking ensues, with the couples on different couches.  There is plenty of dialogue between husband and wife, making sure the other is having a good time.  Shyla then helps her husband guide his big cock into Shy's ass, and he pounds her deep while Shyla returns to the odd man out.  Shy gets flipped upside down and continues to get reamed in the ass and gets the first load, hungrily gulping it down.  Then it is Shyla's turn, and she leaves no drop un-swallowed.  The two swap some spit, and then the party breaks up, except Shyla leaves with Shy's husband.

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 3.5

Scene 3: Hanna Hilton

Hanna is a hot wife, with short blonde hair, and massive naturals. This is Hanna's first boy-girl scene. She gets up in the morning and wants to blow her husband before he goes to work.  Unfortunately, he is too busy for that and heads to work.  Hanna then heads to her Pilates class, and her instructor gives her the work-out she has been needing.  After warming up, the two begin kissing and Hanna gets a rub down.  After getting her box munched, she returns the favor by gobbling his cock.  She doesn't handle very much of it, and isn't very enthusiastic about it.  She then climbs onto his cock and bounces up and down while he lies on a weight bench.  In this part she shows more energy, and slams herself down onto his dick, making her big melons bounce nicely.  She then lies back on a balance ball and continues to get pounded.  Her tits spin in opposite directions as the instructor continues his lesson.  Hanna slobbers on his meat one more time, before bending over the bench and getting pounded from behind.  Once the instructor reaches his maximum exertion, he shoots his load all over her jugs.  Hanna then licks them clean before heading home for a nap.  Her husband comes home and is ready for the BJ she offered, but Hanna is too worn out to oblige.
    The scene seemed a little long, and lacked heat in places.  Again, I think if they cut some parts down, and had the husband gets a second round, it would add to the excitement.  Hanna was a highlight, and her natural beauty made it my favorite scene of the film.

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 4.0

Scene 4: Rhyse Richards, Rhylee Richards.

Rhyse, the busty blonde on the left is visiting her step-sister Rhylee, the busty blond on the right.  Rhyse is depressed because it has been 3 months since she got laid.  Being a caring sister, Rhylee offers up her husband to assist.  The duo first take turns sucking hubby's cock, and then Rhyse straddles his face while Rhylee continues the BJ.  Rhyse lays back and gets fucked while Rhylee sits on her sister's face, getting her pussy and ass licked.  Rhylee then licks the favor of Rhyse off her husband's dick, while getting two fingers jammed into her snatch.  Rhylee then gets a turn astride her husband, while the girls kiss and lick each other's nipples.  Rhyse climbs back onto the dick, and gets filled while Rhylee licks her clit before returning to her sister's face.  Then the shift into doggy, with Rhylee kneeling in front of her sister and the threesome forming a train.  The pounding continues until he drops a load into Rhyse's mouth, who shares it with her sister, spitting it into her mouth and tits.  The group has worked up appetite, so Rhylee runs to the store for some grub, leaving her sister and husband behind for round two.

    His: 2.5
    Hers: 2.5

Scene 5: Hailey Star

Hailey and her husband are on their way to her Mom's house.  He did not really want to go, so it was fortunate their hybrid broke down alongside the road.  There was some back and forth bickering on what the next step would be.  Luckily a mechanically inclined gentleman stops to assist.  However he forgot his tools, so he needed to run home and pick them up.  Hailey offers to assist, while her husband stays with the car.
    Once home, they head to the bedroom.  When somebody keeps their wrenches in there, I wouldn't know.  It works out fine though, as there is really only one tool that Hailey wants to work with.  She pulls him onto the bed and the couple starts with a little groping before he releases her massive melons.  Who could blame a guy for being seduced by those?  After some more suckling, she kneels down and releases his curved cock.  Meanwhile, hubby wonders what is taking so long and heads off walking.  After an excelled warm up, Hailey undresses and lays back to give the friendly mechanic access to her tool box.  Hailey then gets on top and guides his cock into her, before slowly grinding on it.  By now, the husband has found the house, and starts looking for his wife.  Upon peering through the bedroom window, he finds his wife riding cowgirl.  He gets mad, but she just closes the blinds and keeps riding.  She lies back on the bed again, and finally remover her bra so we can see her big jubblies bounce as she gets railed.  The ride continues in several more positions before he sprays his lube onto her tongue.  He heads off to the shower, and we never do find out what happened with the car.

    His: 4.5
    Hers: 3.5

Bonus Scene (6): Jordan Jagger

The scene begins Jordan silently getting dressed in the bathroom.   She is another busty brunette, with curves in all of the right places.  Her husband on the other hand, is stuck in a wheelchair and can't get the TV to work.  Unfortunately after his accident, the cable isn't the only thing not working.  It has been several years since the crash, and Jordan has needs that need to be filled.  The two continue their discussion while the guy from Lagina Cable overhears.  Hubby comes up with a solution, and the cable guy gets the assist.
    The cable guy joins Jordan on the couch, while hubby watches nearby from his chair.  Jordan's top disappears quickly, and then she starts handling the cable man's cock.  He gives out orders to Jordan, and she obeys.  She takes his cock all the way until she gags, while hubby still fiddles with the remote.  Jordan lays back and spreads her wet pussy for her service tech.  After getting her hot, he teases her slit with his dick, before being the first cock in years to enter her tight snatch.  He slowly pumps her, and she sounds like a woman that really needs to get laid.  She kneels on the couch, so she can face her husband while being punished from behind.  He stops, and makes her fuck herself using his cock, so she pounds her round ass back into him.  They move to the floor for some cowgirl, before switching to a 69.  She rides him some more, until he finishes on her face and chest.
    Unfortunately, the cable guy had to go before fixing the TV, so poor hubby gets nothing.

    His: 4.0
    Hers: 4.0

Concluding Words:
    Real Wife Stories is an excellent movie for those interested, if even in fantasy, of extra-marital activities.  The scenes were good, with plenty of background, and variety for everyone.  Sometimes the scenes seemed a bit long, with some mundane action.  I think an improvement could be made by cutting the scenes down a bit, and involving the hubby in the necessary scenes.  There aren't any circus style acts that would offend the sensitive, with only a bit of anal.  The girls were all beautiful, however, most were unnatural.  This may not help the "real wife" aspect, unless your local PTA is full of mediocre boob jobs.  Once you get through the movie, i don't know if there is anything that would make you want to come back for more. Therefore, I am giving it a "RENT IT"

Couples rating:    Solo |---*-| Couples

NOTE: Distortions in images presented above are the result of the capture program, and not representative of actual video quality.

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