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Cum Eating Cuckolds (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/10/08

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Cum Eating Cuckolds 1 (Blu-ray)

Kick Ass Pictures

Genre: Female Domination

Director: Glenn Baren

Cast: Lie Lani, Justin Long, Les Moore, Christina Agave, Sledge Hammer, Tino Santana, Alexa Lynn, Jon Jon, Mark Van Dervilt

Length: 87:36 minutes

Date of Production: 6/20/2007

Extras: There were three text biographies for the ladies but the best extra was a very short Behind the Scenes feature that only lasted 4:38 minutes with some lactation, additional dialogue, and the cast having fun in front of the camera.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Cum Eating Cuckolds 1 (Blu-ray) was presented in a non anamorphic letterboxed 1.78:1 ratio color show as shot by director Glenn Baren for Kick Ass Pictures; mastered in the high definition AVC codec to display a 1080i resolution picture. The bitrate stayed mainly around the 16.8 Mbps area. The resolution did not really showcase the picture all that well and there were some compression artifacts, but the fleshtones were accurate in most cases with minimal tint or variation. The camera angles tended to favor the female domination theme but the ladies were not optimally covered, their makeup handled reasonably well but none of the gals looking their very best. There was some aliasing noticed but most of the time; it simply came across as low end web material ported over to DVD for additional sales. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo English using the 192 Kbps bitrate (and 48 kHz sampling rate) but it varied in terms of clarity much like the video aspects of the production; the closer the camera was to the cast, the better the technical aspects were. There was no separation and the dynamic range was decidedly limited, the hollow nature of the vocals obvious from the beginning to end.

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Body of Review: Glenn Baren is a fetish director at Kick Ass Pictures who focuses largely on female domination titles for his legion of fans to appreciate. As a niche director, he can service a small but dynamic community of like-minded individuals, the group understanding that smaller sales require shorter movies with fewer extras than those that appeal to a wider audience. That means that the company's latest high definition title, Cum Eating Cuckolds 1 (Blu-ray) did not add anything to the original production but provided an upgrade in terms of the visual aspects of the movie for those with the proper equipment to handle it. The back cover of the case said it like this: "Your wife says you don't satisfy her in bed. She needs big, black cock, and she wants you to watch! While her black stud is pounding her pussy, she adds to your humiliation by ordering you to lick her dirty asshole. You do it because you don't have a choice. You're a wimp. You were born to be a cuckold, to serve your hot wife and her black lovers. The coup de grace comes when she lets the black savage ejaculate inside her, then positions her pussy over your face and says "Swallow every drop, Sweetie!"" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lie Lani, an older Asian gal with an all natural body, was up first as the gym partner of black Justin Long, the pair set to engage in sexual relations despite the protestations of wealthy husband Les Moore. She pointed out her love of black cock and told him that she would leave him, taking half his millions, if he divorced her, the gal forgetting what a really rich guy would do under similar circumstances but he acquiesced and she told him it would be "an experience we can share together." Justin was apprehensive that Les might throw him off his game but Lie convinced him it would be fine, her clothing taken off to reveal an average body but a nice ass, the man rubbing himself through his pants as she put on a decent show. Les was relegated to the corner of the bedroom and Lie demonstrated she was lactating before she blew Justin, her small mouth unable to handle his manhood to any discernable degree. Les rimmed her as she worked the cock too, Les getting to kiss her between bouts of black cock in her mouth (making him a cock sucker by proxy). Les continued to eat her out as she sucked Justin, naked Les looking on as if wanting a turn at her himself, his small cock probably needing to rub against her vaginal wall given the difference in size. Lie was vocal but relatively passive, Les getting a close up look on the bed as his two companions fucked, Justin's wad of genetic juice oozing out of her snatch for Les to clean up by the end of the show. Les even provided a small bit of population pudding himself when he jerked off to her stomach, Lie requiring him to lick his own spew up as well.

Scene Two: Christina Agave, a trampy looking gal in yellow undies and alleged to be three months pregnant, was up next with repairman Sledge Hammer, her wimpy white husband unable to bone her due to a medical procedure (Tino Santana playing the part). Since Tino couldn't handle his manly duties, Christina had large black male Sledge take care of her, the gal also putting on a strip tease that emphasized her ass. She was also unable to appropriately handle such a large black cock orally but she tried her best to get him ready, wincing at how it filled her throat even a few inches deep (while her hand to gland action did the majority of the erection-resulting pumping). Tino sat in a nearby chair as the couple worked the couch, coming over to join them when ordered to by his "wife" to suck his pussy after he was jerking off. In her favor, she was very vocal with porn styled moans but Sledge did almost all the work in terms of the vaginal ride, Tino licking up the vaginal creampie that resulted before she trampled him and forced him to eat his own semen off her feet.

Scene Three: Alexa Lynn, the skinny blond on the front cover, was up next having sex with black Jon Jon after he finished his game of pool with Mark Van Dervilt. Jon had made a deal to have her if he won a game, the gal agreeing because "everyone knows a ni**er can't play pool", which of course resulted in Jon claiming his prize after she performed a tease with her booty shorts and loose top. Alexa got verbally abusive with Mark and that led to her forcing her husband to wear her shorts. Alexa slobbed some black knob with enthusiasm if lacking the kind of skill I prefer to see, the vaginal plowing about as predictable as the previous two scenes. Alexa was a passive rider and Jon did her in a few positions as she made all the requisite noises, Mark kissing her feet and eating out her pussy between the various positions. To her credit, Alexa became an active rider near the very end of the scene, milking Jon's nuts of seed for Mark to slurp up after he did everything else she demanded of him. The second camera shot of him eating her out made it looked especially fake and the movie ended abruptly during the dialogue, making me wonder if a mastering error truncated the already short movie.

Summary: Cum Eating Cuckolds 1 (Blu-ray) by director Glenn Baren for Kick Ass Pictures had three scenes of advertised action that ended before the movie truly finished but at least thanks to affiliate Empire, the names of the secondary performers were easy enough to find. I wish the extras had been better and the movie longer with higher grade women but in fairness to the company, the action provided was what was stated so I felt a rating of Rent It was reasonable. In short, Cum Eating Cuckolds 1 (Blu-ray) was much like Cum Eating Cuckolds 5 that I reviewed recently, something for those of you into the genre, albeit lacking enough replay value to generate a broader audience this time.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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