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Cinesex - 2 Disc Collector's Set

Studio: Metro » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/12/08

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Asia Carrera and Alex Sanders

Cinesex - 2 Disc Collector's Set

Metro/Cal Vista


Genre: Feature

Director: Michael Zen

Leena with Alex

Producer: Paul Thomas

Cast: Part One: Asia Carrera, Alex Sanders, Krista, Ian Daniels, Leena, Steven St. Croix
Non-sex roles: Guy DiSilva, Valentino, Jay Ashley


Cast: Part Two: Krista, Ian Daniels, Kaitlyn Ashley, Valentino, Jay Ashley, Asia Carrera, Guy DiSilva Melissa Monet, Lisa Ann, Tony Tedeschi, Leena, Steven St. Croix

Length: Part One: 76:16 minutes


Length: Part Two: 76:56 minutes

Date of Production: 1995 (pre-7/3/1995)

Kaitlyn Ashley and Valentino

Extras: The extras were light this time, a set of trailers, photogalleries, and spam on each disc rounding out the fact that there were two full movies (albeit short movies). The slipcover contained the set in a folding book form that was nice too.

Asia Carrera

Condoms: None

Melissa Monet and Ian

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Audio/Video Quality: Cinesex Double Feature was actually a set of two movies shot at the same time back in 1995 by director Michael Zen as now distributed by Metro/Cal Vista. It is my belief that the movie was considered far too long when originally envisioned by the director so the company let him shoot it and then cut it for the dual release, not knowing how the DVD format would change the landscape with multi disc epics released all the time to satiate the need for value by consumers. I believe the movies were also shot in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame but now "remastered" to make them anamorphic widescreen, the process used to do so adding significant amounts of grain, video noise, and compression artifacts much to my dismay. The video bitrate hovered around the 6.5 Mbps area when I spot checked it but ultimately, the converted picture had little to work with, the macroblocking and mosquito noise bothersome to say the least but the lighting and color saturation problems just as bad. If you're looking for a blast from the past, by all means check this one out but go into it with the knowledge that it does not look like a contemporary release, the MPEG-2 codec unable to compensate for the processing and ravages of time. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English, the audio bitrate set at 192 Kbps and the sampling rate the familiar 48 kHz. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was limited, the impression I got from watching the set being that the stereo signal was added in during post production.

Lisa Ann's ass!

Body of Review: Michael Zen is sometimes referred to as a "concept" director, making movies that rely on something other than sexual energy to entertain his fans. This sometimes works better when he has a decent budget to work with but as he has worked for various companies, it is always interesting to see what he has done in his lengthy history in the industry. Once upon a time, he shot a few flicks now distributed by Metro/Cal Vista in the form of the Cinesex Double Feature back in 1995, the movies shot together and released as Cinesex 1 and 2 back on tape way back then. The industry was different then and unlike today when double disc outings are not exceptionally rare, double tape releases were uncommon, the movie a continuous tale starring Leena and Asia Carrera as two beings desperately trying to find happiness though the phrase "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" comes to mind regarding the results. On atechnical note, the movies were altered from their original full frame presentation into a widescreen set here, the visual elements suffering as a result. The back of the box said it like this: "Cinesex: Sheri is a stripper, disillusioned with her boyfriend, who longs for the romance of the movie icons of the 1940's. Leena is a movie icon, who longs for real sex, not just a fade kiss and a fade to black. So they do what any desperate girl would, they switched places. Cinesex 2: Sheri & Lucky are about to swap places across the 50 years that separate them. Sheri is a hot, flesh and blood woman of the 90's... and Lucky is a sensual bombshell of the 40's film. They share desires and needs that overpower them, but what will happen when the two trade places in time? Hold on to your popcorn, you're about to join them." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Steven St. Croix and Leena

Cinesex 1

Scene One: Asia Carrera, a star once upon a time, was up first as she pined for a bygone era that relied less on overt sexuality so much as classy moves. She was partnered up with Alex Sanders and this scene was shot before she had the implants done, the pair showing a lot of care as they went down on each other before some minimal vaginal sex. The camera was somewhat jumpy and the editing kept the sex from showing as much heat as it could have due to sporadic edits, but as a fan of the lady, I cannot deny that I wanted to see her in action even if my hopes this would look better than a taped version were dashed. Asia was an active rider when she was on top of him, his wad of genetic juice launched to her stomach before he kissed her throat.

Scene Two: Krista, a curvy gal wearing a blond wig, was up next with goth looking Ian Daniels in a rathole apartment in the bed as she blew him and he pounded into her pussy as she loudly screamed in fake porn style. He barely had an erection here and his hair looked better than hers, their complete lack of chemistry putting me off though I did like how she jerked out his population pudding from his cock to her stomach more than seeing the confederate flag on the wall.

Scene Three: Leena, the attractive redhead featured on the front cover, was up next on the couch with Alex Sanders when she "gave him a try" as part of the limited plot. He was approaching it like a grudge fuck, the gal having swapped roles with Asia in a metaphysical mumbo jumbo of weirdness. The action was interrupted by some plot elements and Krista doing a solo bit with her fingers and toy, the vaginal and oral sex of the couple showing some energy worth delving into even if it bugged me as displayed here. Leena teased him in a skimpy nighty in bed as he felt her leg, the show having the intended result since he was ready to rumble in no time, the scene even showing him drilling her ass as she rubbed her clitoris. The scene finished up with a facial and Krista tasting her own juices in her portion, not a bad scene at all in terms of the heat generated.

Scene Four: Asia Carrera, all dolled up in her old fashioned clothing (and in black & white), was up last as she went to a remote location with Steven St. Croix to escape an untimely fate. The foreboding thunder storm in the background did little to dissuade them from making out and getting busy once the color had been restored, Steven licking her tits, pussy, and ass (which he also fingered) before she blew him. Asia was actively riding when on top and it was far too soon when he jerked off his spew to her stomach, minor plot elements ending the show in a cliffhanger fashion.

Cinesex 2

Scene One: Krista, this time without her wig, was up first giving Ian Daniels a blowjob in bed. It was short, sweet, and the kind of real life knob slobber that most of us probably expect when "Aunt Flo" visits for a few days. It did not end in a visible pop shot, Ian left to beat his meat as she donned her wig and walked off.

Scene Two: Kaitlyn Ashley, dressed in black as she was escorted out of the car by thuggish Valentino and Jay Ashley, was not wearing panties as she exited the car. She was led to a lame room where she took control of the guys, demanding they strip and eat her pussy while she took turns sucking them off. She looked a bit like Tiffany Mynx here so I admit that her aggressive style was better than average for the two movies. They fucked her pussy and ass with her taste testing something I could appreciate, the dirty talk making the scene better for me as she did not act as passive as the others tended to do. She took one load to her pussy and the other to her titties, finishing them off easily. Nice!

Scene Three: Asia Carrera, again set in the old movie as a classic woman in distress, then tried to seduce Guy DiSilva in an effort to save her life (after discussing it with her counterpart). Asia greedily sucked his cock and he reciprocated when she bent over, leading to a pounding vaginal screw where she sweat profusely as he drilled her in doggy. Kaitlyn Ashley then joined them to give it up fairly heatedly again, all three of them getting frisky as they provided oral pleasuring and more vaginal until the chest pop closed it out too quickly.

Scene Four: Melissa Monet, Lisa Ann, Tony Tedeschi, Ian Daniels, and half the rest of the cast were up next in an orgy scene where Lisa looked quite good. The living room setting was okay but some of the cast were relegated to minor roles here, the oral and vaginal sex including a lot of fingering. I thought Tony was going to have a heart attack screwing Lisa and Melissa liked the pussy way too much by comparison, the entire thing weakened because it was edited into Asia's strip tease show that ruined the tempo. The ass pop and crotch pop ending the action were healthy enough but it lacked in so many other ways.

Scene Five: Leena, the anal loving cover cutie, was up last with Steven St. Croix, the tender moments of kissing and oral sex leading to a bit of vaginal and anal drilling. The penetrative portions of the scene were slow this time, the active ride looking unrealistic but with a lot of untapped potential that I wished was treated differently before the facial closed it up.

Summary: Cinesex Double Feature by director Michael Zen for Metro/Cal Vista was a movie I wanted very much to appreciate but just as I have long pointed out, porn evolves over time so unless a performer is a world class piece of ass or the story outlandishly entertaining, going back reminds us that we become accustomed to what we watch the most. I liked the cast and wished there was more tease, higher technical values, and perhaps better extras, but I will go so far as to say I liked it enough to rate it as a Rent It even despite the limitations mentioned above. In short, Cinesex Double Feature was like a time capsule in terms of who was in it and how it was shot but the replay value was not as great as I would have liked so give it a look and see for yourselves what you will, just don't expect modern day quality from it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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