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Hairy Movie

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/11/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hairy Movie
A Zero Tolerance Production Directed by Nate Liquor
Starring:  Jocelyn Stone, Max Mikita, Sasha Grey, Kimberly Kane, Mika Tan, Sarah Faye & Lexi Love
With:  Mick Blue, Sascha, Mr. Pete & James Deen.
Runtime:  2hrs 31min
Condoms?:  None

Brief Synopsis:  As the trend of wearing one's beaver bald has slipped away in some pockets of the porny world, Hairy Movie attempts to alight the stars with a fresher growth down below, easing in the natural look with the sweet looks of some of today's best performers.  In other words: thank goodness for fur (let me show you how)!

[Scene One]  Jocelyn Stone  (with Sascha)

Stranded on a side road, Jocelyn accepts good samaritan Sascha's willing assistance, prompting a breezy blow job after fondling the path between her chest down between her skirt (her growth may be expansive, but still is shorn a bit close for my tastes!).  He sits in the cab, door open, getting out to continue being serviced by Jocelyn, moving onto the open bed of the truck for a brief stint of doggy style fucking, with the rumbling of the highway competing with their soft slaps.  A tiger tattoo stretched across her left thigh, Jocelyn recovers herself slightly as they drive off to Sascha's place, guiding the action into his bedroom.  They patter on hungrily, cowgirl smacks anchored by her throaty and appreciative shouts, tousling their sticking into reverse cowgirl, onward into spooning, saddling into missionary.  Another run of doggy allows for Jocelyn's rump to be shown off at its best, with Sascha schtupping her pussy as the bed and his partner match squeaks and curry themselves faster along.  He pulls her mane as she bellows out for more, finally jerking himself off, shallow, into Jocelyn's pussy, erupting with a cream pie that drips along her bushed beaver and onto the bed in a stream of tears.  Though her "ooh, naughty!" manner may wear thin, Jocelyn lets Sascha do his job, well enough for her to flutter away and flap her milfy wings across the scene.  The hairy focus is minor here, more support than anything else.  Still, a kiss is better than a punch, right?  Somebody punch me.

[Scene Two] Max Mikita  (with Mick Blue)

Naked in the afternoon sun, Max grazes a hairbrush against her budding amount of bloom, massaging that fine beard with a few sucked fingers held wet between her set of braces.  Sidling in, Mick kisses and does a bit of his own brushing, rubbing Max's brown eraser nipples before angling himself, face first, between her legs.  He flicks his tongue against her clit, wavering his favor enough for a blow job courtesy of Max.  She begins slowly, garnering enough spit for a half-staff swallow, delving deeper as the drool keeps erupting from her throat, nearly downing the whole of his well-greased schlong before they lock lips once again.  Classic cowgirl begins their joint partnership, with either one taking turns doing the bulk of the work.  Mick drifts down and sucks at her cherry area once again, lifing her legs up for a missionary run that leaves Max's legs twiddling in the air, and simultaneously sticking two of her own fingers as Mick docks his dog inside of her.  A heavy amount of wild, teeth-bore grinding later, Max bops side saddle, slopping Mick's wand afterward, then settling herself on her side once again as he waves his tongue against the rim of her asshole, readying it for an anal run.  Max whittles herself as Mick dips into her rear, pumping faster along into reverse anal cowgirl that spouts some hearty sounds out of Max.  Mick strokes off onto her cooze, spreading his wealth across the teeny shrubbery and tickling down to her heaving asshole.  Max's performance is a tad more down to earth than the previous scene, even freakier with the addition of anal, and my personal favorite accoutrement, orthodontry.  Seeing the sunlight bounce across her understated, though not too fierce, bundle of bush was delightful, as was the genuinely hot time that Max had with Mick.  I was, and still am, wound up!

[Scene Three]  Sasha Grey  (with Mr. Pete)

Staring into the camera with her hands pulling her undies back, Sasha begins her scene by showing off her accumulated flying-V atop her cleanly shorn pussy lips.  A few fingers and rubs later, we're following her thinly veiled ass rumble up the stairs slowly, leading to a seated Pete. Sasha shoots a knowing, mischievous look our way from between that long mane of hers before kissing the zipper of her partner's jeans, undoing his fly and gripping his balls with her thin trickle of a mouth.  The nuzzle graduates into a tongue lashing, further inhaling Pete's prick down her throat, springing hot amounts of wide spit across her cheeks and down his wiggle stick, glaze everywhere.  He pulls her hair and shoves her head into his crotch, though Sasha is more than game to take him on. 

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Now nude, Pete turns around and plops his wang into her mouth from above in 69, smearing even more grease across Sasha's face as he shuttles down.  Flipping her over, he snaps and slinks his mouth between her legs while Sasha conjures the proceedings with a string of dirty whispers.  In missionary, Pete sticks his thumbs into Sasha's mouth, wandering around as she grunts and coddles his thoughts with her filthy froth, rubbing her crotch as keeps his crotch socking away, soon venturing into doggy-style rump bumping. 

In reverse cowgirl, Sasha rides and diddles herself, trading off the lion's share of duties halfway with Pete, veering into a beautiful side-saddle that he insists on seeing (with an ass like Sasha's, this position should always, from now on, be mandatory!  Please!).  Cowgirl allows for more gorgeous ass bobbling, and Pete takes the opportunity to hold Sasha close and tweak her nipples between his teeth and along his fingertips.  Standing up as she kneels below, he jerks as Sasha tickles his balls, finally depositing nearly every drop of his seed into her mouth.  She culls out the post-drops and spits it down her chin, collecting and re-collecting it until it covers her neck and chest, on into fade-out.  As she often does, Sasha more or less shows everyone up with her well-honed brand of sexual fitness, maintaining her own kind of grace within the pleasures of her own and that of her partner.  Her beaver is quite wonderful to witness full fledged, even if its puffy riches weren't used to full capacity in this scene.  Still, great as always, but more tugging on that pelt next time?

[Scene Four]  Kimberly Kane  (with James Deen)

In a sunken bathtub, Kimberly suds up her crotch as James stands at the sink and shaves, drawing toward Kim's distraction quite easily.  He draws close for kisses, fingering her nipples and wiggling between her soft and trim kitten, going headway into missionary atop the white, somewhat slippery tiles.  James grabs onto Kim's hair as he plows forward, grinning as she proclaims and marvels at his length upon being stuck so sweetly.  Side by side, they continue, with Kim downing a few fingers and glossing her asshole and James' penis as it glides in and out of her pussy, so fresh! 

The tension finally causes Kim to succumb and proclaim "OH MY GOD!" between high pitched chirps, and the camera is quick to close in and catch the thick blips at its cause, the smushed skin and juices mashed every which way.  She takes care of her charge by keeping him close as they navigate among the slippery slopes, falling to her knees to blow him and bopping her head as James holds her by the scalp, thrusting from above.  With her ass out, Kim strokes her clit as James sneaks his tongue down her asshole, flicking a finger down her chute before he continues onward with her snatch, doggy-style.  He feeds her those stinky digits as she hovers her shoulders over the tub, prompting her to say "would you fuck me if my head was underwater?", and a somewhat confused look on James' face to follow (I, on the other hand, am not confused at all, hint hint), along with Kim coming back with "I'm mad at you", but "why?":  "Cuz you fuck better than me!", of course!  Finding a safe spot on the bathmatted floor, Kim sits atop and rides James in reverse cowgirl, twitching and smacking and sweating over each other until he stands up and she waddles her tongue around his sack.  Standing up, with a sloppy amount of spit slathered across her face and down her chest, Kim angles herself toward James, who aims his uproot of liquid clouds toward her pussy, but only manages to land a few drops with the rest hardening southward, off camera, where it all drips.  While, once again, the focus may have been less on the merkin than one would have hoped, Kim and James have a stellar time lobbing each others' hits among the tiles, and their eagerness, when combined with their sexual skills, is incredibly addictive to watch.  I have a soft spot for everything Ms. Kane offers (down to her stream of consciousness steaminess), and this is definitely no exception!

[Scene Five]  Mika Tan  (with Sascha)

"I know what you're here for," Mika motions toward her crotch as she pulls her white outfit tighter against her body, and yes, we soon find out that she's keeping a massive muff behind that small stretch of fabric!  Thonging herself and widening the space between her legs, she parses her fingers through the dense black foliage and shows herself off, rubbing only for a short time when Sascha shows up, wang dangling upward.  Mika quickly throats him with an almost shocking ease, kneading his dough face-fuck style before opening herself up for missionary gliding.  Her yelps are pointed and dense (much like her bush!), and Sascha earns his share as they continue on with reverse cowgirl, vocalization peaking the walls of the bedroom as the stroking moves forward.  Following another run in missionary, Mika blows her partner yet again, allowing him to dip into her throat well with thrusts, bellowing out with brassy calls afterward.  On more than a few occasions, Mika's pussy catches air and queefs, sometimes guffing minutes after Sascha offers her a post-pussy taste, but never enough for Mika to be upstaged by her own kitten!  Into spoon and onto missionary (again!) and a doggy-style push, the two ply and poke into each other, hands wavering atop Mika's clit, and with even more oral gymnastics displayed.  For the finale, Sascha imparts his lovedust across Mika's bush, leaving quivering little beads all across the canopy of her buddy beard, which she dips a finger into for a taste.  Though I can't say I wholly loved this scene, the last pop-off was definitely the highlight, as Mika's pronounced growth was something to see dressed so gloriously.  Her guile is a little too much for my tastes, though you can't blame a girl for trying, right?  Those who already love her will find more to embrace, though I'm not sure that newbies to her way of the world will fall in love so quickly; however, it's her bushiness that is stunning, and maybe that enough?

[Scene Six]  Sarah Faye & Lexi Love  (with Mr. Pete)

In underwear and heels, Sarah and Lexi compare their downiness, replete with mirrors and even a few barrettes (!) clamped on their shrubbery.  Lexi's, ready for combing, hold more weight against Sarah's, which is trim enough to pass for a goatee.  Pete, already naked, enters and hones in on Sarah, fingering away at her as she kisses Lexi.  Soon both girls are attacking Pete's kielbasa, with one taking balls while the other schlongs away, orally.  Lexi downs it to the hilt, while Sarah only wades less so in shallower waters.  Pete jolts away in the meantime on Sarah, who is first to be serviced in missionary, while Lexi nestles against her clit.  Lexi takes a few tastes, clucking it down her throat as the fingers fly between her and Sarah.  Lexi is on her knees soon enough for doggy, leaving Sarah to masturbate (and, sadly, little else).  The girls 69, with Lexi continuing to be drilled by Pete, with Sarah going into classic cowgirl as Lexi does a few tastes between their surprisingly quiet fucking.  They do gain a nice rhythm, what with Sarah's nomming down on Pete's dick, leaving Lexi to undo her partner's heels and suck on her freed toes.  After another shared taste, Lexi preps for Pete's spooning, aiming down into her ass.  Sarah diddles herself for a bit, though she is less a participant as Lexi performs ass-to-mouth on Pete's pole, into reverse cowgirl, again in anal.  Sarah smothers Pete's face in the meantime, though Lexi shows her one up by throating Pete after her own ass tunneling.  Finally, laying with their legs in the air, the girls have Pete switch between missionary on either one of them, causing him to shake his cream loose upon Sarah's snatch, which she carries a bit of and massages into Lexi's slit.  Lexi kisses Sarah's cooze, pulling at her crotch hairs with her teeth - what a finish!  With the promise of two girls, both being slightly hairy, the end result falls mostly on Lexi's good-natured skill and pliability between her partners, even if Sarah can't quite hold up her own end of the bargain.  By contrast, Lexi's anal-centric and unflappable ways are diminished by her co-hort, though, overall, it's still a pretty good time!


Bonus Features

A Behind the Scenes (18min) section is the heftiest here, with a few minutes spent with Jocelyn ("that's it?") and even more with Max, who opines about the oncoming spring season and chats a bit about her lovelorn past.  Sasha is the most forthcoming here, more naturally spellbinding just by talking about socks (she hates having dirty feet) and carrying on with the quite-smitten Pete ("would you consider going out and having dinner sometime, maybe?") instead of the usual BTS patter.  Kimberly is already a little starstruck, pre-scene, by the younger James Deen ("1986 this boy was born!"), as well as keeping abreast of her current activities (Guns N' Roses, notwithstanding).  Cutest are Sarah and Lexi, who brush their bushes together following a brief interview (see below!).  A Cum Shot Loop (5min) strings together the self-titled array in a pretty package, while a Photo Gallery (7min) streams by with the somewhat annoying title card audio looped over it.  Ten Trailers (15min) are also included, as well as a selectable Position Menu per each scene, specific to each act (handy!).

Audio/Visual Quality
The 16x9 enhanced image, 1.85:1 aspect is moderately crisp and adequately lit overall, with Max and Mika's scene lit with a slightly stronger yellow tinge (outdoor light), that sometimes threatens to overake the latter's scene, where the former benefits from the additional noise.  Kimberly's scene is the best lit, with the surrounding soft white light easy on both the eyes and on the skin tones of both performers.  The audio track was a touch muffled and brought in standard 2.0 channel stereo, though this is only significant when cranking and not too noticable in normal settings.  Jocelyn's scene suffers from the outdoor ambient sounds only during its first, truck-bound minutes, but no other glaring pock marks altering the scope overall.  The camerawork was paced well enough to keep up to speed with the performers, though there were still moments where the action felt less static than it could have been.

End Result
With all due considerations, I can't say that Hairy Movie is well-suited enought to be recommended on the merits of title alone.  While there is plenty to be offered and partake of here, the element of the theme is minor considering the scope.  Sasha's bush is truly one for the books, and likewise, her performance is equal to her furriness, though a true amount of exposure of it seems lax.  Max's bit of fuzz is just as peachy (as is her time with Mick's penis), as is Kimberly's ever-present amount of coochie set-dressing.  These three scenes are the core of goodness that the others seem to huddle around, conceptually, even as Lexi does her best with who's she's set-up with (Sarah, who needs time to cook more thoroughly), and Mika's brashness and Jocelyn's slightly eye-rolling mannerisms may be too much for some to bear.  However, as it stands, it's all Recommended with reservations; that is, if you're looking for hairy as hairy could be, you may be barking up the wrong set of legs.  There's always next time, people!

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