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Escape From Women's Prison

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 12/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Escape From Women's Prison
A Jim Powers Release from JM Productions
Starring:  Ashley Blue, Maggie Starr, Ashley Moore, Jasmine Lynn & Egypt.
Keywords:  Feature, Prison Sex, Revenge, Bukkake, Nightmares, Sadism
Condoms?:  None.
Runtime:  2hr 09min

Brief Synopsis
Escape from Women's Prison pits Ashley Blue as a vengeful ex-con, retelling the story of her beloved Maggie Starr's doomed stint in the clink.  Supporting wards include Ashley Moore and Jasmine Lynn as similarly effected inmates, with Egypt as the sadistic female guard.  The staging is garish and similarly heavy handed in construction, though the aggressive sex cuts through (or magnifies) despite the brevity of the scenes.  By the final bukkake extravaganza (this is a JM title, lest you forget), you will have no one but yourself to blame for watching.  There!  I warned you.

Arriving home late at night, we find a young man, no older than twenty, surprised to find a forceful and curt Ashley Blue offer her talents to her "little prison boy", flashing her hairy mound like a badge reflection in the young man's eyes.  Grappling at his body, she keeps the verbal humiliation going, smacking his face as he undresses.  Ashley turns her bare ass around and orders him to lick her ass, mashing his face into her hole, then turns around and extends her noir, sheer pantyhosed feet into his open mouth, nailing her toes against the insides of his jaw.  Satisfied, it seems, with her bashing, she shoves four fingers into her own mouth for a thick strand of saliva, blowing the scamp in full facial force, throating it down easily.  "Now fuck me!" she commands, and a missionary volleying soon turns into hammering, thanks to her further and continuing demands. 

In cowgirl, Ashley fingers her asshole and strokes herself, sucking on the self glory.  Reverse cowgirl so begins theass pumping ("Clean out all that shit!"), with the somewhat befuddled dude abiding by Ashley's every order, including more ass slurping on his part.  In missionary, the anal still isn't enough to her liking ("Is that the best you can do?"), though the patter drifts into not-so-nice flashbacks, terror sweats that cause Ashley to push off the kid and stuff her fingers into her backside herself.  Stroking out onto her tongue with her lips closed around his shaft, the young glider relaxes for a moment, only to earn a face full of his own seed in a hurl of Ashley's spit.  She cackles and ties him up, venturing clothed into the kitchen, where his dad, the lawyer, sits chair-bound with ropes all around him.

Ashley reminds him of his former client and his lack of guile in the legal proceedings, throwing a picture of her beloved Maggie up as she details her sudden downfall within the prison walls.  No sooner does she arrive that Maggie is pushed up against the wall and "searched" by the villainous guard Egypt, who, latex gloves donned, wanders her fingers between the folds of Maggie's slit and the skin of her chute for a time, upping the digits one by one until four find their way up her cooze at once (with a single one up her ass).  Egypt delivers an "all-clear" by way of forcing those stinkfingers down Maggie's mouth, cupping her teeth as she tries to grin and bear it.

Finally in a cell, Maggie resigns herself to the comfort of her shamed solitude, broken by her cellmate's stirring which quickly turns into masturbation.  Jasmine Lynn opens her orange jumpsuit and bares her chest as she rubs herself down, staring at Maggie, who is suitably indifferent.  Finished off, she introduces herself, blending the repartee into mealtime.  It's in the cafeteria that Maggie meets Ashley Moore's gangland stances - a big boss in a little pool.  She attacks Maggie for an off-cuff remark, prompting the guards to tear them apart, with Ashley off to see the warden and Maggie off to "the hole".

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In the meantime, Ashley gets caught by another guard in the wood shop, sanding down what looks to be a table leg, but is in fact a makeshift dildo, polished strong.  The guard orders her to strip, wherein Ashley is quick to offer up a blow job in exchange for his silence.  He holds down her head as she orally fixates through his pants, lifting her to the table for a missionary push.  Spooning her around, the guard inserts one of the wooden tools into Ashley's rear, making way for his own rod soon enough.  Reverse cowgirl anal gives Ashley the chance to keep her clit at bay, returning to her knees for more throating action in the interim.  The wood comes back again, thrust into her pussy while the guard pumps into her ass, finally letting a glut of whitewash cover the rim of her mouth, spilling down to the floor.

Back in solitary confinement, Maggie masturbates while her attacker Ashley meets the warden, and not for the first or last time, it seems.  Ordering her to strip herself of not only her clothes but also her "white trash sisterhood" shenanigans, the warden forces her down onto his dick as she bends down on the ground.  He passes her onto the desk, swiftly worming his tongue over her pussy lips and voraciously chewing on the heels of her feet, nearly swallowing them whole.  The missionary is swift and violent, with shaking and yelling attempting to outdo the jarring jolts and almost succeeding.  The warden spits between their clashing folded parts as the friction rubs raw, flipping Ashley for doggy-style anal and funneling his cone into her cheeks for grainy ass-to-mouth shakes and shouts.  Reverse cowgirl anal leads into 69ing like wild animals, with him doing a final beat-off post missionary classicism, around the rim of Ashley's mouth.

The scene fades into Maggie, back in her cell, becoming cozy with Jasmine, who guzzles and turns her tongue muscles toward her cellmate's stubbly slot, causing a few faint cries and gasps among the walls.  Maggie repays the kindness with her fingers, gracing the lining of Jasmines cootch much in the same way.  By now the on-duty guard has been churning himself outside their grid, leading the two to their knees for a blow job through the bars.  He cracks the gates open and positions both girls against the wall in ass-out doggy, allowing him to coin them from behind while massaging their assholes with his thumb.  Each one takes a turn, with Jasmine flipping to the top for reverse cowgirl, guiding into a dual share of the guard's cock.  Maggie goes reverse, as well, though Jaslmine finds a bit more glory via cowgirl plugging into her ass, with an ass-to-mouth kiss. 

The guard undoes a fewtiny drops for all his efforts, aimed across their faces.  Seizing the opportunity, the girls knock him out and make their getaway.  Unfortunately, Egypt is practically waiting for them, and beats them down as the alarms and lights flare up in the distance.

Maggie wakes up in a cage, naked, with a dog food bowl at her knees, where the first dropping of jizz coincidentally hits her first.  Soon, crowds of deep-faced guards close in and deposit their liquid paperwork, on her feet, on her shoulders, on her face, and even across her eyes, streaming the seed like tears as Maggie is ordered to open her mouth at times for a more direct hit.  The steel bowl gains a few hits, too, all of which she glugs down and sits up for even more.  The guards are unrelenting in their treatment, punning their way along as they continuously jack and keep jacking, until finally Maggie succumbs and drifts off to sleep. 

By way of luck, Egypt lets her guard down while showing herself off for Maggie's possible indulgence, allowing Maggie to severely beat her punisher with the full force laid down upon her earlier.  Before she makes way for the exit, Jasmine is freed, and soon enough the pair are on their way, hitching a ride into the sunset.

Unfortunately, Ashley's post-escape recollection to her bound and slightly gagged lawyer isn't over.  It turns out that Maggie found her way back into the system from being on the lam, blowing guards two at a time and surviving their eye-stinging shots of jism as she became further degraded at the hands of her captors, "for five years, as a pincushion."  After her death, it seems, Ashley took it upon herself to seek revenge for the injustice against her friend and sometime lover, all of which comes busting out from underneath her skirt in the form of a strap-on dildo.  "This is for Maggie," she motions, pulling out the lawyer's gagged and rope-wrapped son from the beginning of the picture, thrusting into his ass as his father looks on and cries, terrified.

Though the final male rodgering is actually a put-on, it speaks volumes about the intent of the picture, as a whole, versus the amount of enjoyment one could stand to earn watching it.  Tonally speaking, the overall mood is quite menacing, wherein the enjoyment is somewhat wading on the surface but always consumed by the apparent terror surrounding it.  The only person who does manage to survive the strain is Ashley Blue, who is old hat and knows how to don the guise of harsh treatment like a sinewy leather glove.  The males, especially during Maggie's bukkake scene and so forth, are every bit the macho, aggressive and repulsive  foils as their characters assume them to be, but it still doesn't exactly make the bile go down any easier.  It could always be worse,but, alas, it could always be better.


Bonus Features
Two scenes (approximately twenty minutes each) are included, one with Ashley Blue and Ashley Moore (from Babysitters 14), and another (from Naughty Little Nymphos 14) starring Jaslynn.  In the former, Ashley Blue wields a gun and force fucks the father to Moore's babysitter, all while his wife watches.  Either girl dusts off a good amount of smeary positioning, good enough for the dude to throw down cash in a not-so-subtle fashion by the scene's end.  In the latter, Jasmine Lynn does a three-way with two of her male classmates, culminating in a double penetration (one per hole, slow down!), for a pigtail-bopping good time.  A Blooper reel (4min) and a Behind the Scenes (21min) section each run into one another, though the BTS migrates from darkened peeing footage (Ashley Blue, again), and into longer takes involving Egypt and Maggie and Ashley Blue.  Two Trailers (Escape From Women's Prison & L'il Runaway 2) are also included, along with a Killroy live performance (7min) featuring no sex whatsoever.  Damn!

A/V Quality
Richness, it seems, peaks from the first scene:  Ashley's capture is draped with a cool grain of color and steady tones, which unfortunately delves into hack studio lighting for the prison sequences, aka the bulk of the material, a la the commonalities of any adult studio picture dated around the millennial turn (you can practically see the stains).  Somewhat ironically, the worst looking of the lot is the second Ashley Blue scene set in a wood shop, where the fluorescent bulbs blow out and turn the color scope a dingy green soak.  On the audio tip, inexplicable noises and sound effects drift in and out of the scenes (loud crickets appear and disappear during Ashley's indoor dalliance, for example), muddying what focus could be left after trying to watch any given bit of sex on the disc.  As a consolation, the source sound is standard enough, though the echo does fall in from time to time.

Final Thoughts
If you can somehow stand to suffer what exactly Escape From Women's Prison has to offer, perhaps you have enough will in your system to look in the mirror once in a while, or maybe just too much, now that I think about it.  I don't dig alienation, and I don't dig harm or pre-supposed terror or the ineffectual habits that a nasty attitude has to offer the world; it's just not my bag.  I do, however, find much to love in the exceedingly wonderful Ashley Blue, who can whittle the sexual fineness out of just about anything she gets her paws into, be it a slightly classier affair than this one, or even a blank slate on the wall.  Somehow, some way, this girl will always get you off.  But really, if I had the option of turning off the set and walking away forever, I probably would have missed out on her efforts here, which is enough to suggest that only Ashley fanatics seek out a rental.  For everyone else, possibly everybody else - Skip It.

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