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Surfer Girls 2

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/17/08

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Casey Parker, Lexi Love, and Nadia Styles! (click for trailer)

Surfer Girls 2 Blu-ray: Collector's Edition

Shane's World

Lexi Love's nipples tweaked by Nadia

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Uncredited

Priya Rai

Cast: Lexi Love, Nadia Styles, Priya Rai, Jack Venice, Nautica Thorn, Johnny Castle, Casey Parker, Jerry

Length: 132:44 minutes

Nautica Thorn and Johnny Castle

Dates of Production: 5/15/2006, 5/18/2006, 5/21/2006, 5/25/2006, 11/7/2007, 3/17/2008, 4/4/2008

Nadia Styles and Lexi Love

Extras: The best extra for most fans will be the 59:11 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage combining the SD version's "Lost Footage" lasting 44:42 minutes with some handjob material that added some sexual antics including a frisky Lexi Love again stealing the show (but Nadia jumping Jerry being more sexually oriented), including some generic BTS material, and edited footage where the cast was goofing around while on the working vacation. I liked the short handjob scenes too (there was a 14:15 minute long section with two of them, Jason the "Rain Boy" going first with Nadia and Lexi working his small cock and hippy guy up second) but as expected, it was not what most of us really want (more Casey!). There was a photogallery and a trailer for the movie itself but that was it.  The BTS was presented in high definition though so even a minimal upgrade is an upgrade, the AVC codec used and the bitrate hovering around the 13.2 Mbps mark.  

Casey and Johnny surrounded by sharks

Condoms: None

Casey Parker in her sole scene!

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Audio/Video Quality: Surfer Girls 2 Blu-ray was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by an assortment of cameramen for Shane's World in the usual AVC codec in 1080i resolution. The scenes were largely shot in typical home movie fashion, a lot of the footage used even though it cropped off heads, was too close to show context, or otherwise weak by usual standards yet it virtually always conveyed the spirit of the company. The lighting and editing were okay but the resolution seemed lower than expected (even for Shane's World) and there was more grain this time to contend with. The composition of the shots wasn't always designed to enhance the looks of the ladies but even when they were not wearing makeup, they seemed more "real" than the slick style production some of you favor. The DVD showed no major compression artifacts or mastering issues (the bitrate hovering around the mid 14.9 Mbps mark) and looked like a great release overall for the company (shame I again can't credit anyone as director for it though at least this time, editors Rod Stiffwell & Kareem Ovsumyungguy received acknowledgement in the ending credits). The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate and like many other releases by the company, the vocals were almost always hard to hear with no real separation noticed or major dynamic range to speak of as with the noisy party titles the company puts out these days. The big external noise problem this time was how much wind noise they had to contend with, making me wish it had been prepared for better in most of the outdoor scenes. The audio sounded much the same and the video was a slight upgrade, this being the first high definition release by the company, I expected as much.

Lexi Love nude skydiving!

Body of Review: Casey Parker is one of the more adorable contract performers working in modern porn, her extremely limited output making almost all of her releases an event of sorts for Shane's World, their current emphasis being on web material and their new acquisitions (such as Hush Hush). As a long time fan of their work, I know that almost any title with the company logo on it will be a lot of fun, the entertainment value surpassing strokability for those of you looking for spank bank material. Just before the AVN Awards deadline, they released a modest effort tentatively featuring their starlet, the long awaited sequel to one of the company's most popular movies of years gone by, a travelogue called Surfer Girls 2 Blu-ray: Collector's Edition. I admit to being a fan of Casey so take my words with a grain or twelve of salt but I was especially surprised to find that most of the scenes were shot over two years ago and the sexual leads of the movie were actually Nadia Styles and Lexi Love (both gals I have praised repeatedly in the past). While loyal to Casey and definitely wanting a lot more of her in the movie, her surrogates provided far more stroke value this time but was it enough to give this movie the nod? The back cover said it like this: "Another trip to Hawaii and these girls are at it again! Nadia and Lexi start the trip off right by saying hello to a local, Shane's world style! Johnny and Nadia have some fun behind Casey's back. After the girls surf it up, Casey and Johnny find a secluded tide pool and Jerry, Nadia and Lexi have a naughty threesome. Take a peek into the world of Surfer Girls!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Lexi Love and Nadia Styles were up first as they trolled the parking lot for guys to jerk off. They ended up picking a guy named "Beeeeep" (his name was censored) and driving out to a secluded area where they could work his modest member over without getting in trouble. It did not take long for their magic hands to secure a small load of genetic juice from the relieved man, the smile on his face matching theirs as the camera zoomed in on the spew.

Scene Two: Priya Rai, an exotic gal with overly large implants and hoop earrings, was up next as she and Jack Venice did the horizontal mambo on the white couch. There was precious little set up for this scene, Jack speaking to Johnny as he fussed through the door about his insecurities. Jack is currently about to start trial for his alleged rape and I wish him well in that regard, hoping his defense is better than the "I was drunk" and "I don't need to rape anyone because I'm a porn star" lines reported by the media. That said, he was plowing Priya vaginally and she was hanging on passively, their sexual athleticism requiring a move to the sturdier purple couch where kindly Jack diddled her as he pounded away. I appreciate that she started getting more active toward the end of the scene (where she took the population pudding to her chest) but it was far from her best work, some of it serving nicely as inspirational material in more recent scenes.

Scene Three: Nautica Thorn, another cute young lady with an exotic heritage, was up next in bed with studly Johnny Castle. He displayed the same kind of cocky attitude he had in Casey's company debut, knowing he has his pick of the litter in most cases, the scene weakened substantially by the way it was edited into some surfing lessons the gals took. Nautica's ass was a thing of beauty though and she seemed to push back to meet his thrusts, her moans elevating he dynamic when the scene wasn't chopped up in post. He ate her and then started banging her vaginally, Johnny returning to service her a little before she really let loose on his rod. She did do some oral by the end of the scene and finished him off with a missionary position fuck, the guy rubbing out a wad of semen to her lower abdomen and then kicking her out in a staged skit.

Scene Four: Lexi Love and Nadia Styles were then back on the prowl for guys to jerk off, finding plenty to pick from at a local icehouse. There was a lot of drinking and playful antics, the company proving to advertise Bud Light without the usual pixilation hiding the label as usual. They picked up a generic mope to work over and he took very little time to pop, the ladies giving him a show to inspire him to launch his load on Nadia's sweet ass.

Scene Five: Nadia Styles, sitting in the back of the jeep driven by Johnny Castle, was then convinced to find a spot along side of the road so they could engage in some naughty behavior. He seemed surprised that Casey told Nadia many good things about him, the couple dropping the friendship pretext to get working as her clothing came off and his mouth found her nipples. The wind noise was horrible on the overcast day but she reached in to pull out his pecker, slobbing his knob aggressively as he kicked back to enjoy her skillful nature. Johnny may not have the biggest cock in porn but his popularity on our website had been very noticeable back when we had some pictures of the guy from a previous AEE and Nadia is one of the understated gals in the business as far as I'm concerned. He fingered her while she blew him, the couple moving to vaginal penetration after she sat on his face. Nadia was an active rider in and out of the jeep, milking him dry of a small load of sperm (providing some post coital sucking too).

Scene Six: Casey Parker, waking up on the last day in Hawaii, it being her birthday too, made plans for an adventurous day of swimming with sharks (not the industry kind but the kind that eat swimmers) with the ladies and Johnny Castle. Once that excitement was over, Casey and Johnny went to a secluded beach where they pawed each other and she dropped to her knees to blow him, her adoration of the guy evident in a number of ways. The added chemistry was great and while her performance showed a lot of rough edges, she was giving it her all, trying her best to please the guy. He then bent her over to take her vaginally, the choppy editing showing them in the tide pool and on the rocky volcanic outcropping too. It ended when he rubbed out a nut of semen on her ass but it was a decidedly small wad, the scenery impressive (more than the performances).

Scene Seven: Lexi Love and Nadia Styles then took Jerry skydiving, giving all the men in the plane a free show but Jerry proving too wise to go with them. When the trio reunited on the ground, the naked ladies were all excited from the rush of the event, one of the cameramen hitting a tree to have a bad day (Casey asking if the tape was alright). Lexi and Nadia jumped Jerry's bones in the small bed after that, their skimpy bikinis not lasting long as they stripped his pants off for freer access to suck his cock. Lexi sat on his face and then cock, the gals swapping positions with each other to sample his mouth and pecker, even some lesbian antics explored though not many. It was fun and ended with Lexi taking the shot for the team (to her face), resulting in a fair scene overall.

Summary: Surfer Girls 2 in Blu-ray by Shane's World was not the showcase for Casey Parker that I was led to believe and that did little to sell me on the merits of the DVD but Lexi and Nadia helped make up for it, the amount of fuck for the buck equaling a rating of Rent It unless you're a slavering fanboy of them all (I come close to that designation myself). Truth be told, I expect more than a single scene by the contract performer for a show to work as well for me, Surfer Girls 2: Collector's Edition a nice showcase for limited sexual exploits by Nadia and Lexi but not as much fun as I had been led to believe. Give it a look and you may find it works well enough to serve your replay value needs but don't kid yourself that there was anywhere near enough material to satisfy a market where double disc sets are all over the place and running times are much longer for less dough. As far as the high definition upgrade is concerned, the audio was largely unchanged and the video was only somewhat better, the modest upgrade worth it to those with a lot of disposable income but not as healthy as I expected.  Still, Shane's World is not general;ly considered a company fixated with the visual quality of their picture, relying more on the heaping levels of fun factor their road trip movies tend to provide, my hope being they work on improvements for next time.  Oh, and fans of Jack Venice might want to consider how fickle fate is as he was captured saying: "Hawaii is always gonna be there. I'll go next time." (Uh, maybe not Jack but good luck on that appeal all the same).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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