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Personal Trainers 11

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: January 2008

Directed By: Marty Stevens

The Movie:

"Learning certainly doesn't end in graduation! Experience the action and intensity of 4 new episodes as the beautiful Bel Ami boys discover there's always something more to know. "


Vince Noyes, Sebastian Bonnet, Ariel Vanean, Mark Guerin, Luke Hamill, Kieron Atey, Josh Elliot, Val Horner, and Ryan Quaid.

Run Time 'N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Sebastian Bonnet (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body), who also works for Bel Ami behind the camera, is setting up the lights and other equipment as the scene opens. Trainee Vince Noyes (good-looking with bleached blond hair, toned/smooth body) soon arrives and after some laughing 'n joking around (mostly with Sebastian and Director/Videographer Marty Stevens), the guys get down to some deep tongue kissing and hard uncut cock pulling while slouching on a groovy mod sofa. Sebastian chows down on Vince's stiff meat giving excellent head as he crams his gullet full and slides his talented mouth up 'n down giving full oral pleasure. 

He feeds his throbbing organ to Vince who gladly gulps that delicious unclipped beef down his windpipe leading Sebastian to fuck the heck outta that face.  Now laying in the missionary position, Vince exposes his tight shaved bunghole for the world to see and for Sebastian to tease and lick with some nice rimming camera shots. Next up, Sebastian shows off his own tight lightly hairy bunghole while Vince tenderly licks the pulsing starfish in hot close-up. Sebastian lubes Vince's twink-hole and playfully finger fucks him before sliding his turgid tube steak up that chute for some fast, hard, 'n smooth screwing with nice penetration shots from above.

Vince eventually begins playing a game of the ol' sink bounce leading Sebastian to wildly hump upwards to fuck his shy Trainee quick 'n smooth. Vince yanks on his hard dick and dumps a thick load of jizz on his trimmed pubes. Sebastian is in no mood to stop since he's just getting warmed up so he fucks Vince doggy-style fast 'n smooth with some good penetration shots from behind. Sebastian definitely puts Vince through a full training and quickly has him in the side/missionary position pounding fast 'n smooth and then squirts a large thick load that flies everywhere with some landing on Vince's bum. Sebastian is hot 'n friendly throughout the entire scene but Vince seems a little too uptight and never really cuts loose.

Scene Two:

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Nineteen year-old Trainees Ariel Vaneau (good-looking with short dark hair, slender/smooth/toned body) and Mark Guerin (cute with longish dark hair, smooth/slender/toned body and claims to be straight) are friendly lads who easily joke around with Trainer Luke Hamill (cute with short blond hair, toned/smooth body). Luke enters the room with a realistic and monstrous-sized dildo hanging out the fly of his blue jeans and the guys pretend to give head. After more "horsing" around, the dudes sit on the sofa with Luke in the middle yanking on two stiff uncut tools. He wags, jacks, and pulls those throbbing boners and then chows down taking each one down his throat giving excellent head. Ariel and Mark are busing soul kissing while Luke goes crazy on those pulsing bologna poles and begins jacking his own uncut dick.

Ariel sucks Luke sliding his mouth up 'n down giving good head while Mark blows Ariel giving a tasty blowjob.  All three of these dudes are starved for that pork! Videographer Sebastian Bonnet (scene one) steps in for a quick moment and sucks Ariel's dick giving his usual excellent head. Luke bends over leading Sebastian to spread that bum, expose his tight shaved asshole, and thumb the pucker in hot close-ups. The guys really cut loose sucking cock and having their hard pricks serviced.  Ariel makes himself comfortable and lays back in the missionary position exposing his tight hairy butt hole while Luke finger fucks him in mouth-watering close-up beginning with one digit and quickly graduating to two. Luke bangs Ariel in the side/missionary position fast 'n smooth with some nice penetration shots from the side.

Switching up, Mark fucks Ariel in the missionary position fast 'n smooth with nice penetration shots while Luke fucks Ariel's face. These guys are insatiable! They obviously dig each other and the action especially in this hot 'n horny three-way sammich! Luke plugs Mark's tight shaved asshole from behind while Mark porks Ariel from behind using nice 'n smooth fast strokes with plenty of nice penetration shots. The guys really get down and are in sort of a side missionary position turning into one quivering lump of sex-flesh! Luke jacks his dick and squirts his load on Mark's face and chest. Ariel yanks that dong and sucks the cummy knob! Hot! Mark strokes off while Luke tongues his nuts and cuts loose with a big load on Ariel's face and mouth. Ariel busts a thick nut on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Kieron Atey is the very cute nineteen year-old (dark spiked hair, slender/toned/smooth body) who graces the cover of this Central European smut fest. He's a Trainee and has been placed in the very capable hands (and mouth) of Trainer Josh Elliot (cute with short brown hair, toned/smooth body).  The guys joke around and then strip down revealing their dark pubes, Kieron's cut cock, and Josh's unclipped dick. They relax on the couch kissing with hot wet tongues and stroke one another's hard 'n pulsing man-throbbers. Kieron gets down on his Trainer's dong jacking the swollen shaft and sliding his hungry gullet up 'n down giving some very good head.  Josh digs the head filling the room with heavy breathing 'n moans and leading him to fuck Kieron's face fast 'n good, baby!

Josh blows Kieron's dick working his mouth up 'n down and giving a good jaw job while stroking his own. The guys enjoy each other taking turns getting sucked and chowing down. Kieron bends over allowing Josh to rub his tight shaved asshole in hot 'n tasty close-up. Josh teases the pouting pink pucker sliding one digit in for a finger fuck and then sliding a second in for additional anal pleasure.  Josh pounds his Trainee doggy-style fast 'n smooth with some nice penetration shots from below while Kieron strokes his own stiffy. Switching to the side/missionary, Josh continues to fuck fast, smooth, 'n hard with plenty of hot penetration shots from the front. This is some hot fucking!! Josh shoots a large thick load on Kieron's bum 'n nuts. Kieron jerks off and dumps thick jizz on his cock shaft.

Scene Four:

Fourgy time! Frisky Trainers Sebastian Bonnet (scene one) and Luke Hamill (scene two) are wound up and ready to get their hands on lusty Trainees Val Horner (cute with punky dark hair, slender/toned/smooth body) and Ryan Quaid (cute with short brown hair, toned/slender/smooth body). The guys are wild laughing 'n joking as they wrestle each other out of their clothing. Sebastian chows down on Paul's large 'n hard cut dick sliding his mouth up 'n down, practically gorging on that aching member giving his usual excellent head as Luke takes Sebastian's stiff unclipped dick down his throat giving some hot head.  Sebastian leans over and blows Ryan's hard uncut tool and begins switching back 'n forth sucking the two Trainees.  At one point, Luke spreads Sebastian's butt cheeks apart and rims his tight lightly hairy bunghole with his pierced tongue and plenty of hot close-ups.

The dudes are definitely into each other as they suck 'n jack each other into a sexual frenzy. Luke fucks Ryan's tight lightly hairy hole in the side/missionary position as Sebastian bangs Paul's tight pucker the same way with plenty of hot penetration close-ups from the front. The dudes fill the room with heavy breathing, moans, 'n groans as the Trainees play a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce and the Trainees are busy humping up to fuck those puckers fast, smooth, 'n hard like a couple of rabbits. Switching to the missionary position, Sebastian pounds Ryan fast 'n hard while Luke plays copy cat with Paul. To finish up this training session, Ryan dumps thick jizz on his stomach, Sebastian shoots a large thick load on Ryan's stomach, Luke shoots thick on Paul's nuts, and Paul cuts loose with thick spooge on his stomach.


Personal Trainers Part 11 is shot directly on high quality and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography by Marty Stevens, Sebastian Bonnet, and Johan Paulik is strong providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of tasty close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean. The disc is playable worldwide.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewers to easily hear the dudes and they joke around (English subtitles provided), and all the hot sounds of male-on-male lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, options for oral, anal, and cum, and a trailer for: Lemonade.


Personal Trainers Part 11 is another hot 'n horny entry into the popular Bel Ami Series. Director Marty Stevens does not disappoint with strong direction creating four scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The videography and editing are strong points for the production as well. The dudes are all very appealing, into each other, the action, and give hot energetic performances. My one complaint is that Vince Noyes in scene one never really cuts loose.  My favorites are Sebastian Bonnet, Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill, and Ryan Quaid. I Highly Recommend for fans of sexy Central European guys with hard unclipped cocks.

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