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BO Pleasure Object

Studio: Lelo » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/17/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Having reviewed many sex toys (or novelties if you prefer the term) over the years, I have found that the market is definitely geared towards women when it comes to high end devices. Yeah, I know that many of the penetrative toys can be used by both sexes and men are less likely to drop lots of money on toys as it might be construed that they aren't "manly" enough to get off without assistance but the market is changing as women help many of us see the light by buying us toys that will help make us better lovers.  One such device is from a Swedish company called LELO, called a BO

I know the name might evoke visions of the Kung Fu weapon or archers intent on piercing a target from a distance but in this case it is merely a well designed cock ring with a rechargeable vibrator attached to the top of it that allows a guy to give his sweetheart a little something "extra" when he is delivering the goods.  The company's erotic devices for women have raised plenty of eyebrows among my testing crew, each of them wanting dibs on whatever I can bribe... er, obtain for them to use so I took the BO wondering exactly how well it would work given my experience with cock rings has been limited. 

The company describes itself on their website like this:  "LELO is a Swedish sex life accessory label with a distinct design philosophy and brand profile. Drawing inspiration from the fashion and beauty industries, our pleasure objects breathe an air of simplicity, sensuality and sophistication. With an avant-garde approach and an affordable mid- to premium price range, LELO provides a high-quality alternative to the conventional erotic market space. We aim to please a modern clientele - and their partners - with high sexual integrity and a keen eye for design. By imbuing the look, the feel and the function of our pleasure objects with sensual purpose, they become natural accessories to be enjoyed again and again."

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That sounded pretty upscale to me so I continued and found their comments on the device in hand (so to speak) as follows:  "BO is a gentleman's pleasure object in the form of a rechargeable, pleasure-intensifying ring for men and couples to enjoy together. Fashioned in soft, attractively flexible material, with a vibrating function easily activated through a simple slide interface, he is always ready to slip on and adjusts to all sizes. He invites his users to vary the way he is worn and explore new possibilities. Portable and discreet, making him easy to keep around for when he's needed, BO is rechargeable and a 1-hour charge provides up to 4 hours of bliss. Comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorised with combined charger and storage unit, manual and a 1-year LELO warranty."

The BO measures about 1" in diameter where you stick your cock in.  Being that I'm kind of large in that regard, it took some two handed stretching to make it work, the suggestion in the lengthy notes about wrapping it around my testicles summarily dropped when my hand slipped and the pain rushed to my tiny brain telling me to keep it simple stupid. I had the dark blue version of the toy and it charged up rapidly with the included wall charger, the instructions telling me it should last for "up to four hours" translating to about 3 hours and 35 minutes.

There are numerous chargers for the BO, this being one made for a different market.

The vibrating unit itself slips on the ring easily and the size of your pecker will determine how long you should let it remain on your cock since you are keeping blood from flowing out of the shaft.  This has the effect of prolonging your erection without chemical stimulation but the precious blood vessels are something you want to be careful with.  The main way to use the toy is to position the vibrator on the top portion of the ring so it will hit your gal pal's clitoris as you drive home the cock into her pussy.  This actually worked fairly well, the vibrations not the strongest I have felt in this type of device but certainly more environmentally friendly than expensive watch sized batteries most other companies use to power their cheaper versions.

The classy packaging helped set the BO apart

The silicone ring is phathalate free and if there were a slightly larger version, I would have appreciated it more, especially when putting it on meant some of my pubes would catch (yowch!).  Still, over time, the ring did stretch a bit more so once it is worked with more, I expect it should be easier to use, much like all high end devices made to last.  I look forward to testing more of the precision crafted toys from LELO given my experiences with this one, the recharger juicing it up pretty fast though it had a warning to not leave it plugged in for extended periods of time.  All pictures courtesy of LELO and Babeland (our affiliate) but the give you a decent idea of what the device looks like and the nice packaging it comes in.  In all though, the BO earned a rating of Recommended from me, my wish for a stronger vibrator (and slightly larger ring) being the only thing holding it back from a higher rating so check it out.

Testing: Day Two

Okay, aside from the slip that bruised my nuts, I wanted to be thorough so I gave it a second shot at the more advanced features of the BO.  In the back of my mind, it occurred to me that mentioning I had "Bo" wrapped around my dick might be construed in an entirely wrong manner so I kept referring to it as the ring.  Having found out that snagged pubic hair hurts like a motherfucker I tried to get smart on round two, using a condom like all smart people do (Tristan Taormino told me so herself).  Okay, getting worked up enough to slip a condom on but not so much that the ring would be again really tough to get very far on my shaft was tricky but I did it.  The penetration was easy enough and Carey was quite lubed from our bout with the latest toy from Evolved Novelties but we had another issue, depth.  See, not all ladies are built for taking a moderately thick cock all the way in.  I know the party line about birthing bowling balls but she was pretty lubricated so I was of the belief that she could fit as much of me in as ever (and she was pretty tight for all that toy that had just been 5"+ inside her snatch).  This was where getting the vibrator portion right up to her clitoris was more difficult than it was my my other assistant. 

I like practicing sex as much as the next guy and at times, I felt like we were enacting obscure passages of the Kama Sutra but eventually we figured it all out.  Her comments were that she wanted more vibrations too but this was a pleasant addition to the kind of boning we do all too infrequently.  She also wanted to try reversing the toy so it would stimulate my balls (ala BDSM action given my previous experiences).  Let us just say that this did not work as well as it could have and move on from there.  In her opinion, the BO was worth every penny and suggested a stronger model might be even better for advanced users, thoughts running through my head about how I would explain exactly what that means to my readers.  Essentially, if you have been using some of the more powerful toys I've written about, a smaller, rechargable cock ring vibrator might not quite work well enough for you.  In her case, it was fine but she is kind of jaded having had access to lots of great toys (she also asked me about more toys from LELO suited specifically for her use).  So it worked for two advanced toy testers and my painful learning curve aside, I liked it too so my rating stands.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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