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Se7en Deadly Sins

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 11/18/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Release Date: 9/3/2008

Production Year: 04/18/ 2008

Length: 2 hrs. 5 mins.

Category:  All Sex

Genre: Straight

Condoms: Yes


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Performers:  Alexis Texas, Daisy Marie, Derrick Pierce, Eva Angelina, Kaylani Lei, Lee Stone, Mikayla Mendez, Mr. Pete, Niko, Randy Spears, Rebeca Linares, Scott Styles, Shyla Stylez, Tom Byron.

Goth Bride Alexis Texas

Wicked Teaser: Join award winning director Jonathan Morgan as he explores the dark side of sin with an all star line up of adult's biggest names. Kaylani Lei, Mikayla Mendez, Eva Angelina, Skyla Stylez, Alexis Texas, Daisy Marie, & Rebecca Linares will each push the envelope as they commit shameful offenses for the entire world to see. Can humanity survive Wicked's Seven Deadly Sins? There's only one way to find out...

The Movie: Can you off the top  of your head name the  Seven  Deadly  Sins which at  one time or  another  mankind has  fallen  prey too?? Not  easy is it?  It  doesn't get much  easier when  Wicked has seven of the hottest ladies indulging themselves with  their male  counterparts  in seven arousing  sex scenes with new additions added to the  Wicked lineup.

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Se7en Deadly Sins is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen color, shot in HD, directed by Jonathan Morgan, and distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture was very clear and crisp with very little distortion with the flesh tones being almost near to perfect. The audio was presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English  which  didn't  test my  speakers nor did it  come off as  too loud making it easy to listen  too. Unlike other wicked releases, this did not have the Spanish audio included in it. As for the background music in each scene, it did not   drown out the vocals of the cast nor was it too loud. You can say that with the premise of doing somewhat of a fetish title the music   suited the movie.

Previews: Kissing Girls, Two

Trailers:Fired, Next, The One, Moving Out, Car Pool, and The Oracle.

Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Behind the Scenes, Bonus Scene, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Int. Tel. Sex, DVD-ROM Compatible, Winners, and Nominations, Company Profile.

The Extras:

Bonus Sex Scene: Bad Girls w/ Mikayla Mendez & Justin Magum:

Mikayla, the curvy brunette in a camisole seen on the far right side of the cover, was up next as a streetwalker plying her trade in a rundown area of town to be picked up by scruffy Justin Magnum who drove up to her. The sex began when they parked in a dark area and she knelt in front of him, slobbing his knob stylishly as her sweet ass hung out for the world to see. She was one of the best lays of the movie in terms of actively bouncing on his rod, the grain due to the limited lighting bugging me but not weakening the sexual passion she was displaying. The scene ended with a facial and reminded me of how hot she is, Mikayla a welcome addition to the show in my opinion. Reviewed by Don Houston.

Cameraman BTS: Gary

Editor BTS: Sans Footage

Scott Styles & Mikayla

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BTS:  The BTS opens up with Scott Styles who explains his role in the movie. He goes on to say that he sells his soul to the Devil played by Mikayla. Next you have the Latina beauty Mikayla answering a few questions about her first time working with Jonathan Morgan. She tells the camera about her role as the devil disguised as a hooker. Mr. Pete  then offers a few  words of is  own about  working  with Shyla, who  plays the  taxi cab  driver that  picks up  only  male  fares to have  sex with them in the  cab. Another  latina  beauty, Daisy  Marie plays the  role of a lil lost girl  who  walks  into welding  factory finding herself  face to  face  with Niko. Rebeca Linares plays a  school  girl who  lets  her  Domme  side come out to play  breaking  down  bad  boys like  Lee Stone. Eva Angelina plays another Domme who loves torture the man she is with Tom Byron. She does a quick photo shot just like the other ladies and openly expresses that pain equal pleasures when it comes to sex. Kaylani Lei plays a Goth rocker chic that also gets off on pain and does so in a dentist office with Randy Spears. Last up to offer up a few words is Alexis Texas with Derrick Pierce playing Goth bride and groom who get hot and heavy inside of a church.

Scene 1: Kaylani Lei & Randy Spears-

If you are into pain and love Goth chicks then this first scene should work very well for you. Kaylani is brought into a room on a gurney to get some work done on her mouth with her dentist. The dentist has other plans for her, as he set her up for some extra curricular dental work. Randy breaks out the dentist tools he intends to use on her making Kaylani moan and wither in pleasure in her dentist chair .After some teasing and foreplay, Kaylani gets to  work  giving him head before she  saddles up riding him RCG on the  exam  chair. It then cuts away a few times before they switch over to doggie, spoon, and mish with Kaylani getting a full facial.

There was  something about this scene that  I  couldn't  put my  finger on that  it just  didn't do anything  for me. Granted  the  fantasy of  getting  fucked  while at the  dentist  could be a turn on for some  but.. Eh.. Didn't work for me.

Scene 2: Rebeca Linares & Lee Stone-

Next you have the petite Rebeca Linares holding a chain in her hands leading a masked Lee Stone down a dark corridor into another part of the warehouse. She slaps him face a few times then goes to grab his nads with her nails. She  then grinds her  ass up against  his  crotch while  she  yanks his  chain  a  few  times. She gets right to work sucking him off with out any problems. She uses the long chain as a prop tying it around his cock while she sucks him off. It then cuts away and returns with Lee drilling her doggie style. Rebeca repeatedly slaps him a few more times and places the length of the chain around his neck pulling at it. The switch over to mish, anal doggie before Lee unloads into her mouth.

I liked the concept of small vs. big with Rebeca and Lee. Lee's growling was kind of a turn on as well as Rebeca constant slapping him face. The harder she slapped him the harder he drilled her.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina & Tom Byron -

Pain equal pleasure for Tom, who ends up being strapped down to an exam table waiting for the inevitable. In enters Eva wear black leather corset showing off her  boobs.She  then leans over to  smack  Tom around a few times before  she  describes to him  the  amount of pain she is  going to  inflict on him. Tom struggles at  first  but then  gives into her  form of  pleasure  when Eva  feels  his  rock hard  cock against the  base of her palm while  grabbing  at his crotch. It fades out then returns showing Eva sucking him off. Eva and Tom going right into RCG then doggie over to mish back to anal doggie. Tom finishes off by unload on her cheek.

Another  good  scene with the  Mad Scientist   theme  going on  behind  them with all the  vials and  test  tubes in the  background. I like how dominant Eva was and how she was dressed in the black leather. The one  thing that  did irk  me is that you  had to  pause the  frame  when they were having  anal sex to see if he really was nailing her ass. Other than that I enjoyed the pain equal pleasure concept.

Scene 4: Daisy Marie & Niko -

Lost lil Daisy Marie finds herself wandering off aimlessly in a warehouse. She finds her way downstairs watching at work and follows him. Niko then finds her play with his huge wrench and takes it from her hand. He then places her hand on his chest guiding her hand down to his cock.Daisy's dress is gone and the foreplay begins. After she is down with him, he makes a meal out of her while she hangs on to some pipes above her head. Once done their they get busy in a few positions including some light anal action before he unloads into her mouth.

The only small gripe I have with this scene is that Niko appears to be holding back. He doesn't seem to be expressing his arousal as he should be and does an ok job at going down on Daisy.

Scene 5: Mikayla Mendez & Scott Styles-

Scott seems to be at wits end when he is frantic searching the newspaper ads looking for the "right" call girl for him. Not  satisfied with  just the regular gals  he  goes nuts searching the  ads  till he  finds the  right one. Within moments the "girl" of his dreams is in front of him falling under her spell. They go straight into the bed room where Mikayla does some teasing of her own before she gets to work on his cock. Scott then gets to work doing her doggie and Mikayla then get right into it riding him RCG. While she is busy grinding up against him she transformers into the demonic persona and the set changes over entirely to red. They switch positions over to spoon and mish before he unloads on her face.

I enjoyed the concept here especially when Mikayla transforms into the demon. Scott frantic search lead him to his most wicked desire being Mikayla!

Scene 6: Alexis Texas & Derrick Pierce-

In an abandon church, Goth Bride and Groom take their vows one step further by consummating their marriage right away. Alexis give Derrick a hand job   while her free hand is rubbing her clit. The camera showcases her nice round ass which she is famous for several times throughout the scene. Derrick  then nails  her in doggie  style first then  Alexis takes a ride on his cock in RCG.They switch  up one more time into mish with Derrick  blows his load into his  new  wife face.

All I have to say is that this is the best scene in the entire DVD. Consummating a marriage in a church is definitely is a sin and what a sin it is! Watching Alexis  getting  nailed inside  a  make  shift  church was an  instant  turn on!

Scene 7: Shyla Stylez & Mr. Pete-

Everyone at one time or another has done the  deed in the  back of a NYC yellow  cab and then you have those that are still  trying to  get the  courage up to do so.  In this case you have Shyla who is driving around NYC looking to pick up a fare that she can fuck around with in her cab. Shyla picks up a fare that wants to be taken to the JFK airport but takes a different route to get there. Annoyed that he  was  taken  elsewhere Mr. Pete gets out of the  cab and is  confronted by Shyla and  tells him to" Shut the  fuck up and  take it" to which he  does! Shyla does her own kind of teasing and rubbing up her body up against his before she gets to her knees to suck him off. Mr. Pete nails her doggie style up against the cab. He then goes down on her for a bit more before he does her mish vaginally and anally. Shyla then rides him anal RCG on the hood of the cab with Mr. Pete giving her a full facial.

The use of  old footage of NYC was definitely a great idea. If you look close  enough  you might be  able to see a  few points of interest including a old  shot of  the Twin Towers. I can only imagine how any people have actually have had  sex in the  back of a cab.. sounds like one hell of a  ride!

Final Thoughts:

What Worked:

Jonathan Morgan's rendition of the Seven Deadly Sins did not push the button to the extreme as the box cover states. Though there is  a  light  fetish  theme and  anal sex which  you   rarely  see in  Wicked features, I  did  enjoy the  use of the  two top   latinas  in the industry, watching  Alexis Texas  who I have heard so much  about and  a change  up  when it  came to the men. I mean after  awhile you do  get  tired of  seeing the  same  ole  faces  which  become  repetitious and  boring. hand.  Granted I did enjoy Jonathan Morgan's version, especially the sixth scene with Alexis Texas and Derrick Pierce which reaches out to all the Goth lovers who enjoy porn. The  first  scene  didn't  do much  for me  but as the  movie  went on it  got better  heightening the level of  arousal. Seven Deadly Sins had something for everyone to enjoy including those that have a dentist fantasy.

What Didn't:

There wasn't too much  of What  Didn't  to be found except the  constant   cut  away that  would  draw  away  from the scene and  would  affect  the state  arousal   while watching. PlayGirl's Man  of  the  Year  Niko  scene  with Daisy Marie was  fun to watch  but to me it  seemed that  Niko  was  holding  back . The first scene with Randy Spears and  Kaylani just  didn't  do it  for me I  couldnt get into it..

This isn't your normal Wicked Feature but it is a good couples flick to watch. Like I said before, I liked the new faces used both male and female cast and hope to see more of that from Wicked. With only one scene that I found that I couldn't get into it... I guess I might see going to the dentist differently from now on... and maybe  try to  enjoy it.. *eg*



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