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Naked Truth

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Horn Dog DC » Review Date: 11/28/08

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Genre: Gay

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Bryce Roberts, Daryl Brock, Brett Winters, Jordan Young, John Cruz, Eduardo, Tony Brocco, Gregory Colt, Rick French

Length: 1:01

Date of Production: December 11, 1995

Overview: This release is another "behind the scenes" setup.  Before each scene, the two actors are shown either getting makeup or setting up for the shoot in black and white footage.  The conceit is not really explained in the feature or anywhere on the packaging.

Scene one:
The action is in progress when the behind the scenes footage commences with a blow job on the couch.  Bryce Roberts is going down on Daryl Brock.  Both are still in their boxer briefs and baggy sweat socks.  Eventually both get naked... well Bryce pulls his shorts down low enough to get fingered by Daryl while he continues to get head.  Bryce sheaths Daryl then mounts him still with his short just down low enough so that Daryl can penetrate him.  Bryce makes faces like he is taking a dump while he tops.  Next he is straddling the front edge of the couch with Daryl fucking him from behind.  Both are still in baggy white socks.  Switch to them beating off.  Bryce shoots first and then Daryl unloads on him too.

Scene two:

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Brett Winters and Jordan Young.  Jordan is getting makeup while Brett poses at a photo shoot.  Both are dressed like the guys in the previous scene but instead are on a chez lounge.  Jordan is going down on Brett.  Oddly there's a lot of gratifications and moaning in the background, but the actors' mouths aren't moving.  Brett's underwear goes, and Jordan rims him a little before returning to giving him head.  Switch to Brett topping Jordan who is lying on his back then to them jacking off.  Brett shoots on Jordan's face and then there's a cut to Jordan finishing up.  Again the soundtrack is horribly faked.  The scene closes with more black and white footage of them showering up together.

Scene three:
John Cruz and Eduardo get makeup in the black and white footage.  Then John is getting head from Eduardo.  They are on a raw looking wooden bedframe.  Both are hairy chested and attractive.  John seems to be mostly flaccid throughout most of the oral.  They switch up and he goes down on Eduardo.  Like the previous scene, the soundtrack is terribly faked and John remains flaccid.Eduardo shoots and then John stands over Eduardo and shoots on him.  The following black and white footage shows them dressing after the scene.

Scene four:
Tony Bracco gets made up while Gregory Colt works a photo shoot in the black and white.  The scene opens with Gregory blowing Tony.  Both are in socks and work boots. Tony has a nice goatee and chest hair.  Gregory has a rather large right nipple ring.  The soundtrack seems much more authentic all the way around.  The couch looks like the same one featured in the first scene.  Gregory rims Tony, and then they switch with Gregory getting rimmed while squatting over Tony.  Tony then is topping Gregory for a bit then Tony is standing behind Gregory while Gregory blows his load.  Tony then unloads big time over Gregory's face.  The black and white footage is of them then cleaning up.

Scene five:
Rick French gets makeup while John Cruz gets dressed.  Rick is blowing John then John preps to top Rick but he is still mostly flaccid.  Then there is a cut to them fucking with no real lead in to the penetation.  The chemistry between the two is almost non-existant.  Cruz seems to be totally phoning it in.  They jack off with John shooting first then Rick.  There is a black and white scene of Chi Chi LaRue watching the final cum shots on a monitor closing with him flopped out on a sofa saying "another day, another fuck movie".  Indeed.

PopShot-On-Demand allows you to jump right to the cum shoots for each scene.  However if you use this feature, it doesn't go back to the menu after the chapter ends.  The movie just keeps playing from that point on.  Not a big deal,  but if you've used this feature on a Bel Ami title, you know how convenient it is to just have it go back to that menu afterward.  Wrap It Up is a short 2:18 minute public service announcement about HIV prevention featuring Chi Chi LaRue in full hair and makeup.

Audio/Video Quality:
The video was just okay.  A little less sharp then it could have been.  The sound is stereo and again just okay.  The fake dubbing in several scenes is just so off and non-realistic it gets distracting.

Final Thoughts:
This title certainly didn't age well.  The music and hairstyles are terribly dated.  The action is only moderately hot.  That John Cruz is mostly semi-flaccid in both of his scenes is a terribly disappointment as he is probably the hottest actor in the feature.  The black and white footage wedged in between the action does nothing more than fluff out the running time and gives the viewer nothing of value.  When the soundtrack is faked, it is TERRIBLY faked and becomes horribly distracting in those scenes - especially when the soundtrack is genuine in others.  All sex was safe.  Overall, I would have to say to Rent It at best.

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