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Zone, The

Studio: California Exotic Novelties » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/24/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Many of my sport-loving friends refer to a time when they are "in their zone" and performing particularly well at a task, and frankly, my experience with their lifestyle is a bit limited so I really couldn't understand what they meant until last week when the latest batch of toys came in for testing.  One of the most unique looking of the bunch was a device literally called The Zone and as it was pink colored and shaped like a videogame controller, it merited some attention from both Nadine and myself.  That there was a small media blitz when the toy came out not long ago further peaked my curiosity, not to mention that the box it came in reminded me of long ago on a friend's prom night with regard to the corsage she received.

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The technical stuff was decent enough too, the toy was made of "soft dual density silicone", had an instant off switch that came in handy, had a similar switch to invoke the seven settings of vibrations, and even had a "sturdy tripod base with rubber grips for secure placement".  The device uses three AA batteries and was made, of course, in China out of the aforementioned silicone and ABS plastic.  It was not waterproof but the package did offer the company "Safe and Pure" label so I considered that notice that it wouldn't cause "cobweb coochie" or various forms of issues tied to phthalates.

Measuring in at just over 3" of insertable length, the device was kind of shallow for Nadine but it was thick (according to her, "thick as your cock" in referring to me though I suggest it was thicker than my genetic heritage).  It was around 6" across for those that care and the black rubber grips led me to think the toy was designed for someone to place on the floor and mount (why no specific instructions on getting the most out of the toy you ask-civil liability).  Nadine preferred it be brought into the bed proper though since her squatting on short sex toy days are long past (ducking) and we found it worked quite well as such.

But for the indentation on the top part of the toy, you could pass it off as a game controller to the unenlightened, the colorful nature of the material such that I'd keep it hidden out of the hands of the kids who would be attracted to it for all the wrong reasons ("How do it hook this up?").  The kicker of the whole packaging though was the labels for the speeds it provided:
1) Foreplay-a steady but light buzz
2) The Heat-a steady but more powerful vibration
3) Whoo Hoo!-a rocking strong vibration in steady form
4) Orgasmic-a three beat pulse that goes something like buzz buzz BUZZZZZZ
5) Throbbing-a series of low level pulses that Nadine really liked (next to the higher settings)
6) Rock 'N' Roll-like the steady beat of a drum, a light and heavier vibration (march theme)
7) Surging-an increasing throbbing that went from slight to really sweet over the course of a few seconds

On the higher settings, the three AA batteries did not last all that long, a fresh pair well worth the effort according to Nadine.  There is also a second version in the line that has ridges and is light purple but that would be a taste matter as to which was "better".  The round clear case added to the intrigue of the toy though and given the quality of the vibrations it offered, any design limitations such as penetrative depth, it was decided that a rating of Highly Recommended was warranted, perhaps higher if you find it to hit the right spot at just the right depth.  In all though, it showed some innovation and as a gift for a loved one, you really cannot go wrong with The Zone.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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