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Fuck Club

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2007 and 2008

Length: 106 minutes

Director: Doug

Cast: Rod, Rodd Barry, Todd, Spence, Talon, Kai, Blu, Rodney, Travis, Axe, and Jasin

Body Types: natural bodies, body builders, guys with tattoos

Condoms: yes

Things to see: straight seduction, rough sex, dirty talk, cum eating, threesomes

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Straight guy enthusiasts Doug and Jay are at it again, coaxing more straight guys into having sex with each other.  At times it's amazing to see how far these straight dudes will go with each other.  For example, the first scene involves a young guy having his ass abused by an aggressive porn star with a thick cock.  Though he winces in pain and doesn't even get off, he sticks around until the porn star uses him as his cum rag.  Another example involves one straight model who likes to have his ass fucked.  He cusses and curses at the guys who fuck him, yet he clearly enjoys being plunged by a big dick. 

What distinguishes these scenes from many other porno titles is how passionate the actors are with each other. They moan, pant and breath heavy while they fuck each other.   The camera man catches all of their feet curling, sweat dripping moments, which ultimately make this porno so darn hot.  Though there are plenty of high quality films produced with some erotic scenes, many studios can't even get close to capturing the same level of hotness that is present in Fuck Club

Scene one: Rod and Rodd

A young country bumpkin (Rod) is paired with real life porn star Rodd Barry.  The guys chat briefly in bed until Rodd removes his pants, revealing his thick cock.  Rod takes a peak at Rodd's cock, but keeps his eyes primarily on the straight porn in front of him.  Rodd eventually invites Rod to suck on his dick.  As soon as Rodd tells him to suck his cock like a man, the sex starts to get very aggressive.  Rodd bosses Rod around, calling hm a bitch.  Rodd then forces Rod onto his backside where he then shoves in his cock, without warning.  Rod immediately winces with pain, but Rodd is determined to fuck this straight boy as hard as possible.  Rodd warns that he will slap his ass for every time that he complains or cries out, so he gives him a pillow to chew on.  Rod moans into the pillow, trying to hide his pain.  While Rodd continues to plow the boy, Jay (the director's partner) sneaks up behind Rodd so that he can rim his hole during the fucking.  Jay ultimately shoots his load onto the sheets while Rod's ass takes a beating.  Rodd fucks the hell out of his bitch until he tells him that he is going to be his cum rag.  Rodd yanks his thick dick and spills out his load onto Rod's ass cheek.  Rushing toward his prize, Jay licks up the spent semen.  An exasperated Rod then turns over, revealing a look of exhaustion on his face.  He doesn't cum, perhaps because the poor lad is too sore. 

This will be a divisive scene for some.  Rodd was extremely rough with Rod, almost to the point of it resembling rape.  If you like rough sex, however, then this scene will be a huge turn on for you.

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Scene two: Spence and Talon

Spence and Talon are two beefy examples of men.  Spence is a well muscled lad with spiky brown hair.  Talon has a darker complexion and a remarkable thick cock.  While watching porn, the guys start to get hard and ultimately remove their pants.  The guys chat about how hot the girls are, but neither guy is willing to touch the other.  Talon, however, soon reaches over and starts to stroke on Spence's hard cock.  Spence talks about how girls can never seem to stroke it right.  Spence then tells him that he can suck on it if he wants.  Talon immediately places the hard member into his mouth and sucks away, or at least as good as a straight man can tolerate. 

Once talon has significantly tasted Spence's cock, Talon lies on his back so that Spence can stroke him.  Talon shares a similar sentiment about how girls can never seem to stroke his cock right.  Spence stares lustfully at Talon's cock while he strokes it, even licking his lips in anticipation.  Without an ounce of hesitation, he quickly lowers his mouth around Talon's member. Talon begins to rub and finger Spence's hole, while Spence touches himself.  Spence abruptly stops stroking his own cock since he said that he could cum so easily. 

With Spence's hole properly lubed, Talon shoves in his veined monster.  While Talon fucks him deep, Spence repeatedly calls Talon a motherfucker, as he winces in pain and moans with pleasure.  Spence even starts to talk dirty about what a big cock Talon has.  This leads to the guys bantering about how deep Talon's dick is inside Spence's anal cavity.  Their "discussion" doesn't last for long since Talon rips off his condom and shoots out a load onto Spence's back.  Spence then jacks off his cock, moaning like it's the most pleasureful orgasm he has ever experienced.  Very hot scene!

Scene three: Kai and Spence

(note, this scene was also included on Doug and Jay's film Breeder Fever)

Loosened up by a few beers, straight guys Kai and Spence stroke their cocks next to each other.  The director eggs them on to try things with each other, including using their feet to stimulate his package.  Kai begins by sucking on Spence's cock and fingering his hole.  Kai even sucks on the director's cock and then returns back to Spence.  The boys then switch so that Spence is face-fucked.  Kai also straddles Spence's bare cock, pretending to fuck it.  The guys then sit down, with their legs overlapping, so that they can watch/stroke/finger each other at the same time.  Each guy seems incredibly turned on by having their hole fingered by another straight dude.  Eventually, Spence bends over so that he can have his virgin hole penetrated by his first dick.  Spence grunts in pain, though he still maintains his hard-on.  As the guys fuck, Kai continues to remark about how tight Spence's hole is, and Spence keeps calling Kai a motherfucker.  As Spence continues to grunt like the straight sex pig he is, he then says that he can't hold back cumming any more so he lets out a huge load onto the sheets.  He looks into the camera and says how surprisingly good that felt.  Finally, Kai shoots his load onto Spence's used hole, and rubs his dick around.  What a hot scene this was!

Scene four: Blu, Rodney, and Travis

Rodney (brunette with a military look) is paired with Travis (brunette with a skinny body frame) and real life porn star Blu (redhead with tight body frame and a rosy cock).  Rodney is the straight boy, while Travis is bi and Blu is 100% gay.  Travis immediately takes control of the situation by rubbing Blu's package and kissing him on the lips.  Blu also rubs on Rodney's dick.  Travis then starts to suck on Blu's cock.  Blu tells him to stop because he was very close to cumming.  Travis moves down to Blu's hole, rimming him and licking his taint.  With his hole wet from saliva, Blu is fucked by Travis.  Fortunately, Rodney has no qualms about tag-teaming Blu in the mouth while he is being screwed. 

Blu then gets on his back for more fucking.  Blu is clearly in cock heaven since he moans and pants while his hole is poked and his tongue wraps around Rodney's straight cock.  Travis, sensing that Blu is getting close, fucks him incredibly hard, resulting in an explosive cumshot from Blu's dick.  Rodney shoots off his load at the very same moment, with some of it landing on Blu's chin.  Travis then stops his fucking and giggles.  He tells the director that he prematurely came inside Blu.  He rips off the condom and dumps his man juice onto Blu.

This was an awesome threesome.  Travis and Blu really get into the action.  Rodney is clearly a straight man since he just has his dick sucked on, but he somehow manages to cum at the right moment.   

Scene five: Axe and Jasin

Jasin (lame porno name!) is an attractive brunette hunk.  He claims to be bi and that he is only attracted to a few select men.  Fortunately, Axe ( redhead with lots of tattoos) is on the top of Jasin's wish list.  The director interviews Jasin while Axe is fluffed by Jay.  With his dick hard and ready for action, Axe heads over to the bed with Jasin.  Once Axe removes all of his clothes, Jasin immediately starts to blow on Axe's cock.  While Jasin takes all of Axe's cock in his mouth, Axe strokes on Jasin's dick and plays with his hole. 

Jasin eventually climbs up onto Axe's cock in a straddle position.  During the ass play, Jasin pants and groans like he is in orgasmic heaven.  The boys then shift to a doggy style fuck.  In this position the bed really starts to shake since Axe pile drives his dick into Jasin.  After much hard fucking, Axe pulls out and dribbles out his load onto Jasin.  Jasin then shoots out an impressive load, with some of his jizz sticking to his cock piercing.  Yet again, another hot scene!

The DVD:



The fullscreen image is well lit and detail levels are high.  Overall the image is well suited for a lower budget production such as this.


The sound is adequate.  All of the action can be heard, right down to the guy's panting and moaning.


No real extras except for animated scene selection.  Though not a "real" extra feature, I enjoyed the date of production page where a model posed next to the screen with the dates of production.  Very fun and creative!

Final thoughts:

Fuck Clubis packed with straight boys having gay sex.  All of the scenes are intensely erotic and just plain hot.  Some fans might not care for the aggressive (and borderline abusive) sex during the first scene.  Others might be annoyed by the inclusion of a scene that was already featured on another Doug and Jay DVD.  However, these qualms are minor since this film is loaded with some supremely hot sex.  If you love watching straight boys get it on with each other, then Fuck Club is probably the right film for you.  Highly Recommended.

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