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Super Head Honcho

Studio: California Exotic Novelties » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 12/4/08

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Why do guys buy sex toys? Not "marital aids," mind you, because having a partner in crime in the bedroom to "aid" you with the lady is an obvious advantage. I mean the fake vaginas, rubber assholes and disembodied mouths of the world. Normally it's because you're not getting the amount of sex you want, and they offer as easy way to put your cock in a hole, "pound" away and achieve pleasure. Rarely are the guys in this audience packing a missile in their pants, because unless they are a total mess, they can just hang that whorebait out a window and hook a goer.

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But for the truly unfortunate fellow sporting a hefty piece of pink steel, there's the six-inch long Super Head Honcho, a wanting rubber mouth with a lengthy bit of tubing behind, ready for...well, a lengthy bit of tube. Done in a soft, white translucent rubber, it has a small set of lips surrounded by a collar that reminiscent of a suction cup. Once you slide past the relatively loose lips, there's almost two inches of nothing. It's literally nothing, just inches of smooth tunnel, before reaching the "suction chambers," of which there are three to enjoy if you're big enough. The whole piece has a giggle to it that doesn't help with jacking, and because of that, the chambers don't offer the pull you get from stiffer toys.

The thing about this toy is the somewhat tacky material it's made of. Unlike so many recent toys I've reviewed, this one has a distinctly chemical smell to it that's very off-putting. Combine that with the lovely picture of old lady Sue Johanson on the box (this is from her line of toys) and it's like banging in a nursing home. That it's also quite loose doesn't help either, but perhaps with the right equipment it won't feel like banging Jell-O.

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