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House Call

Studio: Titan » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 111 minutes

Director: Richie Oldmann

Cast: Angelo Brada, Jay Roberts, Jay Vasata, John Paul, Marco Blaze, Martin Hod, Milan Johanson, and Ron Skykora

Body Types: body builder types, twinks, European guys, uncut dicks, smooth chests

Condoms: yes

Things to see: threesomes, shower sex, escorts

Plot: Jay is eager to make a house call for some attractive male escorts. 

The Movie:

House Call won't win any accolades for its lackluster plot involving house calls (aka booty calls), but it will be remembered and appreciated for its fantastic erotic action and its beautiful European models.  The film follows one attractive brunette (Jay Roberts) as he makes several booty calls for hunky men to come over to his house.  When he isn't using his sexy European charm to entice men to fuck his beautiful ass, he helps out friends to get off or watches porn fantasies on his small television screen. 

At times, House Call has a Kristen Bjorn feel to it, mainly due to the use of some stunningly attractive European models and well staged (not to mention erotic) sex scenes.  Look to the first two scenes for signs of the quality and effort that was put into making the film so darn sexy.  In the first scene, for example, both Marco Blaze and Jay Roberts look incredibly eager to have sex with each other.  Their passion, even if it's only acting, feels so real that the scene becomes voyeuristic, as if we were catching a couple engaged in the act.  The second scene is of a different nature, featuring a well chosen group of three beautiful actors.  This threesome truly captures the animalistic eroticism that heightens when a group of men share each other's bodies.  Though Angelo Brada and Martin Hod perform well in this scene, it is Ron Skyorawho will entice you to watch this scene over and over again.  Ron is simply a porn god: he has a perfect body, just a touch a facial hair growing on his angelic face, and eyes that scream out his erotic intentions.  Ron performs incredibly well with these actors, and both guys look like they are constantly on the verge of cumming when Ron sucks on their cocks and looks up at them with his beautiful green eyes.  Titan would be wise to exploit the hell out of Ron (in a nice way of course) because he is a remarkable porn star.  The last scene, also featuring a threesome, is good as well, yet it just lacks some of the passion and chemistry between the actors in the previous two scenes.  But hey, two out of three isn't that bad, especially since the film is so very well made. 

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Scene one: Marco Blaze and Jay Roberts

Jay sits down on his couch so that he can stroke his dick while watching porn.  After some brief stroking, and discovering that he wants the real thing, he calls up his pal Marco for some fuck buddy action.  Once Marco arrives, the pair head off to the bathroom for some heavy making out next to Jay's big tub.  The guys spend some time savoring each other's bodies before they pull off their underwear.  Fully naked, the guys engage in a duel of sword fighting and kissing.  Marco then cleans Jay's hole and rinses off his dick.  Squeaky clean, but surely not virginal, Jay drops to his knees so that he can suck on Marco's big mushroom head.  Marco face fucks his buddy, but he mostly lets Jay do whatever he wants to his cock.  Jay eventually stands up so that Marco can reciprocate the oral pleasures.  After much back and forth sucking, Marco strokes his thick cock onto Jay's upper chest region.  Marco looks amazed as the cum shoots down onto him.  Finally, Jay gets close to the ground so that Marco can deliver a healthy chest shot for him as well.  The boys rinse off and kiss when they are done. 

Apparently ready for more action, the guys head to Jay's bedroom for more fun.  On his bed, Jay spreads his cheeks so that Marco can lick out his hole and finger him.  Jay squeals with pleasure while Marco grinds his tongue into his mangina.  With the hole all slobbered up, Marco puts on a condom and starts to fuck Jay from behind.  Marco takes great pleasure from teasing Jay's hole, especially when he pulls his cock entirely out of Jay's ass and then quickly returns it for more thrusting.  The guys then shift to a straddle position with Jay sitting on top.  Marco really fucks Jay fast and forcefully in this position, yet Jay absolutely loves it, sporting an erection throughout.  The guys then fuck on each other's side for a while.  In this position, it doesn't take long for the actors to spill their seed.  Marco ultimately yanks off his protective gear and shoots his sticky white load all over Jay's ass crack, balls, dick, and chest.  Adding to the stickiness, Jay shoots off his dick onto his own chest. 

The next morning, Marco strokes on his cock to more porn.  It doesn't take long for him to shoot (again) onto his chest.  I guess the combination of porn and Marco seems to work at getting these guys off! 

Woof!  These two actors shared some smoking hot sex with each other.  The action was consistently enjoyable to watch and the chemistry between the two guys was amazing. 

Scene two: Angelo Brada, Ron Skyora, and Martin Hod

Sandwiched in between Angelo and Martin, Ron is kissed and licked all over his body.  The intense making out quickly leads to the three guys stripping off all of their clothing except for their perfectly white underwear.  After some groping, Ron gets onto his knees, pulls off their underwear and starts to play with each of their cocks.  Ron then starts to focus on each guy individually.  He faces Angelo first; he sucks Angelo's uncut dick and looks lustfully up at him.  Martin sticks around, and occasionally receives some petting from Ron.  Eventually Ron switches back to devoting all of his efforts on Martin.  The guys then switch so that Martin sucks on Ron's cock while Ron sucks on Angelo.  Martin also spends some quality time sucking on each guy's dick, though it doesn't take long for the guys to shoot their loads onto Martin's chest. 

The guys continue to make out some more, rubbing, kissing, and licking every nook and cranny on each other.  Ron then arches his back and gets on all fours so that Angelo can rim out his accommodating hole.  Next, Angelo starts to fuck Ron from behind, while Ron sucks on Martin's dick.  Ron moans and writhes with passion while each of his orifices is stuffed with man meat.  Martin also gets an opportunity to fuck Ron's hole from behind.  The guys then shift to a straddle position where Angelo fucks Ron underneath and Martin sucks on Ron's cock.  Ron appears to be orgasmic throughout, and his dick stands erect.  Finally, Ron climbs off and kneels on the floor.  Each guy stoke their peckers over him and ultimately deliver some thick loads onto Ron. 

Ron Skyora is one hell of a sex kitten.  He takes both guys' cocks without a hitch and he looks like he could handle a few more.  Overall, this was an excellent threesome. 

Scene three: Jay Vasata, John Paul, and Milan Johanson

Back at Jay's house, he boasts to his friend Milan about his sexploits with Marco.  Sensing Milan getting turned on, Jay makes a phone call to an escort service.  Soon, Jay Vasata and John Paul show up in Jay's living room.  Jay (Jay Vasata) and John make out in front of Milan and Jay.  The escorts kiss and lick each other before they remove all of their clothes.  Once Milan pulls out his erect cock from his pants (while watching the action) Jay leaves so that the three guys can share some man-on-man sex.  Milan continues to watch the couple make out until he heads over to participate.  Jay (blond guy with a funky haircut) starts to blow Milan forcefully.  The boys then switch with Milan blowing Jay and John having his cock serviced.  Next, Jay alternates his sucking between each guy.  Finally, the guys drop their load onto Jay's smooth chest.  Jay finishes up by shooting off his dick onto his own chest. 

The three guys then head to the bedroom for some more making out.  With all three actors naked, they sword fight and kiss each other.  Soon enough, Jay is bent over so that Milan can rim his hole.  Jay is a multi-tasker, however, since he also sucks on John.  Milan then puts on a condom and starts to ride Jay's tender hole.  John also gets his turn with Jay's hole.  Eventually Jay is fucked on his back by John, while he licks Milan's nuts.  John then rips off his condom and shoots his semen onto Jay's chest and balls.  Jay follows by cumming onto his own chest, and Milan spurts out a load onto Jay's upper chest region. 

This was a very nice scene.  The actors were slightly younger than the models in the previous scenes, so their bodies fall more into the twink category.  Though the actors all worked well together, this scene lacked some of the chemistry or "magic" that was present in the first two scenes.  Still, this was a pretty hot scene. 

The DVD:



Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is spectacular.  The colors are vibrant and the models look breathtaking.  The film is also well lit, without a hint of over-saturation.  Overall this was a great transfer. 


The sound quality is similarly good, without sound distortions like audio hiss, pops, or tinny sounding actors.


Extras are mostly slim, consisting of a a cumshot compilation, scene selection, and some enticing trailers. 

Final thoughts:

House call is a great DVD for fans of well made European porn.  The actors are cute and the sex can be shockingly hot at times.  The DVD itself looks and sounds great with a very pretty widescreen transfer.  Overall there is much to like about this film, and I am very eager to see what other European titles Titan will bring to fans.  Highly Recommended!

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