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Out At Last 6: Web Site Stories

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 12/7/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 127 minutes

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Director: George Duroy

Cast: Renato Amoroso, Ethan Clarke, Ron Compton, Niall Dawson, Ramon Feder, Rocher Ferik, Neil Ferris, Rick Fontana, Henri Gaudin, Mathew Gray, Tommy Hansen, Tim Hamilton, Hans Klee, Stefan Keller, Boris Malkin, Ricky Martinez, Sven Olafsson, Alex Orioli, Danny Sarandon, Wayne Wallace, and Casper Watts

Body Types: twinks, European lads, big dicks, smooth chests  

Condoms: yes

Things to see: threesomes, couples

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

In the past few years big porn companies like Titan, Falcon, and Bel Ami have branched out into the online realm, offering exclusive videos shot for their web site.  Often the only way of viewing these video vignettes was through purchasing an account.  Fortunately, Bel Ami has now released several of these videos onto DVD.  The video segments last between ten and twenty minutes, yet they pack in a whole lot of sexual fun.

The DVD's twelve sex scenes consist (mostly) of young guys making out in sunny, pastel colored rooms with fluffy bed comforters and couches resembling something out of the IKEA catalog.  One scene features a threesome, but this is primarily just a couples film.  The sex is of the standard vanilla flavor, so the actors don't get too adventurous with each other.  You certainly won't find double penetrations, fisting , etc.  Instead, Bel Ami takes the romantic route, staging scenarios where friends explore each others' bodies and lustful acquaintances finally ignite their passion for each other.  At times, viewing scene after scene of these bright eyed, grinning actors can give your tongue a slight taste of monotony, or at the very least, a happiness headache.  However, there are a sprinkling of scenes that function well to mix up the film, and ultimately turn this into a far more erotic feature.

The models are simply as cute as can be.  If you are familiar with the look of the models in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, then you already know that you will be seeing lots of very attractive young men with perfect bodies and minimal body hair.  Fortunately, this film has something that the Abercrombie catalog can't show you; big uncut dicks.  Though there are slight differences in their hair color and perfect faces, the guys all pretty much look the same, with their similar European look.  Once you watch all of them in action, you might even pick a few favorite actors who have that extra oomph to get your engine running, or perhaps that extra bulging penis vein that turns you on to the point of explosion.

When watching a DVD so loaded with multiple scenes, it can be difficult to pick one scene over the other.  This is especially true with this DVD, since all of the segments look consistently great and function very well, with passionate actors who look good having sex with each other.  Some scenes inched ahead, and in this case they were ahead by several "inches."  For example, the Mathew Gray and Neil Ferris scene featured two incredibly sexy lads who were totally turned on by each other.  In this scene, one of the actors tries on some novelty underwear in the shape of an elephant (with a special trunk pouch for his dick).  As soon as the guy places his long dick into the trunk pouch, his pal can't wait to play with it.  Once the underwear is removed, however, the guys engage in a truly hot and passionate fuck session, resulting in the guys shooting off some explosive loads.  Another great scene involves a sporadic blowjob for Ricky Martin.  What was just supposed to be a jack off video, turned into a quickie for Ricky when an attractive blond lad (Sven) enters the room and starts to polish off Ricky's cock.  Sven really works hard to make Ricky cum and it doesn't take long for him to toss out his load.  Moments like this, captured on film, are fun to watch since you get to see guys getting off without the heavy editing or buildup that is utilized for most standard sex scenes.  The rest of the the film's twelve scenes are pretty good as well.  Fortunately, there is a nice variety of guys, and there is even one femme scene thrown in at the end.  

Out at Last 6will appeal to pretty much anyone who likes to see a big assortment of sexy young guys getting off.  With twelve scenes, a huge cast, and oh so attractive models, there is little to hate. 

The DVD:


All of the videos featured here are presented in a full frame aspect ratio.  This is to be expected since these were produced for the Bel Ami web site.  While the image was colorful and beautiful, I found that some of the scenes were a little bit too over-saturated.  This slight haze might have been intentional, but it makes you lose out on some of the details, like how hairy the guy's calf muscles are.  This is a minor gripe, and shouldn't be a deciding factor in choosing to purchase this DVD. 


The audio is very good, consisting of left and right stereo channels.  The audio is clear, enabling all of the action to be heard without a hitch.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection, Oral, Anal and Orgasm selection, and an anamorphic trailer for  French Kiss.

Final thoughts:

Out at Last 6: Web Site Stories is a great way to sample some of the hot boys from Bel Ami.  All of the scenes are well shot, they look great, and the sex is fun to watch.  Some of the segments are better than others in terms of their level of eroticism.  Other scenes suffer from a slight case of monotony.  However, this feature as a whole is very good.  Therefore, this title easily comes with a recommended rating.

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