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First Time Ball Busters Vol. 2

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/9/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

First Time Ball Busters 2

Shane's World/Voodoo House

Bree Olson!

Genre: POV, CBT

Director: Brother Love

Barbie Cummings

Cast: Bree Olson, Brother Love, Barbie Cummings, Natasha Nice, Allie Ray, Jenni Lee, Sara Stone, Lorelei Lee, Penny Flame

Natasha Nice

Length: 169:58 minutes

Allie Ray

Dates of Production: 3/20/2006, 3/14/2006, 12/10/2006, 1/2/2007, 1/3/2007, 1/25/2007, 1/30/2007, 2/23/2007, 7/25/2007

Jenni Lee

Extras: Despite the advertising on the box cover, there were no trailers, no "extra footage", and no "more...", with just a photogallery and cumshot recap (as well as a commercial for company owned websites). The movie was not three hours long either but it was close enough that I won't bust Brother's balls over it (pun intended).

Sara Stone

Condoms: None

Lorelei Lee!

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Audio/Video Quality: First Time Ball Busters 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Brother Love for Shane's World/Voodoo House to be released in MPEG-2 (with 480i resolution) on this SD version of the movie. The bitrate varied a lot but when I was paying attention, it seemed to hover around the mid 3.4 Mbps area, few compression artifacts observed while watching the scenes offered up in the main flick. The simplicity of a point of view shoot is that it allows the viewer to imagine he is getting the sex and for the director it reduces how much editing is needed as well as allows him to concentrate on just one camera angle. The eight scenes for this one all seemed to be originally shot for the internet, I believe the website being "beatmeup" dot com, so the bitrate aside, the colors looked a tough watered down and the detail minimal here. There was no denying though that Brother did a fantastic job of keeping a fairly steady camera while getting smashed in the nuts, a feat of manliness beyond anything I could do (though I wouldn't want to try). There were some compression artifacts on my big screen television and the static lighting was bare bones but the action itself was exactly what was advertised on the cover. The audio was presented in the typical 48 kHz sampling rate at 192 Kbps (the credits running much higher at 448 Kbps) in 2.0 Dolby Digital but once again had no measurable separation between the two channels. The aural quality was decent in general terms as the ladies could be easily heard and the music was not distracting, but I still look forward to the day when production companies spend a bit more time on this aspect of their movies to elevate them from a largely generic status (for the audio at least).

Penny Flame!

Body of Review: Brother Love shoots various titles for the affiliates of Shane's World these days, bringing with him a wide assortment of experience that I have praised in the past. One of his personal fetishes is CBT (cock and ball torture) where ladies kick his gonads, manhandle them, slap them, and do a variety of nasty things that always manages to make me wince. As I have often said, the best projects a creative personality can latch onto would be those that most interest them so I braced myself to review First Time Ball Busters 2, having missed out on the first volume of the series. The object of each scene was clear from the beginning that the ladies would beat the snot out of Brother's balls, each applying some painful techniques that I swear nearly made me cry a few times watching my pal getting pounded in all the wrong places. I know he likes this kind of thing but my empathy was running on overdrive by the time I finished up here, remembering key lines like one of the ladies asking him; "If they pop, is it going to get very messy?" With eight scenes and nearly three hours of ball bashing POV action (each scene ending with a facial or chest pop), this was decidedly a hit or miss effort depending on your personal appreciation for CBT action courtesy of Brother Love, my belief being this labor of love (pun intended) was the best of its kind to date. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bree Olson, the featured blond in an early scene of hers, was up first as she showed off her all natural boobs in the simple setting, the interview with Brother Love leading to her stomping his nuts, biting them, firmly grabbing them, and otherwise harming him as she saw fit. The blowjob and other oral tricks almost made it worth it as Bree displayed an affinity for CBT, adding a lot of dirty talk even before the speed bag action. The scene ended with her milking out a modest nut of genetic juice to swallow, setting the stage for even more decadence. Yum!

Scene Two: Barbie Cummings, a blond with pretty eyes and large breasts, described how good a hooker she was/is, her 34DD tits soon out to play with by Brother Love. The conversation led to his favorite form of sex, CBT, and she pulled down his pants to get a few lessons from him in the art of torture. She blew him well enough but her inexperience did not slow down the manner in which she picked up the vibe he wanted from her with regard to the learning curve. Barbie did not appear to get into smashing his nuts but Brother did, pre-cum oozing out of his head well before the facial he gave her. The scene ended when she sucked out all his population pudding to swallow. Nice!

Scene Three: Natasha Nice, a cute 18 year old brunette in a sheer nighty, was up next as she described what she liked about porn to Brother Love. She was rubbing his package through his pants and showed off her tits, allowing Brother to smell and lick her armpits, the gal learning how to playfully beat his nuts as he moaned in ecstasy. She was an attentive student and did all that was asked of her, ending the fun scene in a swallow.

Scene Four: Allie Ray, a very sexy 20 year old gal I haven't seen in awhile, was up next as she answered the questions of Brother Love while pulling off his pants. Her breasts was a lot smaller than the previous gals but she loved sucking cock, the act turning her on a lot more than the nut smashing action the director asked of her. She seemed best at kicking his testicles rather than punching them, soon figuring out how to balance the pleasure and pain with some oral action supplementing a sloppy handjob to completion (a titty pop for those keeping track by the way). Yes!

Scene Five: Jenni Lee, a lean redhead with a girl next door look to her, explained her entry to porn as she knelt between the knees of Brother Love. She used her "damn good" stripper moves to get him excited, a lot of editing applied here to make it look kind of jumpy as she was then punching him in the balls despite her protests. Jenni was sharp in how she noticed that half would like the scene because they like this sort of thing while the other half would like it because it was ":fucking hilarious", and I could not disagree with her assessment. She did give him some head but most of her hand to gland combat style was limited to jerking him off to her titties.

Scene Six: Sara Stone, a large breasted 22 year old, seemed to be a lot more experienced with CBT initially but she backtracked while discussing it with Brother Love in the low rent living room. Once she began beating his balls, he encouraged her to hit them harder, Sara getting increasingly savage as she followed his lead. The punching led to his getting kneed in the nads but it was a "good hurt" so she continued. It seemed like an eternity but she eventually jerked him off to her chest, her coy vocals making it clear she had as much fun as he did.

Scene Seven: Lorelei Lee, a blond wearing a puffy hairdo, was up next as she discussed her varied sex life with Brother Love in POV fashion (as the rest of the scenes were shot too). She was stroking his cock through his shorts, the topic of BDSM coming up just before she said she was there to bust his balls. As she does not get many chances to bust balls, she relished the way she was allowed to go crazy with the CBT, kicking, slapping, and punching him very hard before she blew and jerked him off to completion for swallowing (though the camera faded away too quickly to insure she did, in fact, swallow).

Scene Eight: Penny Flame, the hotty featured on the main portion of the front cover, was up last and earned her spot due to the way she did the requisite punishment so well, giving a show of it that worked for Brother Love (giving him lots of pain) as well as displaying some additional showmanship. Penny took off all her clothing as part of the scene, beat his balls hardcore style, and blew him in such a way that he loved the decadent manner in which she applied her seasoned approach. Sometimes there is just no substitution for experience and Penny had plenty of it, acting like she was venting her rage at someone that caused her a lot of pain. She almost broke her foot kicking him and the resulting a large wad of population pudding landing on her sweaty chest. Yowza!

Summary: First Time Ball Busters 2 by director Brother Love for Shane's World is one of those movies that you will either love or hate with little middle ground. If you enjoy CBT movies, you probably won't find anything better and if you like circus act sex, there was plenty of it here but if you find this kind of thing abhorrent, you should shy away from it. For the spectacle of the action alone, it merited a rating of Recommended though again, I caution you that fans of pain should consider this a "must have". In short, First Time Ball Busters 2 did seem to have a number of attractive women that were not really new to busting balls but given the dedication shown by the director in his quest to get off via pain, you will probably find this a guilty pleasure to say the least so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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