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Blonde Ambition

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/9/08

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The title (click screen captures for trailer)

Blonde Ambition: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Keri Sable

Genre: Compilation, Gonzo, Blondes

Director: Erik Everhard

Ellen Saint

Cast: Keri Sable, Erik Everhard, Ellen Saint, Robert Rosenberg, Jane Darling, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Lauren Phoenix, Julie Silver, Jay Lassiter, Dillion Day, Alexis Texas, Annette Schwarz, Carmen Kinsley, Maya Hills, Mr. Pete, Sasha

Jane Darling

Length: 343:47 (177:47+166:00) minutes

Lauren Phoenix

Date of Production: 10/5/2008

Extras: Due to the wealth of scenes comprising the compilation, there was only a photogallery, a cumshot recap/fiesta, a cast list, and 6 trailers to shows like This Butt's For U #4, Breast Meat, Jailbait 5, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 4, Anal Prostitutes On Video 5, Anal Cavity Search 4, Innocent Until Proven Filthy 3, Beyond the Call of Booty 2, and Double Vision, on the double disc set.

Julie Silver

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Blonde Ambition: Special Edition was presented in a double disc set, the first sporting all older scenes with a 1.33:1 ratio full frame aspect and the scenes from the second disc in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, all of them directed by Erik Everhard for this Jules Jordan Video distributed effort. The MPEG-2 coding looked better on the newer scenes, even in the 480i resolution, the colors richer and the picture sharper as the crew (usually Jimmy Scaffnetti) did his thing. The scenes on the first disc were all watermarked lightly in the lower right hand corner but as this was the first time I'd seen most of them, they still held up pretty well to other releases of the day. The ladies were shot to look their best as they pranced around in lingerie during the tease sessions, and the lighting was ample to reduce the grain and video noise, most of the rare compression artifacts observed in the scenes from disc one. The video bitrate changed substantially by scene, sometimes clocking in around 2.1 Mbps and other times showing marked improvement with a 4.3 Mbps or better rate. The audio was consistent though with a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English in 192 Kbps and a 48 kHz sampling rate. The vocals were generally easy to hear with generic music deployed during the scenes but limited dynamic range and no observable separation weakened the effort somewhat.

Disc 2!

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Body of Review: Erik Everhard is probably the strongest performer in porn these days, bar none, and his directing work distributed by Jules Jordan Video generally offers up the best levels of fuck for the buck in my experience. The combination of quality with quantity adds to the replay and stroke value of his movies, making almost all of them winners in terms of delivering the goods. His latest title is a compilation of nine lengthy scenes in the double disc package of Blonde Ambition: Special Edition, showcasing some of the fairer sex in their best scenes. With names like Alexis Texas, Annette Schwarz, Lauren Phoenix, and several others that have proven to be extremely popular over the years, I had little doubt that the massive amounts of hardcore sex would leave me or any other fan unsatisfied. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Alexis Texas!

Scene One: Jailbait #1: Keri Sable, Erik Everhard: This scene is with DVD cover babe Keri. She looks very sexy in this scene and opens with a very heated tease. She slowly fingers herself through her panties. Afterwards, Erik gets to have sex with her. The action opens with a heated blow job. Keri looks great engulfing his cock. Afterwards, Erik fucks her really hard. But unlike Teenage Spermaholics #3, there is no anal sex. Still, it's quite intense. (by Rob Randall)

Annette Schwarz!

Scene Two: Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth #2: Ellen Saint, Robert Rosenberg, Erik Everhard: Ellen, another hot blonde, lied in bed for this one, seeming to wake up in the early morning hours. Her fluffy pink outfit gave her the impression of a fluffy butt and it wasn't long before she got past the tease and into something a bit less comfortable, Erik. Robert joined them after her point of view blowjob to Erik and got some oral loving too as Erik took her from behind in the pussy. After lots of pussy and oral fucking, they gave her a DP and while she didn't seem to be the world's best anal screw, she was far better than Teagan in the bonus scene (this was billed as Ellen's "cum spew debut"). She squeeze their loads of genetic juice out of her ass at the end and the scene wasn't half bad, if less energetic than most of the others here. (by me)

Carmen Kinsley

Scene Three: Sport Fucking #2: Jane Darling, Michael Stefano, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard: Jane teases the camera for a while then leads it to a room where Michael is waiting for her. She begins to suck his cock and another dick shows up to get sucked. She leaves to find another dick and comes across Steve. She starts to suck his dick then Mike and Erik show up again to finger her ass and pussy. Erik wastes no time and starts fucking her from behind as she sucks the other guys. Mike and Erik switch places and she eventually moves so she can ride Steve's cock and suck the others. She flips around to reverse cowgirls and then moves to Erik's dick as Steve gets undressed. They stop so she can take off her panties and then she sits on Erik's dick and takes Michael in her pussy at the same time. From here they dp Jane in all sorts of combinations. Michael and Steve get some one on one time with her and fuck her pussy until they are ready to cum and then unload in her mouth for her to swallow. Erik gets his turn with her and goes with her ass until he too cums in her mouth. Good scene, but seemed a little much for Jane at times. (by shortlipfuser)

Maya Hills

Scene Four: Anal Prostitutes On Video #1: Lauren Phoenix, Erik Everhard: The movie opens up with Lauren a hot leggy brunette. After some playful banter with director Erik Everhard, the camera gets up and close and we get to see her pretty pussy. She plays for the camera, taking a few fingers and such, before getting on her knees to give Erik a blowjob. He puts her on the bathroom sink and starts fucking her pretty good - she's extremely hot and seems to be enjoying it all. They head upstairs where she gets all the way undressed and starts fingering all of her holes. They start fucking again, this time doggy. She finally turns over for some mish anal. She continues to take it up the ass in various positions, gaping and performing ATM throughout. This one ends with her taking a nice cumshot in the face. This is a good scene and Lauren is a hottie. (by Papa AJ)

Scene Five: Cum Filled Asshole Overload #1: Julie Silver, Dillion Day, Robert Rosenberg, Jay Lassiter, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard: Julie Silver is a blond with nice sized tits. She rubs them for the camera and babbles about her "special ass". After getting undressed, she finds four guys that are willing to play with her. She gives them all blowjobs and then commences to getting pounded. Much like the prior scenes, she takes it any way they hand it out. She also takes the cream pie to end the scene. (by Papa AJ)

Scene Six: This Butt's 4 U #3: Alexis Texas, Erik Everhard: Alexis Texas, the bountiful blond beauty from Houston seen on the lower left hand corner of the front cover with her awesome ass eating a blue string, was up next as she provided the kind of junk in the trunk that none of the other white gals in the movie could provide. The advertised "L.A. Faces with Oakland Booty" was clearly directed at her and as she prepared to lounge out in the sun by the pool, the temperature of the sun was the second hottest thing to be seen. Oiled up Alexis booty is a sight to behold and Erik Everhard adored what she was sporting; Jimmy the cameraman ogling her too (from his comments at least). Alexis frolicked on the edge of the pool while drinking a "pink panty dropper" beverage, finding her blue one piece suit just the right amount of coverage as she continued to give some tease with her "big booty wave" machine (her ass making waves). Erik went in for the kill orally as he savored her ass; Alexis reciprocating when it was her turn by sucking him off really aggressively in the pool. The natural sunlight looked especially good on her and it was a shame that they went inside but the scene was still well lit; just not as perfectly. Erik did more of the vaginal penetration work here, Alexis getting into the act more as she warmed up to his large cock, never quite as active as I prefer but looking so hot that I gave her a pass for the frictional follies she was engaging in. She did start to pound her perfect pussy on his rod towards the end of the scene, yelling out and forgetting to continue with her dirty talk as she had earlier in the scene. She sucked him off (handjob assisted) until he popped in her mouth, swallowing his population pudding down before the camera faded away. Whew! (by me)

Scene Seven: Anal Prostitutes On Video #4: Annette Schwarz, Erik Everhard: Annette Schwarz, the hot German babe seen on the upper left hand corner in the skimpy maid outfit (bent over), was up next as she cleaned the house with some incredible tease that showcased her ass most of all. I admit that this was exactly the kind of role I like to see her in, using her curves to full effect as the saxophone played for the mood, before she decided to clean the pipes of studly Erik Everhard. I know she seems to have taken the gonzo world by storm but she seems versatile and the camera work added to the fun even more than usual here, with the limited dialogue offering up her potential for features in the months to come. Of all the scenes in the movie though, this one appeared to have the longest, most thorough tease, resulting in her figuring a way to increase her salary that went beyond her cleaning duties as Erik's heavy breathing did a decent impersonation of Darth Vader. She rubbed herself before starting to swallow his cock, but her oral skills were not fully displayed as she wanted his dick slamming into her sooner than the others did. He pounded her perfect pucker and her ass cheeks rippled as he did so, her own breathing picking up quite a bit in the process, but both of her holes took a hammering from his cock and they switched rooms for some toy play after extensive ATM and other taste testing. Like her fellow countryman Katja Kassin, she seems destined to become a world class anal queen, relishing the cock in her ass with some of the most aggressive anal riding this side of Kurt Lackwood. I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say that this was one of the best anal scenes of the year given her talents and looks, marking it as a high point for the movie in my eyes too. Wow! (by me)

Scene Eight: Beyond the Call of Booty: Carmen Kinsley, Erik Everhard: Carmen Kinsley, the blonde on the middle of the right hand side of the front cover, played a cable repair woman who was called to assist Jimmy Scaffnetti in getting the TV to work. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed here so her special skills were needed to save the day, her curvy ass barely covered by her booty shorts as she walked around the house in front of Erik Everhard. While having a hot, sexually promiscuous cable repair gal is a big fantasy, the bigger fantasy was that she arrived minutes after the call was placed (and I'd be hard pressed to pick between them given my own experiences with Time Warner's repair services). The tease, as always, helped establish the scene as another fine one, Erik ditching Jimmy as he went around with her, catching glimpses of her figure before she dropped the premise to get into the action with him. He went down on her from behind, the gal even sitting on his face to enhance the friction as she nearly suffocated the guy. They then did a 69 as she slobbed his knob with a lot of enthusiasm before he teasingly began boning her pussy in doggy. He showed his driven style that serves almost like a trance, Carmen demanding he continue to fuck her as he tapped away mercilessly. She even fingered her ass and did some PTM between positions, aggressively impaling herself on his cock when she moved on top of him while they christened the bed. She did get a bit over the top with her vocals but I always had the impression that she liked working with him, their chemistry as palpable as the energy they projected here. I loved the way her ass cheeks rippled when she rode him and while I was a bit surprised that she didn't do anal, the scene was no less appealing because of that fact as she was either performing like she wanted him to do this a lot more often or simply having fun with him for real. It ended with a facial, the scene lasting about 37 minutes as the first scene on disc 2. Whoa! (by me)

Scene Nine: Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth #5>: Maya Hills, Mr. Pete, Sasha, Erik Everhard: Maya Hills, the exotic hotty seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover in all black, was up next as the last scene of the first disc showed her engaging in carnal activity with Erik Everhard after a drunk Jimmy was barfing his guts up off camera. The shoot for the day was cancelled but he had Maya coming over as a way to spend some quality down time; the gal playing an escort hired by the man. She was seductive and friendly, the kind of gal that I imagine would cost more than the low end hookers I always get spam from (I suppose you get what you pay for these days), but her tease was off the charts in terms of the levels of fun she provided before they had even touched one another. The funny thing about the scene was that Sascha and Mr. Pete joined in (if you watch the scene, you'll know why; it was funny though) and the result was the trio of men pushing her limits as they gave her the amount of dick she deserved; tapping her mouth (really sloppy head at times), her pussy (which looked very sweet) and ass (which was as tight as ever until they worked it loose). I was surprised that she did not do a bunch of DP work here given some of the other scenes but she easily took the anal creampies and cleanly shat them out, tasting it off a finger before smiling at the camera that faded away. It was an excellent way to close out the first disc of the set. Yum! (by me)

Summary: Blonde Ambition: Special Edition by director Erik Everhard for Jules Jordan Video reminded me of all the older titles of his that I never had the chance to see and even the light watermark on the full frame offerings of the first disc was not that big a deal for me so with all this awesome footage, I felt a rating of Highly Recommended was warranted. The technical values showed Erik and his crew getting better with time and I can safely say that Blonde Ambition: Special Edition will inspire most of you for a very long time even if you aren't into blondes (but they were nicely assembled!).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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