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Top Brass Military Issue #4

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/16/08

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: June 2008

Directed By: Dirk Yates

The Movie:

Horny straight and bi curious military dudes participate in solo 'n group jack off session as well as some hot cock sucking and a little bit of butt fucking.

Run Time N Rubbers: 3 Hours and 24 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Carson is a cute eighteen year old Navy dude from East Texas with a brown buzz cut and glasses. While sitting and watching some straight "pussy porn", he strips out of his clothes showing off a nice toned/smooth body, full dark pubes, big plump nuts, and a stiff cut cock. Carson's buddy Mike (cute with an almost shaved head and average/smooth body) enters the room, hops up on the bed, and begins playing with his uncut cock. Carson soon joins his pal in bed and the dudes pull their turgid tools while Mike sneaks numerous looks at Carson's dick. Carson soon has his legs spread nice 'n wide showing off his very hairy gooch and mouth-watering man-plumbs. Director/Videographer Dirk Yates asks Mike what he's thinking about and he confesses, "I'm thinking about his cock".

Mike measures his cock (7 inches) and his buddy's member (7 ) before Dirk has the dudes bend over and show off their tight hairy bungholes. Before long, Mike is so turned on that he cannot hold back any longer and begins rubbing Carson's balls leading Carson to shoot a thick load on Mike's face. Carson then reaches over and begins wanking Mike's hard pole leading Mike to kiss Carson's still stiff cock and take the purple knob into his mouth. Mike takes his time giving some nice head leading Carson to shoot a second load (this time on his stomach and dark pubes). Mike pulls his pork and busts a nut on his stomach. The camera is too stationary during the scene but there are some nice close-ups of the dudes' cocks.

Scene Two:

Meat Beat Party! Rusty (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/lightly hairy body) is the first to arrive at Dirk's place and immediately makes himself at home while sitting on the sofa in only his white briefs and watching straight porn. Paul (handsome with short dark brown hair, muscular/smooth body) soon shows up, plops down next to Rusty, and begins massaging his own bulging shorts. The guys pulls their hard cut cocks out and begin jacking off when Scotty (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/hairy body), Taylor (cute with short dark hair, average/smooth body), and T.J. (good-looking with a dark buzz cut, tall/toned/smooth body with heavy tattoos) file in and get down to business pulling their clipped pork.

There are plenty of nice close-ups of each dude's cock while they watch big tits on television, pleasure themselves, and fill the room with heavy breathing and moans. The guys are very into beating off and wag those cocks, stroke 'em with their right fists, and rub their full nuts. I notice that T.J. keeps stealing glances at all the delicious meat like a kid in a candy store. I don't blame him. Tasty! As they near climax, the guys begin jerking faster with more urgency and one by one, each dude stands up and shoots a thick load on Dirk's coffee Table. Hot times are had by all.

Scene Three:

T.J. and Taylor from the previous scene stick around after the group wank off to have some one-on-one fun. The guys lay back in bed watching porn and the sexual tension is very high. They slowly move closer together and finally grab one another's hard cut cock and begin jacking each other off. T.J. takes Taylor's throbbing gristle down his gullet sliding his mouth up 'n down, jacks the shaft, and nurses the flared purple knob. Dude definitely gives some good head for a first timer. In return, Taylor chows down on T.J.'s big dick jacking 'n sucking and cramming his throat full 'n nursing the knob. He's a little timid but does well in the blow job department. To finish up, the guys beat off with Taylor shooting a load on his stomach and dark pubes while T.J. claims to have cum, but I could not see any evidence of it.

Scene Four:

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John, a good-looking Marine with a dark buzz cut from Ohio, sits smoking a cigarette talking about working in the military police and his love of wrestling. He strips down showing off that sexy toned lightly hairy body, full dark bush, plump hangy nuts, and a stiff 'n large cut cock. Using both hands to jack off, John's eyes are glued to the straight porn on television. Switching back 'n forth between fists, he easily makes love to his own member with plenty of nice close-ups. Bending over, John gladly shows off his very hairy gooch, hangy balls, and finally his tight hairy asshole with hot close-ups. Working himself into a sexual frenzy, John busts a thick nut on his fist.

Scene Five:

Adam Hunter is a good-looking guy with short dark hair who just happens to be on his lunch break. He quickly removes his camouflage army duds revealing a tasty muscular/smooth body, dark pubes, plump balls, and clipped dick. Lounging in bed and watching that straight porn, Adam wags his cock until its rock hard and then begins beating off using his right fist with an over-handed technique. Turning over, he slowly humps the bed in a highly erotic fashion showing off his beautiful bum 'n nuts and ends up spreading his cheeks to expose that tight shaved bunghole. Back in his original position, Adam spread his legs showing off his asshole again and beat off to climax shooting thick ropes of cum on his stomach. Hot dude!

Scene Six:

Dave is a good-looking Marine with short brown hair and toned/smooth body. Stripping down, he shows off his shortly trimmed pubes, big plump balls, and large 'n hard clipped tool.  Lying back, Dave's jacking off when Casey (cute with blond buzz cut,) comes in and begins sucking him off. Casey takes that fat member down his windpipe sliding his mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way down with some excellent head. Casey never takes off his tee shirt so the viewer will not be able to see what type of body he has although there is a quick peek at his cut cock. Dave stands up and fucks Casey's willing face fast 'n smooth while holding his buddy's head. In sort of a crummy attempt at sink/bounce, Casey rides Dave's dong for a very short time with no decent penetration shots. In the end, Dave beats off and shoots a thick load on his stomach. Casey doesn't bust a nut.

Scene Seven:

Frank Marine is a cute tall 'n toned guy with a hairy chest, some cool tattoos, and a short reddish-brown buzz cut. Sitting in a chair wearing only white briefs, Frank tells how he came up with his porn name by using his middle name and the street he grew up on. Stripping down, our horny dude reveals his reddish-brown pubes, plump balls, and clipped prick. Frank strokes his growing cock using his right fist while rubbing his chest with his left hand. Now lying back in bed, we can see Frank's tight hairy bunghole while he pulls that pork fucking his lubed fist until he shoots a wet load of man milk on his chest.

Scene Eight:

Nineteen year old Jerry Anaconda is a cute guy with a brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body sitting in a chair wearing a tee shirt and shorts and smoking a cigarette. Jerry is not really into sports, does not drink or do drugs, but likes to "have fun". Stripping down, we get to see Jerry's toned/slender/ smooth body, brown pubes, plump balls, and big cut prick. This hot hunk claims that it's the American dream to do porn.

Relocating to the bed and watching straight porn, Jerry spreads his legs nice 'n wide and jacks his big dick sliding his lubed right fist up 'n down and rubbing those mouth-watering nuts.  Dude has a big fuckin' dick and enjoys stroking it while rubbing those balls. We are then treated to a hot close-up of Jerry's tight hairy bunghole and it's actually pulsing with excitement of making its film debut!  Jerry works himself up and sprays a large thick load of spooge. Hot!

Scene Nine:

Lance Landers is a very cute dude with short dark hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos who is watching some straight porn while pulling on his fat cut cock when Matt Ryder (cute with short dark hair, toned/hairy body) walks in, introduces himself, and joins in by pulling on his stiff clipped pork. Last but certainly not least is Rio (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body) who strips down showing off his full dark pubes, plump balls, and big uncut cock. Lance is in heaven when he takes one throbbing cock in each fist and begins jerking his new buddy off.

Matt chows down on Lance cramming his gullet full gorging on man meat and giving some very good head while Rio rubs his bum. Switching over, Matt gets down on Rio's delicious unclipped tool sliding his mouth up 'n down, working the foreskin back 'n forth and giving him the same hot head as he gave to Lance. In no time, Lance shoots a large wet load on his stomach, Rio squirts a huge wet load on Matt's hairy body, and Matt cuts loose with a large thick load on his pubes 'n stomach.

Scene Ten:

Cute nineteen year old Navy dude Rick Ritter has short brown hair with blond highlights and was born 'n raised in San Diego California. He soon strips down showing off his hot tanned muscular/smooth body, dark pubes, nice nuts, and a big fat clipped prick. In bed with his legs spread nice 'n wide, Rick pulls that pork using his right fist. When Dirk asks him about a sexual fantasy, Rick freely admits that he would love to get down with a gal and another guy. He then shows off his tight hairy butt hole with some mouth-watering close-ups while he manually pleasures himself and shoots a thick load on his stomach. Hot dude!

Scene Eleven:

Cade Devilin (very cute with short bleached hair, muscular/smooth body) relaxes in bed watching porn and rubbing his bulge when Steve Meete (cute with short red buzz cut, tall/slender/toned/hairy body) joins him and handles the front of his own boxers. Steve reaches over and begins pinching Cade's nipples leading the guys to openly pull their hard cut cocks out and begin yanking 'em fast 'n smooth. Cade chows down on Steve's fat hog cramming his gullet full and giving an excellent blowjob with plenty of deep throat. There's a nice camera shot of Cade's tight shaved hole as he's bent over pleasuring Steve orally.

In return, Steve sucks Cade's turgid dick really nursing 'n gettin' down on that purple knob making loud slurping noises and Cade digs it. Cade plays a quick game of the ol' sink/bounce on his new buddy's schlong riding up 'n down fast 'n hard but there are no good penetration shots. Switching to the missionary position, Steve fucks Cade fast 'n smooth ("you're so tight!") and again there are no camera shots of the penetration. While the guys are beating off to finish up, Cade shows his hole leading Dirk to exclaim, "The dark hole of Calcutta!" Ha! Cade shoots a thick load on his stomach but Steve's cum shot is missed.

Scene Twelve:

Eighteen year old Navy dude Cliff Alan is fucking hot with short dark gelled hair, stands six feet four inches, and wears a size sixteen shoe. Removing his shirt 'n khaki pants, he reveals his beautiful toned, smooth 'n tanned body, full dark brown pubes, plump balls, and fat uncut cock with large purple knob. Cliff strokes his meat working that foreskin back 'n forth while rubbing his nuts and watching straight porn. Lying back in bed with legs spread nice 'n wide, Cliff admits that he has a bondage fantasy about being tied up or tying up his sex partner. Cliff bends over showing off his hot bum, very hairy butt crack, and finally his tight ultra hairy bunghole. Standing and jerking fast while breathing heavily, Cliff shoots his tasty nut on a blue towel. Hot dude!


Top Brass: Military Issue #4 is shot directly on video and for the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clean. There are a couple of scenes where the video quality isn't so high and there is a little grain....but not enough to ruin the movie. The videography can be too stationary at times but Dirk Yates always comes though with strong close-ups of hard cocks and some nice camera shots of tight military bungholes. The butt sex penetration shots are non-existent.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak to one another along with plenty of heavy breathing, moans, groans, and unseen gals on the TV crying out with pleasure.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, PopShot-On-Demand, and a new version of the safe sex PSA Wrap It Up starring Chi Chi LaRue.


I definitely have a "thang" for straight and bi curious military men. Buzz cuts and tattoos are a huge turn on for me. That said, Top Brass: Military Issue #4 does not disappoint and features 20 appealing dudes who cut loose either alone, with a group jack off session, or some hot man-on-man experimenting. My one complaint is that the butt sex penetration shots are crummy but there are only two scenes out of twelve where the dudes even attempt anal sex. So, in this case, it's not that big of a deal. This is low-budget amateur smut and it's hot. I Recommend for fans of sexy military dudes doing what comes naturally.

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